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Joe and Ashley

(Daily Mail) The diary’s explosive contents include Ashley’s speculation that showering with her father, then-Senator Joe Biden, as a young girl may have contributed to her sex addiction. ‘I remember having sex with friends at a young age; showers with my dad (probably not appropriate),’ she wrote in a January 2019 entry.


Third Party Popularity

Map of which 3rd-party got the highest % of the vote in any single Presidential Election from 2000-2020. 6 different 3rd-parties had the top performance in at least 1 county: Libertarian, Green, Reform (Buchanan’s 2000 run), Constitution, Natural Law, & Socialism/Liberation Party


Leaked Memos

A lot of the “leaks” are clickbait – guerilla propaganda dreamed up by one company to undermine another and spread rumors about others. Take this for what it is worth.

Amazon is facing a looming crisis: It could run out of people to hire in its US warehouses by 2024, according to leaked Amazon internal research from mid-2021. If that happens, the online retailer’s service quality and growth plans could be at risk and its e-commerce dominance along with it.

Raising wages and increasing warehouse automation are two of the six “levers” Amazon could pull to delay this labor crisis by a few years, but only a series of sweeping changes to how the company does business and manages its employees will significantly alter the timeline, Amazon staff predicted. […]

In the Inland Empire region of California, for example, Amazon may cycle through every worker who’d be interested in applying for a warehouse job by the end of 2022, the internal report warned. One of the reasons is that Amazon is increasingly finding itself in a bidding war for workers with rivals in the area, which is a key logistics region because it is within a two-hour drive of 20 million potential customers and two of the largest container ports in the US.

“We are hearing a lot of [Amazon] workers say, ‘I can just go across the street to Target or Walmart,’” said Sheheryar Kaoosji, co-executive director of an Inland Empire nonprofit called the Warehouse Worker Resource Center. Kaoosji added that Walmart is offering some workers with past warehouse experience as much as $25 an hour. Amazon pays $18 an hour.


An Armed Population 

US statistics show over time that about two-hundredths of one percent of all firearms in America are used in a crime. When you think about the gun control mantras that circulate in progressive circles, they make as much sense as me self-identifying as a 25-year-old Eskimo woman.

(Gateway Pundit) Mao Zedong, the founder of Communist China, once said, “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist Party must command all the guns; that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” Mao knew what he was talking about. Privately owned firearms in the US have been used to effect regime change. Through the course of the war of Independence from Great Britain and during the War of Northern Aggression/Civil War (1860-65) a combination of foreign-made military firearms and privately owned weapons including cannons were used. The War of Independence in Texas, when Texas broke off from Mexico, and the Bear Flag Revolt in California against Mexico are other examples. 

In 1821, Mexico gained independence from Spain, and Moses Austin negotiated a contract with the new Mexican government that allowed him to lead some 300 families to the Brazos River. Under the terms of the agreement, the settlers were to be Catholics, but Austin mainly brought Protestants from the southern United States. Subsequently, primarily privately owned firearms allowed Texas to seize its freedom from Mexico. I’m sure that you remember the Alamo in 1836.

However, with the exception of those formative events, armed Americans have been quiescent.

Over the past 100 years, America has been at war more often than it has known peace and the male population underwent military training that sometimes turned kinetic during those foreign wars. It’s good to remember that millions of mostly men served under arms as trained soldiers whether or not they are currently with all of the skills that their nation could cram into them.  Not all soldiers are warriors, but enough are. Add to that, police officers – current and retired. Then there are the conscientious armed citizens who never served beneath the standard but train to a high degree of proficiency.

It keeps crooked politicians awake at night.

You don’t think gun rights is an important topic, this is a picture taken the next after the famous picture of the student staring down the tanks in Tiananmen Square.


Sunflower Oil Exports

Cargo ships that are currently waiting to enter the Danube through Sulina Romania. They arrive to collect grain and sunflower oil from Ukraine in the Danube ports. Some have been waiting for almost 3 weeks.

The Port of Sulina is a Romanian port situated on the Black Sea, close to the northern border with Ukraine.  It is the last city through which the Danube flows before entering the Black Sea.


32 thoughts on “The Monday Marauder

  1. I never knew that photo of Tiananmen Square even existed. Thank you for posting it.

    1. After the Tiananmen Square demonstration, the PRC mandarins were shaken. A statue of liberty, constructed there in the square really bothered them. Tankers refused to roll over unarmed protesters – that bothered them too. They built a surveillance center and installed more than a million cameras in Beijing. I’ve visited the center and have photos of me at that place that I’ve posted on the blog. Not photos of the surveillance floor, but in the command space.

      I have a habit of walking around places like Beijing. I noticed that there were army barracks located here and there in neighborhoods. That too was a reaction. They put the barracks close to the people so that any insurrection or outburst of freedom could be more easily crushed.

      Ask the British how many cameras they installed in London and in major cities. Same thing.

      1. The PLA troops that finally crushed the students were from far outside Beijing. Which explains why it took so long to crush the students. Trying to find ‘loyal’ and ‘biddable’ troops must have been a real pain.

  2. Amazon has a shitty reputation. I can’t find the article now, but I did read the one in Sydney had ambulances called several hundred percent more and every other business in the area combined. There’s a bad culture there of warehouse employees being disposable, and I’m glad to see it biting them in the arse.

    Good employees are hard to find, no matter the industry. Even in something like an unskilled laborer, although I’d suggest if they’re a good worker they won’t stay unskilled for long.

    1. Had one son who worked at Amazon. He was told to go to another site for some training class being held there. So he went, and his badge wouldn’t let him into that building. He was able to show his badge and demonstrate that he was a current employee, so they let him in. For that pay period, he logged the time he was in that class. However, since his badge did not work at that site, he was told that he didn’t attend the training and was being let go for falsifying his time card. As they made no effort to check with the other site, where his attendance could have been verified, it appears that this was a setup to get rid of a conservative Christian who was not enthusiastically woke enough.
      So, if they are having trouble finding and keeping employees….here’s the world’s smallest violin playing My Heart Bleeds for You.

  3. that pic of tianamen, devastating. i really hadn’t grasp the scale of the carnage. i’ve seen what tank treads do to a human up close. can’t imagine seeing that square up close. there should be no doubt about the ruthlessness of the chinese govt. i wish aoc and company could experience it first hand and see if they still want to commy. ….slojoe and ashley, just sick. now we know where hunter got it from.

    1. In AOC and Company’s wet dreams, they’re in the tanks, and we are not. Remember the Alamo certainly, but don’t forget Goliad, either, ever.

      1. Remember Wounded Knee too. The Indians were first disarmed, then once helpless, they were shot.

  4. Marauder. LBJ got his silver star for taking a ride in one. That aside, another unsung workhorse of WWII.

    1. LBJ – typical democrat. The guy was a scumbag but even his scumbaggery pales in light of the present.

  5. I interviewed more than once with Amazon, twice initiated by recruiters. Invariably the “senior” manager positions (procurement and logistics) turned into junior roles or even 1st line supervision on the midshift. The last offer started at the same pay rate Ford had offered me out of grad school two decades earlier. The manager who tried to recruit me the last time, also a vet, was shocked when I put that fact into writing to the dear HR (Talent Acquisition lol) person who sent me the offer letter. I think what upset him (the vet) most was that he didn’t get his referal bonus for a new salary hire.

    1. The culture of the place where you work (and spend a lot of your life) is incredibly important. I was lucky – but I also checked. I could go into detail about this and that but it doesn’t matter. Suffice to say that doing your homework before you grab for that bright, shiny bobble (the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence) is always a good idea.

      1. Spent all of 6 weeks at the US division of a Canadian defense contractor. (non-defense side). Had I dsicovered what really went on there before hand I would not have accepted the job. Last I heard their suppliers are still smuggling things across the US-Mexico border to make thier production schedules. Management went “la la la, I can’t hear you” when I told them that was a felony. Felt really great giving them my notice the same day I discovered that.

  6. Seems The Founders knew what they were doing when drafting 2A, fully expecting some amongst the citizenry would try in every manner imaginable to make us a Democracy despite proclaiming they will uphold our Constitutional Republic. Last week alone I heard our so-called Dem leadership – including Pee Wee Herman Joe – along with their media shills, using the term “our Democracy” as if it were true. Say it enough times and the mind-numbed start to parrot it. The Dems are getting desperate to disarm. Won’t happen…and I think they know it. Yet doesn’t stop them from trying. I say: Good luck with that, We The People are not going easily…God is with the righteous.

    You know those on the Left are so caught up in their delusion when they can ignore their guy is an obvious pedophile groomer letch, let alone a criminal. The willful ignorance is astounding.

    1. Democracy to the democrats is the 81 million votes that creepy, demented, old Joe received. Biden is filthy at every level.

      1. Well, we HAVE been told the Electoral College is raccisst, that it should be eliminated for the popular vote. Being ignorant of why The Founders set things up as they did was the NEA’s agenda, that way some wouldn’t have a clue to push back against the enemy within.

        1. Today is a federal holiday. A million + workers have the day off in celebration of what? The country is oh, so racist.

          1. They can afford another made-up day off, call it a Day of Backdoor Reparations. Besides, they have the cash on-hand.

            Facts matter…

            The Dem’s decry “big oil and their obscene profits” – musta heard that 82 times last week. Yet the facts say the opposite of the snake oil. Shell profited $5.08b 1st quarter (others were similar, and typical on a yearly basis). BUT!!! the Federal and State governments collected $24b in fuel taxes for the same period…pure profit for doing nothing for the monies.

            And how about Apple, or MS, or Google? Why aren’t the Dem’s decrying their “obscene profits”? ALL had $20-26b PROFITS for the same period. Nah, it’s those greedy oil producers.

  7. I have poor color vision – is Southeast New England Green or Socialism & Liberation on that map? Either is believable in context, it’s watermelonville for sure around here.


  8. Tiananmen Square: Wow, sure brings reality home to roost. I ha never seen the picture before. As society in the US continues to degrade something like that happening here is starting to become a possibility, I hope we can avoid it.

    No desire to work at Amazon at all although something to keep me busy when I am done with home projects might appeal, we will see. The projects seem to multiply when I am not looking though.

    Ports backing up. Not only at Sulina but worldwide. You have to wonder how much of this is due to just normal incompetence and how much is purposeful.

    1. The system is based on continuity. When that is disturbed there are ripples across the planet.

      A weak, creepy, corrupt, wicked, demented Joe Biden empowered Vlad Putin to do something he thought would work but went horribly wrong for him. Elections have consequences. The democrats want to upend the patriarchy with their new woke green deal and the system that worked doesn’t work anymore because it relied on reliability and continuity that is now gone.

  9. “One A Day In Tampa Bay”….until Jimmy Doolittle showed them how to fly it.

    My son’s workplace has just increased salaries across the board (he got a buck an hour increase). They can’t hang on to good, reliable, safe workers, as in a guy rolled up in a company truck the other day, reeking of marijuana.

    On the freaking job, in a company truck!?!

    The Field Supervisor came out, took his keys away, and drove him back to the yard to be mustered OUT.

    An Armed Society Is A Polite Society. Not to mention a FREE society. Freemen have guns; Serfs don’t. ‘Nough said.

    Gee, all those ships anchored offshore, running their DIESEL powered generators, or idling their bunker crude engines, for weeks on end.

    Whay aren’t they using electric ships? Or “Wind Powered” ships?

  10. My middle son has few social skills and doesn’t care. He comes to work, works, and goes home. Might miss three days a year. His supervisors cherish him. Get’s a raise every quarter. It has taken him awhile to find the right employment but what he has now is solid.

  11. The thing is, all the dirt and all the pictures from Tiananmen Square and anything else dirty about the Red Chinese, all of it, has been hidden by our wonderful Main Stream Media and our ‘betters.’

    How different the world would be if our ‘free’ press actually, you know, reported instead of propagandizing and obfuscating.

    And why does it not surprise me that my county, Alachua County, FL, went Green as a 3rd party? Surprised it wasn’t the Republican Party the way the Dems act around here, like, oh, nobody ever gets arrested or even charged with breaking into the local RP headquarters (used to be on Main Street until the cost of fixing the glass got so high they had to move to an industrial park.)

    Sadly I’m getting even more cynical every day.

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