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It’s easy to blame the police. It’s a lot more difficult to look in the mirror.

The police are not to blame for societies ills, nor are they at fault when over 75% of black children are born without a father in the home. They are not to blame for the soaring black-on-black homicide rate in America. The police are not the reason that people put bars on their windows in the ghetto.

The mainstream media hate the police, unless they’re being attacked or if they become a victim of crime. Then they call and want effective resolutions to their problems.

Pay attention Mayor DeBlasio (New York)
Facts about black deaths in New York City –

  • The most dangerous place to be a black child is in the womb with an abortion rate over 80% among black females.
  • The most likely cause of death for a black man between 15 and 45 is murder at the hands of another negro.

7 thoughts on “The Police

  1. Nope, they aren't… BUT they are a convenient whipping boy for the elites to point at rather than actually ADDRESS the problems…

  2. Simple, he was elected based on solely on his race. Doing, or not doing, something based on a person's race is racism. Hence the nation has over-the-top racism.

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