(captioned map – above) The Chinese pearl necklace is extended to strengthen its dominance of the geopolitics of the seas and oceans. For its part, India is trying to counteract China’s expansion in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

I find it interesting that the Chinese are poised to invade Afghanistan as soon as the US withdraws. Will the Muslims like the Chinese better than the USA?

Afghanistan would provide more Chinese slave labor. Maybe that’s what they’re after in addition to a geographic advantage?


There is a lot of chatter about the Plague and the Chinese bioweapons facility at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The CCP and the anti-Trump establishment politicized the most logical theory and wasted nearly 18 months covering for Beijing. Wow, what a shock that disclosure that’s been. This blog covered the bioweapons angle fairly in 2020 and then I said, WTF because the leftist, pro-communist media blasted the airwaves with pro-China propaganda. At some point, you have to say that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, and just walk away. The media distorts and lies incessantly. Their agenda is not an American agenda — they have different pronouns, I guess.

The Chinese have Jo/Ho – good old Traitor Joe – carrying water for them now.


H&K Handguns

My first experience with Heckler and Koch handguns came with the Special Operations Offensive Handgun, chambered for .45ACP. It now called the MK 23. It may have been called the MK 23 back when I first received one, but that’s not what we called it then. It came in the box with a laser sight, a silencer/suppressor, and two or three spare magazines. It was a large, heavy, handgun. I loved it. but it was large and heavy. H&K came up with lighter and smaller models later and they are easier to carry with much the same punch and options.

The H&K VP9 is a more modern handgun, with all of the features of previous H&K pistols – and a better shooting experience.


Antonov An-124-100M Ruslan UR-82008 taking off from Poznan (Poland) Airport today, May 24, 2021.

This blog will post on May 25, but anyway. I saw my first AN-124 at Brown Field, East of San Diego, at least twenty-five years ago. They’re a knock of the C-5A Galaxy, but impressive all the same. The Russians landed it there at US Request (Post Soviet Union) and a few of us drove out to crawl around inside and checked it out. Big then, big now.


Map Time


From the start of the Franco-Prussian War, in August 1870, the French army had to retreat from the Germans. On September 1, 1870 Napoleon III surrendered. The army of the Republic was defeated on all fronts and Paris was besieged.

The First World War was still 44 years away.

Computer Literacy in Europe

Picking Fights

Belarus sent a fighter jet to intercept a European airliner traveling through its airspace and ordered the plane to land, where a prominent opposition journalist aboard was seized, provoking international outrage.


Range of non-human primates across the world

It’s all Greek to me

Traditional regions of Greece


  1. I expect the PRC want to be in Afghanistan to scare Russia and India.

    What’s up with no computers in Limoges?


    • It’s an extension of the One Road initiative wherein all money, and tribute, flows to China.

  2. I’ve never tried a MK 23. I hope someone brings one to range sometime and lets me try it, though purchase is unlikely. They’re priced somewhat out of my range. A couple years ago Scheel’s brought out a number of firearms for folks to try. I tried a VP9 and liked it. The Beretta PX4 not so much.
    I imagine the Muslims will fight the Chinese with the same enthusiasm they’ve shown with everyone else.

    • The MK 23 isn’t a bad shooter. I’ve shot pistols in that class that I like better. The balance isn’t that good – very barrel-heavy. When you add the silencer, it gets worse.

  3. …and now per The Hologram it’s criminal to call it The China Virus.

    The Fowch, Gates, and a host of others funneled American taxpayer money to the China lab to fiddle with this thing then release it on the world. The Fowch flips again (this guy, geez), the MSM is caught with their you-know-what in their zipper, yet NOTHING will happen, nobody goes to prison. They are all covering for each other…because they can.

    Newest Bond movie: “Reprobates Galore”

    • Jo/Ho take a lot of money from the Middle Kingdom and don’t want rabble like you impugning their paymasters, slave. Wear your mask. Obey. Take your shot – or two – or three, you can’t have too many RNA altering injections.

      • I appears…if I squinty look at the minutia…the wheels are coming off their moronic wagon.

      • Maybe this will be my “Spartacus Moment”…slave uprising. Rather be fighting the devils among us than on my knees waiting for the executioners shot.

          • Hehe…yeah. And likewise. My spidey-sense is telling me this “all of a sudden everything is terrific and safe and normal reopening” is another smoke screen to lull people into a false sense of gratitude only to have the potentates pull it back. I don’t trust these thieves one bit.

          • They have a well proven track record of being untrustworthy. Stopped for coffee on our way up to the alpaca shearing (see Well Seasoned Fools post), and didn’t have an obedience mask in the car. SURPRISE! Nobody was wearing one in the store at the gas station. Went to CVS today to pick up my meds, and SURPRISE, no signs on the door, and half the people were maskless. Yes, it felt funny, but I’m not sure just why. Muscle memory, maybe?

  4. I find it interesting that the Chinese are poised to invade Afghanistan as soon as the US withdraws. […] Afghanistan would provide more Chinese slave labor. Maybe that’s what they’re after in addition to a geographic advantage?

    War is the biggest of big government programs — ‘war is the health of the state’. The Chinese government and its war industry cronies wants an endless colonial war, for the same reason the US government and its war industry cronies does. Government is a protection racket, whose nature as a protection racket is hidden by a state religion promulgated by an established church. In the US, the government (“public”) school system is the established church.

    • The war biz. is often referred to as welfare for the middle class. General Butler said, “war is a racket.” Power projection is always a form of gunboat diplomacy. Given that, providing it’s true, one must ask whether the unreadiness that the US experienced in World War 2 and Korea and to some extent, Vietnam, was a good thing. It’s fair to argue that the US should not have intervened in Korea or Vietnam. That’s another argument. But the US was not ready, and THAT is a problem. Whether foreign wars are justified or not is always a fair argument – or wars in Asia – are they advisable? But the US needs to be ready for war, as does every nation.

    • Well, if you’re gonna go that route, it’s also missing most of the Caucasus, much of the Crimea, the Balkans, a decent chunk of southern Russian steppe, Persia, the Levant, Egypt, and Sicily.

      IDK if I remember right, but Malta?


  5. It’s always interesting to watch those big planes take off. You never think they’re going to make it, and then they’re in the air.

  6. “I find it interesting that the Chinese are poised to invade Afghanistan as soon as the US withdraws.”

    See, that’s the main reason I come here. I did not know that. I wonder if it will be a repeat of the Russians, right up to the point where there is no Charlie Wilson to step in.

    • The Chinese have stated that OUTRIGHT, and have declared that they’d do a better job running the place than the USA (and allies) did. And better than the British ran India, etc. The Chinese are celestials and as such, their wisdom may not be impugned.

      They own Jo/Ho, so who am I to argue?

      • The People’s Republic of China owns Senators, Congressmen and an unknown number of federal judges in addition to the executive branch. They’ve got a good start on things.

      • Well, IDK about “better”, but I’m sure the PRC will do a more EFFECTIVE job.

        They already have plenty of practice with the Death Camps and mass migration to create an ethnic Han majority.


    • Well now, let’s hope Afghanistan is a tar baby for the Chicoms. (There’s a joke about “tar heroin” to be made, but my rudimentary understanding is that tar heroin doesn’t really come from Afghanistan. Alas.) As to Afghans as slave labor, I have this great agricultural idea: we’ll hitch up wolverines and honey badgers and use them to plow our fields. Should work about as well.

      I have no idea what sort of mess China will make in the Graveyard of Empires, but we can be certain that they will not have the same idiot ROEs that some US (mis)administrations have compelled US forces to labor under.

      Finally, when it comes to owning US politicians, China is no doubt amassing a nice collection. But I’m sure the Chinese collection still pales in comparison to the size and influence of the kennel of politicians owned by yet another country.

      • Tar heroin is #3 heroin…not completely refined, but still usable, still injectable. It can come from anywhere. Usually you find it coming from Mexico and Latin America. #4 Heroin (China White) is more completely refined and can reach purity levels above 90%.

        Better to own a politician than to be one.

  7. AN-124. Back when the Cold War was starting to thaw, one visited the Paine Field, Everett, WA airshow and was open for the public to walk around and down the length. The many Boeing employees walking the length were mainly complimentary, if not visibly impressed.

    One memory is vivid; the contrast between the Russian (non pilot) crew and the Russian “elites”. The crew wore one piece coveralls made from some synthetic material that looked extremely uncomfortable. The “elites” looked like they stepped out of Nordstrom, and their cars were Mercedes and BMW. The utter arrogance of the “elites” pissed me off.

    Afghanistan. Speaking of arrogance, the Chinese may suffer the fate of every invader going back centuries. As some have said, a country just out of the stone age, but a part of the world no one has controlled for long.

    • The Russian elites often bring supermodels along. I asked a Buddhist holy man about that once and he suggested that they were reincarnated Nazi prison camp guards.

      Make of that what you will.

      • > reincarnated Nazi prison camp guards
        The “elites” or the supermodels? Heh.
        Having good-looking women around is of course an ostentatious display of power.

        Which puts me in mind of a story. One night a bunch of us were sitting around swapping “weird patient care experience” stories. A colleague of Japanese descent was put on a hospital team caring for a reputed Yakuza boss (RYB) with hepatitis C. RYB was supposedly there awaiting a liver transplant (for which he did not qualify, but money and or intimidation works wonders). Anyway, RYB had at least one nasty-looking bodyguard outside his room at all times (and another inside), and a rotating pair of very attractive young Japanese women in scanty clothes flitting about.

        Colleague became noticeably distraught recounting this tale. “He was probably too sick to have sex. And if he could, the girls could have caught hep C! That would be incredibly irresponsible!” I tried to explain that such young women were interchangeable commodities to persons such as RYB. If your blender, or laser printer, whatever, breaks, you toss it out and get a new one. Nothing to agonize over. I shouldn’t have said anything because Colleague became even more distraught. He refused to accept a world view in which there were persons to whom other people were things to be used. Colleague is a good, decent, intelligent and conscientious person. I trust the guy completely when it comes to medicine. But increasingly I am convinced that persons like Colleague have no business making decisions about all kinds of other things. He on the other hand was horrified for several days that I could even think that someone might not care about giving a young woman a serious, life-shortening disease.

        • We seem to be graduating a lot of doctors nowadays with no sense of proportion, nor understanding of any reality outside medicine. Sure, they are good doctors, but I can’t help but think that some sort of grounding in the real world would improve them further.


    • I expect so, unless they simply kill the native population and replace them with Han Chinese. Most countries wouldn’t do that. The Russians did it in Chechnya to solve their “rebellion problem”.

      • That’s what I’m expecting the Chinese to do. Just wipe out the population. Western countries just wouldn’t think of doing that, but based on what they’re doing with the Uighurs, the Chicoms wouldn’t think twice.

        Unless they setup the same sort of camps to harvest organs out of the Afghans to sell like they do with the Uighurs.

        • They will likely harvest and take what they want before they end them. Maybe they’ll turn them into Soylent Green to feed the masses?

        • One click, maybe two of the EMP switch, three to be thorough, they could move right in after a year to thin the herd. Here, not there. I’ve heard numbers of a 90% die-off if it happened. Given that they own certain aspects of the governance, lock, stock and bubble-heads, who would issue the order to retaliate? Hopefully L-L will be along to say it ain’t so.

          • I see I should have scrolled down before making my reply, above.

            Yeah, genocide and demographic replacement have worked for China for 5000 years, why stop now? It’s funny the way PRC Afghanistan is gonna make the Soviets look squeamish…


  8. One of the things I like about this post is the banner infographic showing strategically located Bonny Blue/DLC bases countering the ChiCom “pearl necklace” threat.

    In these days of rapidly emerging UFO tech and force reposturing, perhaps there’s a benefit to “irregular.”

  9. Never shot an HK pistol but I hear people who use these tools day to day like them. Never came across one at a price I wanted to pay. Maybe someday.

    China needs to keep expanding or it will wither. I agree with several of the more educated on this subject than I am commentators here that there is a good chance China will invade Afghanistan and reduce the population until they quell any type of insurgency that might pop up. Next step would be to repopulate the population with Han. We are in for one heck of an interesting decade.

  10. So the ChiComs want to “invade” Afghanistan? Haven’t they learned anything from the Russians and the US? Maybe they have a bioweapon that only targets Middle Easterners? Wouldn’t put it past them. Be real interesting to see how much Blood and Treasure they waste trying to control that hunk of rock.

    Zero experience with H&K weapons. Way too pricey for me. I’ll stick with my Kimber and SIG.

    Ah, yes, the AN-124. Got to take pix ans help unload one a few times. We had multiple satellites delivered from EU to LGB on them, and yep, they’re BIG. Don’t recall being allowed up on the flight deck, but the thing is cavernous inside.

  11. Kockler VP-70z

    Well, that was a doozy!
    1970s, our little group needed to standardize on pistols, so everybody’s favorite loudmouth insisted on a massive capacity 9mm.
    We each acquired this DAO clunker with the two-handed trigger-pull… it seemed like at least 16# to cock-n-fire.
    Shaking exhausted half-way through the nineteen aboard, every muscle/tendon/nerve on the shooter’s dominant side screamed in agony.

    Accuracy was appalling, approximately hour-of-continent.
    A blind half-wit soy-infested sleep-walking asthmatic was on equal footing with the best-of-the-best ‘that bad’ accuracy.

    Holsters were unavailable, so we cobbled them from random foraged chunks of hide.

    And then, the killing blow — the sears wore so they didn’t catch.
    Pull the DAO trig, blessedly only a five-pounder since the trigger wasn’t engaging to cock the firing-pin springs, and nothing happened.

    Not one of my better ideas.
    In my defense, I was sure I could get ’em to three-burst without the optional shoulder-stock.
    Positive… possibly.
    Did I tell you about the time ‘somebody’ wanted everybody to standardize on High Standard Model 10-B?

  12. Well that was a “ must click – what’s he on about – guffaw” from me. You can’t have provocative blog titles called “The Pearl Necklace” and not expect spammy comments from childish people. That’d be me.

  13. The irony of China invading Afghanistan will be all the Allied troops who were fighting against the Taliban will now be helping them and supplying them.

    Just like when the Soviets were there.

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