Kamala in Romania

Imagine that you’re at a podium in a joint press conference with the President of Romania. Some call it the Kamela Harris Show.

A member of the press pool asks you a specific question relating to conditions created by war and sanctions, and how these conditions are impacting the people in your home county, people you supposedly govern, by driving inflation and shortages.

The first thing that you do is attempt to defer by looking to the Romanian President with the expectation that he will answer this question for you.

When he looks at you like you’re insane and declines to answer, you begin randomly saying things that have nothing to do with the question that was asked.

How did you get here? What are you doing? You thought this was going to be just like student council and every other soft-ass job you’ve had where you could be unprepared, say stupid things, cackle, and fake your way to prominence as a token in a crooked machine. Nothing you did as a whore prepared you for this.

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In the Fog of War

Russian equipment losses. The Kremlin claims the Russian “special operation” is going as planned and they are well on their way to demilitarizing Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has claimed that Ukrainian forces have killed 12,000 Russian soldiers and destroyed over 2,000 Russian vehicles. From a high level, it appears clear that the Russian offensive has stalled, however, the actual state of each military is unclear.

The website (above) has counted significantly more Russian equipment losses than Ukrainian losses: 993 versus 277. Of particular importance, it has counted losses of 465 Russian heavy vehicles (tanks, armored fighting vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers), versus 138 for the Ukrainians. You’d expect to see attackers lose on the order of 4:1, so the numbers cited do make sense.

Of the 99 Ural-4320 supply trucks captured by Ukraine, most contained vital supplies, which have been re-purposed from the end-user envisioned by the Russian Army. In the photo above, a truck is being towed by a Ukrainian civilian automobile to a marshaling area.


US Green Army

The US Army plans to have all-electric war machines by 2050. I hope that they all come with long extension cords and that the enemy never figures out how to unplug them or to cut the cord. The concept is incredibly woke.


A Meme for the Monday Moment


American Wolfpacks in WW2

USS Queenfish is an example as she participated in several.

Commissioned: 11 March 1944 – USS Queenfish (SS/AGSS-393), a Balao-class submarine, was the first ship of the United States Navy to be named for the queenfish, a small food fish found off the Pacific coast of North America.

The first Queenfish was laid down by the Portsmouth Navy Yard in Kittery, Maine, 27 July 1943; launched 30 November 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Robert A. Theobald; and commissioned 11 March 1944, Lieutenant Commander Charles E. Loughlin in command.

After shakedown off the east coast and further training in Hawaiian waters, Queenfish set out on her first patrol on 4 August 1944, in Luzon Strait. She joined “Ed’s Eradicators”, a wolf pack that also included Barb (SS-220) and Tunny (SS-282). The wolfpack was under the command of E.R. Swinburne, who rode aboard Eugene B. Fluckey’s Barb.

Tunny had to withdraw after being damaged by an air attack, but on 31 August, Queenfish made her first kill, the 4,700-ton tanker Chiyoda Maru. On 9 September she scored twice more, on 7,097-ton passenger-cargo ship Toyooka Maru and 3,054-ton transport Manshu Maru.

ComSubPac ordered the Eradicators to assist another wolf pack (“Ben’s Busters” consisting of USS Growler (SS-215), USS Sealion (SS-315) and USS Pampanito (SS-383)), in rescuing Allied POWs who had been on transports (including SS Rakuyō Maru and SS Kachidoki Maru) in Japanese convoy HI-72. The Japanese had picked up their own survivors from the wreckage, but they made no attempt to save any survivors from among the 2,100 British and Australian POWs embarked in the transports. The submarines managed to get 127 out of the water. An approaching typhoon terminated the hunt and the patrol. Queenfish put into Majuro for refit 3 October.

Queenfish’s second war patrol was conducted in the northern part of the East China Sea. This time Cdr. Loughlin had pack command as well as ship command. “Loughlin’s Loopers” included Barb and Picuda (SS-382). On 8 November Queenfish sank 1,051-ton Keijo Maru and the 1,948-ton Hakko Maru. On 9 November, she sent 2,131-ton Chojusan Maru, a former gunboat, to the bottom.

Alerted by ComSubPac to the approach of a large convoy from Manchuria carrying reinforcements for the Philippines, the “Loopers” and another wolfpack, the “Urchins”, combined to attack. Queenfish struck first on 15 November, sinking the 9,186-ton escort carrier Akitsu Maru. Over the next two days, the subs destroyed eight ships of the convoy, including the 21,000-ton carrier and the largest of the troop transports. The attacks cost the Japanese army defending the Philippines the bulk of a division.

Having received the Presidential Unit Citation for her first two patrols, Queenfish spent her third war patrol, 29 December to 29 January 1945, in the Formosa Straits and waters adjacent to the China coast without sinking any ships.

February to 14 April, as a member of another wolf pack. Cdr. William S. Post, Jr., the senior commanding officer in Spot (SS-413), also had Sea Fox (SS-402) in his wolf pack, “Post’s Panzers”, the second of that name. After Spot expended all her torpedoes, she left to reload; pack command devolved on Cmdr. Loughlin.

On 1 April Queenfish sank the 11,600-ton passenger-cargo ship Awa Maru, killing 2003 people. The ship had been guaranteed safe passage by the United States government since she was to carry Red Cross relief supplies to Japanese prisoner-of-war camps. The sinking occurred in fog, and Awa Maru was not sounding her fog horn, as required by international treaty. The incident caused considerable controversy. When the one survivor picked up by Queenfish, Kantaro Shimoda, told his story, Queenfish was ordered back to port; Cdr. Loughlin was relieved of command, tried by court-martial, and convicted of one of three charges, negligence in obeying orders, and received a “Letter of Admonition” from the Secretary of the Navy. Loughlin survived the war, and though he never again commanded a vessel, he continued his career and eventually attained flag rank.

On 12 April Queenfish rescued the 13-man crew of a U.S. Navy PB4Y-2 of VPB-108 which ditched on 8 April after becoming lost.

Queenfish spent her fifth patrol under Cdr. Frank N. Shamer on lifeguard duty in the East China Sea-Yellow Sea area. She was at Midway preparing for another patrol when the war ended.

After overhaul at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Queenfish assumed duties as Flagship, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet. Homeported at Pearl Harbor after the war, Queenfish returned to the Far East during March 1946 and in June–July 1949, but spent most of the period to 1950 in training operations in the eastern Pacific. In late 1947 she operated in the Bering Sea.

In February and March 1950 Queenfish took part in combined operations with units of the U.S. Pacific and British Fleets. She made cruises to Korean waters in 1951 and 1953. In February 1954 she sailed to her new homeport of San Diego. The next four years were spent operating off the west coast of the United States, with the exception of two weeks in Hawaii in late 1956. On 16 January 1958, she departed for a 6-month deployment to WestPac, returning to San Diego on 27 July to resume operations off the west coast of the United States.

Queenfish was used for the opening and closing scenes and some exterior shots in the 1959 movie Operation Petticoat.

Redesignated Auxiliary Research Submarine (AGSS-393), 1 July 1960.


Can you Identify this Tank?

To be fair to everyone, it is a bit of a ringer. It is a limited production tank.


  1. The electric vehicle mandate is just another step in the plan of ruining the effectiveness of the US military.

    Isn’t that the BAE submission for the new US light tank competition? I can’t remember the name. Pretty sure it just got eliminated.


    • Congratulations! Well done, indeed.
      This tank went under the nomenclature “Mobile Protected Firepower” (MPF).
      So far there are no news how the MPF system fared at the trials.

      • Thanks, guys.

        I am surprised that the BAE version was kicked so early. It’s based on the M8 “Buford”, which the Army already decided against once, but GD’s contender is based on the Ajax hull, which the Brits seem to be having all kinds of trouble with.

        IDK, it doesn’t seem like it should be all that hard to build something like this, yet we keep failing to put one in service.


    • They’re horrible – both the woke voters and the idiots who want to rule us. The concept of “representing us” doesn’t even occur to them.

    • I, too, am ashamed of the 60 million voters that actually purposely voted for the current jackwagons and jackwagonettes and transwagons and transwagonettes. The other 20 million votes? Let’s just say they are about as real as Biden’s IQ points.

  2. Butt-guy meme: nice thought, but that person 90% of the time has a fatuous smirk. The other 10% a look of hurt confusion. I don’t think he’s psychologically advanced enough to pull off hauteur. (In Jungian terms he has not integrated his shadow.)

    As to the people slavering for war with Russia: A great many of the most vociferous had ancestors who came from Russia. Said ancestors were apparently as filled with resentment, contempt, and hatred for that country (admittedly with more reason) as their current-day progeny have for these United States. Scorpions and frogs all the way down.

    • The scorpion and frog analogy applies to so much of life.

      There is not much to take seriously about the Butt-guy, but he has managed to become a diversity hire as a famous mudpacker – along with the tranny four-star. This sort of thing is the dead canary in the coal mine to let us know how far we’ve descended.

  3. Harris is the NASCAR driver who crashes on the first turn in every race…a designed distraction in order to sell more hot dogs and beer. Remember, “Let’s remind them we’re watching the world…because we’re all watching”. Geez.

    Under Petey Doody all new armored cars and tanks need to be light-weight and solar powered while meeting CAFE standards (hey, carbon fiber is stronger than steel!). They could add deployable sail on the back in case the sun isn’t shining.

    Ahh, The [Brain] Fog of the Left. The one’s who voted The Flailer’s into office believe RUSSIA! is the reason for shelves being empty and high fuel prices, their nutjob leader said so on Friday, making me believe the Not-a-Vax is a mind control device coupled to re-breathing their own exhale for two years.

    The Enemy from Within…need a serious house cleaning.

    • Well, yes, she is very much the goofy NASCAR driver that we can’t help but tune in to because nobody can wrap their hands around that (whatever her pronouns are) could possibly be that stupid. It’s really the same with Brandon as well.

      • Vlad is not afraid of these morons, and neither are we.

        Ask yourself, why is Lindsey Graham chatting it up so much time now…something about that guy. The heck with Colorado, we should reintroduce wolverines to Cap Hill.

        • I would vote for a wolverine over anybody in national office!

          At least our enemies would be scared of wolverines.

      • Kind of why I’m beginning to resent the memes that make Biden, Harris, AOC look “funny”.
        There is nothing “funny” about them.
        They could be the death of us.
        I’d like to reverse those roles, if you get my drift.

  4. fog of war indeed, considering that tank supposedly in combat has its muzzle cover on. everybody crowing about ukraine stopping the russians. i suggest the russians stopped themselves and never meant to hold the whole country. they have crimea, the dunbas, and kiev is surrounded. the rest may be a distraction to keep ua forces spread out. mission accomplished, maybe. kamelface? ugh, how embarrassing….supposedly there are gangs fighting for turf in kiev with their newly issued ak’s, no need for the russians to enter the city. now tptb are worried the gangs will take over the bio labs and accidentally release the hemorrhagic flu they have been designing. lord help us.

  5. The problem with your blog for readers like me is your accuracy in defining current events with a contrast with past events. Short term, it is more comfortable to tiptoe through the tulips.

  6. Operation Petticoat. One of my all time favorites. LOL
    I was always big into submarine novels since the early 60’s on (Run Silent Run Deep was my first)
    The wolfpack description reminded me of a writer named Harry Homewood who wrote among other things, Final Harbor and Silent Sea. In the second book I believe, he went into what in the novel was called our first effort at a wolfpack (fiction of course). Looking at the nicknames of the groups, it reminded me of the book and the wolfpacks name at the time “Mealy’s Maulers”.
    Fascinating look at a historic time for us and the realization at that time that Admiral Doenitz was initially well forward thinking as to the use of his boats.

  7. If I had to point out one individual that epitomizes the failure of the EEO policy, Harris would be the poster child. In the grand scheme of pushing for supposed equality, she managed to float her way to the top of a pool of feces.

  8. ADM Ernie King was notorious for ‘shooting from the hip’ with regard to officers junior to him. The Loughlin case was one of them. Rather than investigate and check for evidence of wrongdoing, he immediately ordered Queenfish to port for Loughlin’s court martial. When the verdict didn’t go the way he wanted, he had Nimitz issue letters of reprimand to the court martial board!

  9. Hybrid vehicles have a place in the battlefield. Even hybrids with an electric-only option (to be charged later with the ICE.)

    Heck, back in the day when they were talking about extending the life and uparmoring and lengthening the M113 (MLTV) there was one version that was a diesel-electric hybrid that could creep and roll on electric only for a bit (which is not a bad thing on a scout vehicle.) The battery power was also looked at as a great way to power scout stuff without having to run a pony generator, for a while at least.

    But full electric? Maybe in specific instances, but for overall use? Nope. Nopey-nope.

    • I have no problem with hybrids providing that we can make the batteries from materials found in the USA. In fact, they make sense in many circumstances. I don’t own a hybrid, but I wouldn’t rule it out. That is not what the GREEN ARMY wants.

      • It should concern you that all those toxic components come from mining. For instance, to In order to manufacture each EV auto battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up 500,000 pounds soil for just – one – battery.

        Sixty-eight percent of the world’s cobalt, a significant part of a battery, comes from the Congo. Their mines have no pollution controls, and they employ children who die from handling this toxic material. Should we factor in these diseased kids as part of the cost of driving an electric car?

        • Oh, so totally agree. Funny how ‘green’ energy is anything but. Yet another lie used by the Leftists, take a word and turn it around 180 degrees to the original meaning.

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