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Proxy War in Libya

It doesn’t matter what the Libyan people want, if they were even able to articulate it. Gone is the Arab Spring that Hillary reveled in – post Benghazi. Now the country is divided between Russia and Turkey, each supplying arms and advisors.

The Biden (Jo/Ho) Administration, which is to say the Oligarchs in the US Military Industrial Complex, are eyeing a US entry back into Libya. I say, “no,” but nobody listens to me.


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy (motor/traffic)

Does simply reading the book make you a racist? The Democrat Party says, “yes”.

SCV = Santa Clarita Valley (Station)


Coonan C-LAR-3

The receiver is U.S-made but the rifle is assembled from a parts kit. Generally, when buying any FAL variant one thing to consider is the pattern; whether it is metric or inch. The magazines are not interchangeable between the two patterns of FALs. British, Australian and some U.S-made FALs are inch pattern, whereas the rest (Belgium, German, etc) will be metric. There is no difference in quality on whether one is better than the other but the common consensus is that metric magazines are cheaper and easier to find.


A Photo and Some History

Captain Isoroku Yamamoto with US Navy Secretary Curtis D. Wilbur, Washington DC, 1925 (above). CAPT Yamamoto understood where things were headed as did Billy Mitchell, who was scorned for predicting the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in the time frame of this photo.

BGEN William L. Mitchell

Mitchell antagonized many administrative leaders of the Army with his arguments and criticism and, in 1925, was returned from appointment as a brigadier general to his permanent rank of colonel due to his insubordination. Later that year, he was court-martialed for insubordination after accusing Army and Navy leaders of an “almost treasonable administration of the national defense” for investing in battleships instead of aircraft carriers. He resigned from the service shortly afterward.

Today, Billy Mitchell is considered to be the FATHER OF THE US AIR FORCE. The Military Industrial Complex had little use for him during his lifetime. They really loved building battleships because of the vast expense more than the utility — as history bore out.



Distribution of Jewish Americans in 2020.


US Time Zones – Based on TV Market and Maximizing Preferred Light/Dark Hours


2020 Presidential Election in New York – Municipal Results

Obviously, most of the geographical Empire State wanted Donald J. Trump as their next president. But that’s not how the dominoes fell, is it?


Number of psychologists per 100,000 people


ExoMars orbiter images Perseverance at landing site

The ESA-Roscosmos Trace Gas Orbiter has spotted NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, along with its parachute, heat shield and descent stage, in the Jezero Crater region of Mars.


21 thoughts on “The Next War, Maps and History

  1. The Mars Orbiter, run by NASA, also saw all the landing portions. Very cool that we have the tech now to see what we did.

    As to Japan, funny that the War Plan, I think Case Orange, that was created in 1919 and refined in the 20’s, was the plan used by the US to achieve victory. Sure, some deviations, but the basis was Case Orange. Showing that what is good is good.

    As to Seuss, after reading him as an adult, well, Seuss, though a great writer and illustrator, was a tad bit of a pinko environmentalist. So it’s funny that the Left are cancelling one of their own.

    Other than that, the map of Der Juden? If’n they refined it by county rather than state, now that would be very interesting. (Note: Very pro-Israelish and conservative Jew. Very anti-JINO, which, unfortunately, Florida has mes beaucoup full, mostly down in the Broward area…)

    1. The Florida that I encountered a long time ago, is gone today, Beans. And by that I’m not criticizing it. It’s just that Florida, and many places, have changed so radically over time, primarily because of an increase in population, that it’s unrecognizable. Maybe I’m becoming a curmudgeon? I see a place and then I reflect on what was, compare to what is — and feel sad.

    2. >by county rather than state

      Here you go. Specifically the bottom panel of “Map 5”.

      This link doesn’t cite source, but I suspect the figures came from (or are based on):
      Sheskin I.M., Dashefsky A. (2019) United States Jewish Population, 2018. In: Dashefsky A., Sheskin I. (eds) American Jewish Year Book 2018. American Jewish Year Book, vol 118. Springer, Cham.
      Not going to verify because that’s behind a paywall.

  2. Libya – what kind of imbecile would want US intervention there (yeah, I know) ? Which of our allies are we supposed to fight; NATO member Turkey or the UAE and Egypt? We should just call the game and have two countries there. Tripolitania and Cyrenacia were historically separate anyways.

    Thoughtcrime – reading any book makes you racist, legitimate education promotes White Supremacy after all, just like mathematics. Self-directed reading is even worse, it smacks of Freethinking.

    I never dreamed this ever-worsening psychosis spiral might be possible.

    1. When you ask, “what kind of imbecile”, I want you to look at the clown car in DC real hard. Jo/Ho need a war and while Syria is the obvious choice, they’re looking hard at involving us in Libya. The question of “why” is one that you need to set aside. There really isn’t a need to go to war anywhere that I know of.

    1. I saw that too and wonder – why?

      I know that Argentina has had a lot of problems historically, and can only guess that they have universities that churn them out and a population that feels that they need it.

    2. a thought
      psychologist ≠ psychiatrist
      I define a psychologist as essentially a statistician
      (yeah! I know about the class: clinical psychologists)
      and a psychiatrist as an MD with emotional problems who attempts to help people with similar problems
      just my warped view

      1. Psychologists are a dime a dozen. Psychiatrists are MD’s and can write scripts. A lot of psychiatry is based on medication being the solution to mental illness. Sometimes it works, often it does not. Roll the dice.

        Apparently there is a population who feels that the occupation does some good.

      2. Just don’t ask this retired psych nurse about psychologists and psychiatrists… you won’t like the answer and I am sure Mr. Larry would admonish me about my unkempt and vulgar epitaphs.

    3. Argentina is one of those places where parents buy their daughters plastic surgery for their 16th birthday.

      I think the high number of shrinks is justified by behavioral norms.


  3. Rear Admiral Harry Yarnell wasn’t too popular during that time. Had the “establishment” listened to Mitchell and Yarnell, might the Pacific part of WWII not have happened?

  4. So…if these narcissistic nimrods think everything in American history is verboten, and therefore must be erased, eradicated, torn down, and despised, what about white milk? Are those cows now considered “white supremacists”? Nothing to these idiots has any meaning, other than what comes out their delusional rotted brains.

    Of course, AOC will also ban chocolate milk because that comes from – you know – brown cows, and that’d be racist.

    1. The Green New Deal calls for the killing of all cows. Milk problem solved.

      I don’t know how they’ll deal with goat milk or horse milk or human milk (also white).

      1. Now woman are to be called chest feeders. Gotta hand it to them, nothing is off their table of asinine creativity.

    1. We live in a world where BLM and Antifa are glorified and Dr. Seuss is repudiated as evil…

  5. Billy Mitchell was a visionary, and visionaries tned to ruffle the feathers of the higher-ups. He also really ticked of the Nay’s Gun Club by sinking a few WWI wra-prize German ships.

    Stunning images from Matian orbit. I still remember the first Pioneer “impactor” spacecraft sending pictures back from the Moon. Amazing how far imaging has come….

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