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I’ve found that while many on this blog may label me a conservative, in White Wolf Mine country, I’m somewhat ‘left of center’. 
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I characterize myself as a moderate Constitutionalist, with emphasis on the Constitution and the rules established by that document and the Bill of Rights, which further defined the role of government and limited it. 
Being an outsider who used to have California license plates on his vehicles (all are Arizona plates now) puts me at 2.99 strikes against me from the get-go. 
However I do openly carry a handgun everywhere and that may reduce the strikes to 2.5. There was an accuracy challenge and I beat the two locals in a fair test of skills, which may have upped the strike count to 2.75. 
I know one of the local ringleaders who moved in the same circles I did in doing clandestine work for a living (now a has-been like me) and that may have dropped the strike count back to 2.5. I didn’t know that he was up in the area until it was pointed out about a month ago by one of my old navy peers and I reconnected. He introduced me around and kept me from getting an unfair three strike mark.
Things I have said that strike a discordant note:
  • Locals want all national legislators restricted to one term which can never be repeated. I pointed out that just finding out where the restrooms are and how to order office supplies takes up the first six months in office of a two year term and suggested that Congressmen be limited to 10 years. Senators to (two terms or 12 years). “Are you a communist LL?” No, a realist, but hatred of government runs deep up on the Rim.
  • I have said that some taxation is necessary. That struck a sour note.
  • While ‘vigilance committees’ may have their place, my sense that persons suspected of committing crimes should be turned over to law enforcement and the court system for adjudication marked me as, ‘a bit more liberal than is desirable’. I mentioned that there is no law enforcement presence in that area. (Closest is one hour away Code 3) The locals handle things themselves, referring matters to regulators when they decide that the situation merits it.

There aren’t that many people around, but those who are are keeping an eye on me. Having a newly discovered, built-in old guy peer group, that is established as being on the horrible side of dangerous (way beyond despicable) may be my one redeeming chip in the game. That the peers also have multiple aircraft is another plus.
To be fair, the area has that sort of reputation. The Hashknife Cattle Outfit still exists. 
I went to high school with an Arizona State Highway Patrol officer who told me that they had a standing order to tread softly in “Moqui” country (the Mogollon Rim area).
Quoting from the link above:
The night after the shooting, Hashknife cowboys were drinking in the Wigwam Saloon and remembered that the robbers had paid for two shots of whiskey which they left behind in the robbery. Intent on rectifying the “injustice” 15 drunken Winslowites took the train to Canyon Diablo. They borrowed a shovel from trader Volz and he also gave them a Kodak box camera to take a photo of the dead outlaw in hopes that someone would identify him (and pay a reward).
Pulling him out of his casket, the cowboys leaned him against a grave barrier and poured a drink between his clenched teeth. After posing for pictures, the cowboys reburied the outlaw with the unfinished bottle of whiskey. Although the photos were widely distributed, no one ever came forward to identify the robber.

Winslow is about 60 miles northeast of the White Wolf Mine.

20 thoughts on “The Political Spectrum

  1. I think you should live in Canyon Diablo!

    Sounds like a cool place and right up your lawless street! We don't want you getting soft, Larry, and I think this place may bring out your Hashknife specialities!

  2. The Hashknife Cattle Company up in Diablo Canyon would be an interesting place for some of the characters in your Western books to end up.

  3. With little law enforcement, aren't the Regulators similar to the KKK without pointy hats? As for the Hashknife Cattle Company, I'm sue it is know that when one gathers a herd of cowboys, not all will wear the white hat. But that was an interesting era in the Southwest.

  4. Regulators 'make things regular through the use of regulations'…

    Yes, it was an interesting era and it's not all together gone.

  5. Good to hear you have some friends in the area that you can vouch for you.

    I would think your military service and past "employment" history would cut you some slack with the locals.

  6. I didn't blow my own horn to them. However just being a former employee of the government in ANY capacity makes you suspect.

  7. On term limits, we have them for state offices in Florida. What the "one term only for life" crowd misses is that once they're in office they care even less about voters. They're completely unaccountable. Maybe if they want to run for office again, they'll try to look a little better.

    For example, last year an NRA A-rated politician from South Florida killed the advancement of all gun rights bills because she's term limited and and can't run again. Instead, she sold out to the highest bidder (Michael Bloomberg) so she could finance a run for Mayor in deep blue Miami.

    I'm not saying not to have term limits, I'm saying it's not a slam dunk, always good for us thing.

  8. Hah! You've gone from deplorable, dangerous, rabidly right-wing, gun toting, militaristic fascist in Los Angeles to suspiciously squishy leftoid on the Mongollon Rim. Well done. Well done indeed.

    At work I'm apparently a radical right-wing, deeply paranoid, gun freak nutbag* while on the parts of the interwebs where I tend to hang out I'm a woefully undertrained and underprepared moderate with some heretical "lefty" deviations 🙂

    *re nutbaggery, mine, one each — an actual conversation:
    Office Person: So you keep a shovel and kitty litter in your car?
    MC: Yeah, I mean just in winter of course … kitty litter's for traction if you were wondering. I also have boots, fleece insulating layers, gloves, hat, Goretex parka and pants, and a "space" blanket in the back.
    OP: Oh. Um, [drops voice, looks around] are you one of those preppers?

  9. It is less important the locals like you, and more important the respect you, IMO. That respect should carry just a hint of fear. Kick somebody's ass at the VFW.

  10. Some people would take many years to get accepted on the Rim.

    I don't see that being the case in this instance.

    Ask the Monkey.

  11. Benefits for car owners using cat litter in the car.

  12. Hatred of Big Gov runs that deep, huh? Most of the "older" folks I meet (anyone over 40 or so) here are pretty conservative.

    It's easy to spot the libs here. They advertise their political affiliation and philosophy with great numbers of stickers on their automobiles.

    Stickers that are usually applied with no skill, many being crooked or even overlapping another sticker.

  13. Ah yes, The "California Follow Us Syndrome." You didn't tell them you were from the LA area did you?

  14. Find time to go visit Rock Art Ranch (by appointment only) between Holbrook and Winslow. The proprietor is something of a historian with lots of Hashknife tales to tell. A very interesting excursion.

  15. Sounds like my kind of country. Shoot em, plant em, and shut up about it, but send em off with a bottle of whiskey. Style, I like it.

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