Nobody listens to Pedo Pete these days

“Pedo Pete” is what Brandon’s own family tagged him with. You just can’t make this stuff up.


My only thought if the GOP wins the House and possibly takes back the Senate is for them to be bold, courageous, and challenge the RINO status quo….if they don’t, the GOP will not deserve to be in power again. The only national-level Leader that has shown any courage at this point has been Trump, but his ego eats him alive!


Pistol Porn

This won’t appeal to everyone, but it will titillate those of you who identify as “ammosexual” – LeMat, Army

The 20 ga is there for when the .44 is not enough.


Bullet Points

* If you follow the science, it leads to Fauci’s bank account…

* If I have 8 rifles and the government takes 7, how many do I have left? – 26 – there were some late registrations that were found magically.

* Q Why didn’t corrupt old Joe fail to blink for 47 seconds? A The teleprompter failed to tell him to do it.

* Cleaning house at SBU (h/t Claudio) – Ukraine is purging its internal security service. The same thing needs to happen in the US, but it won’t because traitors are necessary to the survival of the deep state.

The SBU is the successor to the Ukrainian branch of the KGB. After Ukrainian became independent in 1991, obvious KGB loyalists were fired but many vets remained and they perpetuated a culture of corruption along with the formidable deception and operational skills the KGB excelled in.

* “The victim of mind manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible and he believes himself to be free.” – Huxley

* Los Angeles bans observers from counting votes in the effort to recall Marxist Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.

* Merrick Garland and the FBI have been Tampering with official records and investigations to cover up crimes by Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has officially accused the FBI of creating false domestic terrorism reports. No shock there. The American secret police can be proud of themselves.


The Apple doesn’t Fall Far…

This is one of the last photos taken of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., who died of a heart attack on 12 July 1944. Long plagued by arthritis and having chest pains since D-Day, he kept his condition secret from superiors for fear that he would be taken away from his men in the 4th Infantry Division. Roosevelt was the only general on D-Day to land from the sea with the first wave of troops.


I’m Still on the Road


Nicholas Cage’s parody of himself in the feature film, “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” served to entertain.

It’s not the sort of film that I would watch under normal circumstances, but I have to admit that it was funny. And since I’m on the road, I do experience some new entertainment – both in film – and in the real world, itself.



  1. Teddy Jr and his officer group after landing in Normandy discovered they weren’t where they had been projected to be. Some of his people wanted to load back up and land where they were supposed to be. Theodore was reportable quoted as saying “no, we’ll start the war from right here!”
    Rough Rider for sure!

  2. The Dems have been re-defining a lot of things lately. They now define anyone who objects to their policies as a domestic extremist.

    • “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’
      ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’
      ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

      Lewis Carroll was prescient. And if he really had been a pedophile (I have no opinion on this), then he would have shared that pleasant trait with our current owners. (We may *all* be cattle in their eyes, but they particularly like veal.)

      To my knowledge I have not been personally singled out as a “domestic extremist,” but a few years ago a certain person tried a whispered smear campaign against me. She went about saying to all the “brown girls” (Indians, Pakistanis, plus a few Iranians — who would have been disgusted at being labeled “brown”): You need to be careful around Mike. He’s a racist. [lowering voice] And I think he might be a white supremacist! The last part is pretty funny, especially since the whisperer looks more white than I do. Perhaps not surprisingly, that person subsequently went to law school.

      • “Domestic extremist also applies to Hispanic people who self-identify as Republican.”

        A friend of mine who passed away about a year ago was a full Admiral in the Mexican Navy and he was referred to as “El Negro” because of his skin color. He didn’t have any “negro” in him, but his skin was a bit darker than many of his peer officers in the Mexican Navy (which includes the Mexican Marine Corps, active against narcos until the present regime in Mexico took power).

        Skin color (irrespective or race or national origin) has been historically significant. That applies to Hispanics, negroes, and people in the Middle East and Asia. It’s a sensitive point where the woke want to insert a lever to divide people as Mike_C and most of the bloggers know.

        • Which is why I never understood the many portrayals of Jesus Christ as a semi-surfer dude. It would astonish a lot of people if we could know his true face as his Apostles saw everyday.

        • A friend of mine (from Venezuela) who is about 5-foot even says that her childhood best friends were a fat girl and a Black girl. They were always spoken of as a trio (“the girls”), but if a particular one had to be specified, it was La Gordita, La Negra, or La Corta. “No one meant anything by it. It was just to identify which one, and besides it’s true. People in the US are too sensitive.”

          Skin color is of course very important among most American Blacks (lighter the better; to a point, being freckled can be problematic), something that our Progs fail to (or refuse to) acknowledge. In the same vein, I’ve had to listen to people gush about how “there’s no racism in Bermuda” or “there is no racism in Brazil! They just don’t care about skin color there!”. Hahaha. Idiots. (‘course, it’s hard to distinguish race animosity from economic animosity in Bermuda) And everywhere that I know of in Asia darker is lower class/caste.

          “Jesus Christ as a semi-surfer dude”
          Hence the infamous, “If English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!”

  3. That pistol reminds me of the 22/20 gauge rifles we had in Alaska. Wish we still had them.
    Didn’t know how to get them from Alaska to Nebraska, or Korea or Japan, so we sold them. *sigh*

    Continue to be safe and God bless.

  4. My thought on the GOP taking back the Congress if they get stopped by RINOs it will be similar to the Left with the Democrats. In both people are tired of these parties not serving the American people and just serving fringe elements. I expect either the parties to get replaced or the people that are fringe to be replaced, I tend to believe it may be the party. Trump could start a new party around him for 2024 and most of the GOP and Democrats would dissolve.

    It is simple: no matter your party look at who you are electing and if they have not tried to remove Brain Dead Biden via the 25th and his Admin via impeachment as they are destroying the country do not vote for them in the next election. The country is being destroyed via inflation, lack of energy, pandemic scam, election steals, and invasion.

  5. TR and TR jr would be appalled at the weakness of our current DC Occupiers. I’d pay good money to have them both back for a solid thrashing.

    So basically we have a Walking Corpse as President, the wide-eyed thing is not only scary it’s downright dangerous to our sovereignty.

    God help us, please intervene at will.

  6. “Takes back the Senate is for them to be bold, courageous, and challenge the RINO status quo.”

    File that under snowballs chance in hell.

  7. * Los Angeles bans observers from counting votes in the effort to recall Marxist Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.

    Why not, that is how Pedo Pete got elected.

  8. Bold, courageous Republicans….and Other Amusing Anecdotes.
    Someone could write a book with this title.

  9. T.R. Jr. Had not seen that photo before. Thanks. Love the movie “Rough Riders”.

    Good on Jim Jordan for his tireless fight calling out the BS. Frustrating that there is not much else he can do, at least for now.

    I see the House passed the AWB, HR 1808–

    Am seeing various opinions on its chances in the Senate.

  10. The wife and I binged The Terminal Lust based on recommendations here. Some big plot holes, but can be overlooked based on the constraints of time. Unbelievably grim by the end. Horrifically grim, really, but ends satisfactorily with a bad job done well. Can’t see where it could go from here. That was complete with no obvious loose ends.

    Dark Winds is a very well done adaptation of Tony Hillerman’s stories of the Navaho Tribal Police. Not, so far as I know, based on any book, but does set the stage as an origin story of how Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee first worked together. Well worth the price of admission. AMC+ or Amazon Prime.

    • Unrelentingly grim at the end, not horrifically. My aging brain dredges up the wrong words more often these days.

        • Dark Winds is a mash up of a lot of different books. Still pretty good, even with the minor creeping wokeism and some of the small historical failures (nice radial mudders and spray-bedliner on that high lift NTP Suburban, for 1970). IDK why they just don;t do the books in order, but JRRM has to be “creative”, I guess.


  11. no way that wasn’t a stand-in for biden. even parted his hair on the wrong side…. how many rifles do i have left? none, b/c if they get any of mine i’m dead already. i don’t have any confidence that turtle mitch will filibuster hr1808. i hope kentucky folks stretch his neck, and make a post turtle out of him. newsflash- there won’t be any more elections.

    • Face doesn’t quite match. Again, the movie Dave comes to mind. Our _Resident in Chief is in some guarded basement hospital bunker.

      • Face doesn’t quite match because one of the things that senility, dementia and Alzheimer’s do to the afflicted is it takes the overt personality away, which is where you get lots of your major and minor facial expressions.

        It’s like someone’s face after they died. The face will look pretty much like them, but not. Same thing with people in a coma, or someone who has had a personality-affecting brain injury.

        It’s him. It’s the same SloJo that wasn’t seen after 2pm on the campaign trail because he was suffering from sundowners (that’s the loss of personality as the person gets tired) and why he disappeared for a week or so before and after his major debates.

        • I can attest to that, having had this experience with two family members – which makes this entire reprehensible mess even more egregious…keeping this man, a clear empty shell, as President. Just smacks of cover up and slight of hand because America has been so harmed by these people we can’t think good on any of it. At this point we shouldn’t. God will have his day in court with those involved…and they will not escape His justice.

  12. The LeMat is an ‘interesting’ weapon, complicated, but beautifully done, considering the time it was built. And it worked (most of the time). Jim beat me to the Roosevelt tradition. Travel safe!

  13. There should be an inspirational film about TR Junior… but who would care to make it? And who would play him? That photo makes Neville Brand a good candidate, but of course he’s long gone. One of the better and more intriguing leaders of WWII, sacked along with Terry Allen from the Big Red One in Sicily. (Allen had his satisfaction later with the 104th I.D.)

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