According to Democrat Presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden, AOC and the squad will have key roles in his administration. There are few people as toxic as members of the squad, and their leader, the Gucci communist, AOC (formerly known as Sandy Cortez when she was just another yuppy living in the suburbs).



Democrats want her to be the next (shadow) President. She’s already their brain trust.

You would think that eating Tide Pods would have been a fad that AOC would have embraced. Sadly she did not.







  1. Whenever you see The Squad, spare a prayer for Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan. She’d so dearly love to have the exposure and media coverage of The Squad, and a shot at the VP position. But alas poor Gretchen: Too white and too vanilla (no public record of sexual deviancy) to be a standard bearer of the Democrat Party.

    • She may not be a sexual deviate, but I’ll bet that she’s willing to learn. And she can self-identify as an Indian (see Sen. Warren (D-MA). But irrespective, that ship sailed for her and she’ll be hard pressed to win re-election.

      • I attended a wedding near Grand Rapids, MI a few weeks ago, and while the Catholic church where the ceremony took place adhered to social distance norms, the reception was held under a huge tent in the bride’s father’s alfalfa field; 320 people, all of them happy to be there, and no COVID was evident anywhere. This was a God fearing, clean crowd.

        And everybody there HATED, and I mean HATED with a purple passion the governor, “Gretch.” Of course, Grand Rapids and its environs are the proud home of Jerry Ford, his museum and his general conservative philosphy: pretty dagnab beet red as far as the eye could see.

        We’ll see if those stupid, bankrupt liberals in Detroit still come out in droves to vote in more of the same madness that Gretch likes to lord over them. I kinda doubt it.

        • I think that the poor and disenfranchised (who seldom vote) will tend toward President Trump. Nobody who is right in the head wants to deal with the insanity. CNN and the media will pimp Joe hard, but he shoots himself in the foot as soon as he goes off teleprompter.

  2. While looking at one of yesterday’s posts, the “More Stories” pop up offered the one about AOC and the term Neiman Marxists. Both my wife and I thought it was a funny line.

    The problem is that Sandy Cortez is not at all funny, nor are the rest of the squad. Sandy’s essentially an actress, hired to play the part of mouthpiece for the Justice Democrats – a group that idolizes mid 20th century socialists like Stalin and Hitler (international socialists and national socialists). (offered for other readers – I know you know this).

    We live in an era where instead of political organizations saying, “we back this candidate, he’s an effective spokesman for the things we believe”, they go hire an actor and make it appear they’re that spokesman, by feeding them every line. Both Sandy and Obama are totally useless without a teleprompter or written speech. They don’t know what to say because they don’t believe anything they’re supposed to.

    And in the case of Joe Biden he doesn’t know what to say because of his aneurysms.

    • Yes, Sandy auditioned for the job, and it will make her millions. In that, she’s a lot like the witless Obama, who needed to read what his handlers wanted him to say – WHEREVER he went. Some liked his fake Southern preacher accent, that he uses whenever he crosses the Mason-Dixon.

      They would have been better off auditioning an actor than using Biden. He’s a gaff machine and a genuine racist. Come on, man!

  3. It’s positively charming in a Jim Crow kinda way how the rest of The Squad keeps the black gal in the background and the press doesn’t celebrate her separate but equal contribution to the diversity of The Squad as much as the other three.

    To paraphrase Harrington: Racism doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Racism.

    • Short of “The View” “gals”, can you get a more angry looking bunch of crazies? Self-loathing burns from the inside out. As SiGray says, AOC is an actress hired by The Justice Democrats who’s goal is to replace all 100 Senators with their mouthpieces.

      Uncle Ted…what can you say, the man is always direct and spot on. Whitmer’s goons would never think about invading his place.

  4. AOC won the casting Justice Democrats arranged. She had the star qualities they looked for.

    “That’s why we recruited and helped elect Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman to Congress. We need a new generation of leaders who will fight for our communities and a bold agenda.”

    Sometimes you need to look for who the puppet master is.

    In the old days, it was different. You knew the person you voted for. Now it is not so obvious anymore. The press do not care to do the job and tell who is behind and what they want to achieve.

    This website made a story out of it.

  5. I do like your title…I’ve been calling them “The Four Horsewoman of the Apocalypse”. Screw them and the horses they rode in on.

      • Ahh, but a horseman would say, nice looking butt-end on that horse….but these four – and a number of their compatriots – ugly is systemic and goes all the way to the bone.

  6. How much did AOC’s suit cost? Hint, she didn’t buy it from a thrift store.

    Democrat victory plan is right on the money, imo, and well said Ted.

  7. i disagree. the dems aren’t smart enough nor rich enough to pull all this off. they too are just paid puppets. who pulls the strings? soros? seems like a lot for one old man to keep going. who else? find them, behead the snake.

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