Ukrainian HMMWV lost in Severodonetsk

I’m not a fan of the Humvee. It’s not the vehicle, they’re fine. It’s in how they are used. They’re used like light skin armor and they are NOT light skin armor. They’re targets, in this case for the Russians. In Iraq, for EFP’s that cut through them and their occupants like butter. Up-armor never worked the way that the people who rode in them hoped, and it made them HEAVY when they operated off hardball roads.

Sending them to Ukraine made the cruel joke worse because the Ukes relied on the “armor” for protection.




Our friend and fellow blogger is going under the knife today. In fact, with the time change, they may be cutting at about the same time as this posts. I wish her well.


Bullet Points

* Reports say, Nancy Pelosi, loyal servant of Antichrist, allegedly Christian, who daily drinks the blood of innocent babies to preserve a hideous mockery of life in her decayed flesh, presented herself for communion while visiting the Vatican, and took the holy wafer in her bloodstained teeth, choking it down despite her vomiting pea soup like Linda Blair.

I cannot vouch for the reliability of such reports.

Many, including myself, wondered why Pope Francis permitted the communion to take place, rather than an exorcism, which would have perhaps been more fitting.

* More Weiner? In 2016, a 15-year-old girl told the Daily Mail that the former congressman sent her sexually explicit messages, leading to a federal investigation that brought then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails back into the spotlight. Weiner later pleaded guilty in 2017 to charges related to texting the teenager and was sentenced to 21 months in prison. Now he’s out of the cage and has his eye set on the NY City Mayor’s job, and from there, who knows? President? He reminds me a lot of Beto O’Rorque. The photo above was from Weiner’s failed 2013 attempt to become mayor of the Big Apple.

* America’s armed forces are facing the worst recruiting crisis since the end of the draft in 1973. The Biden Pentagon is blaming the economy. The reality is far more troubling. It’s human nature to avoid suffering and danger, if possible—unless it’s for the greater good. (graphic right, h/t Frank in TN.)

Police retirements are soaring and recruiting is not keeping up in defund-the-police-mandatory-COVID-19-vaccine places like Seattle, while most of Texas finds it easy to fill police academy classes. It’s not hard to understand why—police are generally honored in Texas, but they’re not in Seattle.

The message is very clear if you’re a patriotic young American: Stay clear of the military. After all, why put yourself under the command of people who, at best, are suspicious of you and at worst will demand you attend pronoun reeducation camp—after they force you to take an experimental vaccine for a virus that has little chance of harming you as a young, healthy adult.

As early as last March, the Pentagon said it would make a small cut to the force of only 0.2%. But now word is out that all branches of the military are struggling to meet recruiting goals.

The largest branch of the military, the U.S. Army, has hit 40% of its recruiting goal with only three months left in the fiscal year. To compensate, the Army lowered its standards. No high school diploma or GED? OK. Tattoos on the neck and hands? Fine, no waiver needed.


The Terminal List (series review)

Season One of The Terminal List was released on Amazon Prime Video. The series follows Lieutenant Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt) after his platoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed while on a covert mission. Reece returns home to his family with conflicting memories of the event and questions about his culpability. As new evidence comes to light, Reece discovers dark forces working against him, endangering not only his life but the lives of those he loves.

The series deals with cause and effect with people regretting ticking off Chris Pratt’s character. The plot builds slowly, but Season 1 was fun for me. By episode 3, I was into the game.  It compares to other Amazon Prime Video series BoschReacher and Jack Ryan. A number of woke critics didn’t like the film but I discount them. It’s obvious that The Terminal List just wants to entertain with a twisty plot, some thrilling action set pieces, and a mildly complex main character. I give it an 8 out of a possible 10. The plot is thin but it’s a fun series to watch.



  1. “Mayor Weiner” – Mr. Bad Penny, just go away. But with Adams, if he won it’d be like going from a Pinto to a Gremlin. (only a little inference there)

    The Pope and Pelosi worship the same ‘father’, so nothing happened. As long as she doesn’t enter an old cathedral, unfair to the building by having it fall down on her sanctimonious head. “Away from me Satan!”

    Recruiting problems? Really? Never would have guessed…after making a cross-dresser an Admiral. That guy tosses his wife and kids aside to “follow his tortured mind”. Then again, he does fit into The Holograms Handlers ideal. That recruiter needed to focus on guys in chicken suits, ducks are more independent.

    With your recommend we’ll give the series a looksee, and we like Chris Pratt, seems like a normal guy having fun.

    • There will have to be a reckoning at some point – but would be service members would seem to have trust issues with Brandon, C in C. The installation of a creep like Brandon as president rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

      • Just wait until the unvaxed get tossed, a tactic by the Dem’s to weaken our Military from within.

        Expect Mr. Treason (selling our released SOR to China, etc.) to go further off the note card’s, the rats will start eating each other to save their sorry rear-ends and ill-gotten power…the proverbial “no honor among thieves” in full view. The flip-side is it might allow those who put America first to refill the vacuum. Seeing the newly painted Trump plane land at Dulles would be a good start.

        • The Biden Crime Family has a long and lucrative relationship with Communist China and, they have stayed bought. Of course now it’s not JUST the Biden Crime Family. There are a lot of parasites who are tagging onto the crime family’s pay-offs. I expect that impeachment of Biden/Harris will begin shortly after the mid-terms.

    • Georgia’s about to end up with a black Pacer for governor.

      I thought bad economic times helped recruiting. Something else poop midas can’t do right.

        • I have no idea what attraction that fat, greasy, theiving Marxist cow has to voters in Georgia — or anywhere for that matter.

          • While rel’s Pacer is fitting (they did make it in black but mostly in putrid colors), I was thinking as you said, her nickname should be “Diesel”; like one of those monster coal trucks – big as a house, loaded down and full of crap, spewing black smoke when under power, and in need of a good hosing down.

          • None, her base is from California and New York. Also remember Georgia has had massive election fraud the last two elections. The presidental election had12 of the 14 metro Atlanta counties had over 100% of votes counted as compared to registered voters. In between 2 am and 4 am Fulton Dekalb, and Cobb counties had their vote count increase in numbers many times the counting capacity of the voting machines.

          • T- Agreed. My take is ZERO money should come from other states to influence another states election. If you’re a candidate in a state or local election you get to only ask qualified residents for support (a year in state). Period. That’ll end a lot of fraud.

          • “fat, greasy, thieving Marxist cow” I believe she is properly classified as a fat, greasy, thieving Marxist ghettopotamus.

  2. I’m two episodes into The Terminal List and have enjoyed it so far. I find the bad reviews by leftists to be recommendations.

    • The series gets better with each episode. The first two episodes are ok, but it does get much better. Having finished the season, I can’t help but wonder where they’ll take Season 2. He does complete his list everything is wrapped up in Season 1 – no dangling issues to push the series into a second season.

  3. the deadline has passed for 40k nasty guard to get vaxxed. a pentagon whistleblower says the army has 120k not taking the vax and no idea what to do about them, yet austin got a waiver from congress to pass on the vax. talk about leading from behind….

    • and the vatican is as corrupt as sleepy joe so…the eu wants to deal on kaliningrad, but the lithuanians want their fair share of the grift or they will cut off the flow of russia’s goods. they may get their due, but from putin not brandon….aaand yet another storm has knocked out power, again. i’m telling you, i’ve never seen these storms come from the north like this. and geez, one bolt was so close everything went white and i thought i was gone. good news is my 500 gallon rain tank is full now. i’m sorta ready for long term grid down, but these short teasers are a pain in the butt. now, time to drag out the window unit from storage. gonna be a hot/humid day, right up until the storms come. joyjoy john spartan.

      • The US is pushing the Lithuanians to do what they’re doing. EU and everyone else wants the pipeline for fertilizer opened up. Look at Biden and Black Rock for this one.

        I have it on good authority that the matter will be resolved by August, but all in all, the US is behind the shortage because friends of the Big Guy are making a financial killing.

        • Just a note: Jules Smith survived her gallbladder surgery, is out of recovery and is resting comfortably, happy to have that behind her.

          • She has been on a strict diet for six months or so while she’s been waiting for surgery. In an e-mail, she said that she’s looking forward to a sandwich.

          • oh it was JULES you were talking about…i missed it somehow. well praying for a speedy recovery and so forth. my bestie had that it, he says he still has to watch what he eats though. i love her stories.

          • Re-reading what I wrote, I did not indicate that it was Jules. I think that after all this agony and grief that she’ll be a bit more careful. Some people are prone to them, others are not. It’s why the statement “all men are created equal” applies to rights under the law and not absolute equality or equity.

          • She’ll be back in business before you know it. It’s about a 30 day recovery. And yes, Ed, Thank you, Jesus.

  4. I enlisted in 1974. It soon became obvious to me that recruiters had been scraping the bottom of the barrel. Not all, but enough to seriously gum up the works. Things improved as time went on and the riff-raff were weeded out. Looking back, I think the saving grace was the Vietnam vets who had re-uped and were still serving. They brooked no BS. The economy was kinda sucky then too. There were three returning Vietnam vets in my platoon in basic. When ever anyone complained while I was in basic training, our drill sergeants would forcefully remind the that there was no longer a draft, and we had all volunteered to be there.

    Even if the guy in the duck costume took the deal, he better have a plan to buy some hard assets as soon as the check clears. If he waits until he gets out, inflation will eat a big chunk.

    • Two reasons I got out after Viet Nam: 1) that bottom of the barrel thing RHT mentioned, they never should have ended the draft, and 2) the goddam army was purging the NCO corps of anyone with any kind of blemish, no matter how long ago or how minor. Interesting parallels to today, eh? Anyway, some very talented and highly decorated studs I worked for and with were shown the door, whilst incompetents were retained. Me being young and dumb and of the opinion that loyalty should come from the top down before it could be expected to go back up, watched all that transpire and just couldn’t see the pain being worth the gain after that. Adios.

  5. Around 2000 I was dating a woman who worked in the Canadian federal government’s civil service. The silly service we liked to say in Ottawa.

    Very nice person. Very bright. Took her job seriously and was moving up in her field. But had no experience outside of government. Went to university and then straight into her role.

    She showed me a recruitment poster she and her team had been working on for the Canadian Armed Forces. They had spent months working on this campaign and she was quite proud of it. It showed a group of young men and a woman. The woman was native, there was a sikh male, an Asian male and a black male. And tucked in the back of the group with just his head showing was a very sterotypical looking Canadan male soldier. You know that lean British look with the moustache.

    I asked her, who would want to join that? I’d seriously considered joining the forces when I was younger but who wants to join a group where their clear priority is literally DIE rather than accomplishment? She just didn’t get it and wasn’t very happy with my comments. We weren’t together very long after that.

    Things will change back. It’s just a shame seeing what’s happening to what were very proud services.

  6. Humvee – that’s a training failure, not a vehicle failure. The truck’s just a slightly improved jeep with a .50 cal, definitely a hide and ambush sort of operational mode. As for running convoy duty, well I guess it isn’t any worse than anything else they have or can use in that role.

    Nancy the Tooth Demon – the Pope’s a Marxist. Not a totally bad guy, but a Marxist nonetheless. His behavior is usually unsurprising.


    • I don’t know that the Ukrainians are being trained properly. It’s an improvement over a Jeep and I like the Humvee, but they are using them in aggressive combat roles that they are poorly equipped for.

  7. Humvee. Too wide, too heavy, and cramped. Add the unreliable 6.5 GM diesel and it was no improvement over the M-37. In the car biz we had the occasional civilian version pass thru the lot. Not at all suitable for civilian use. Attracted weirdo customers. If they had money, well, welcome. Few did but all wanted long test drives. My son, the medic, had a lot of experience with them in their various set ups. His opinion wasn’t favorable.

    • I’ve ridden in them and driven them and they ARE better than a Jeep, but they’re not designed for kinetic action and neither was the Jeep. They could have come up with a better design but didn’t. And many thousands were made, them up-armored, without providing any meaningful protection.

  8. Shame on you. Don’t you know that The Daily Beast says The Terminal List is “an unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy […] for fortysomething Call of Duty players [and it’s also] a wet dream for militia-minded anti-establishment kooks”. TTL also is accused of “pandering to male red-state viewers with routine references to beer, guns, country music, and hunting” and we are told “the morality of showrunner David DiGilio and executive producer/director Antoine Fuqua’s eight-part series (July 1) is, let’s say, lacking.”

    “The Terminal List’s decision to posit Reece’s reign of terror as virtuous is ultimately its defining characteristic, affording a window onto a conservative-America mindset that views the government as inherently corrupt (and anti-soldier).”

    Don’t take this personally, but The Daily Beast’s pearl-clutching critique (that is somehow simultaneously giddily breathless and condescending) makes me want to watch The Terminal List more than your recommendation does. If The Daily Beast’s morality is showering with your teenaged daughter, cocktails and cannabis at Democrat fundraisers with Ed Buck (pay no mind to the Negro twink dead of a heroin OD in the corner over there), ROTC forced to parade in red high heels, and so forth, then gimme the beer-drinking, gun-loving, George Strait-listening “kook”.

    • an unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy Ok, yeah, it’s that. So what? affording a window onto a conservative-America mindset that views the government as inherently corrupt (and anti-soldier) The series portrays upper echelon people as having a greater inclination to take bribes from big pharma and defense contractors than they have in serving their country and taking care of their troops — wow, what a concept. Under the enlightened guidance of the creepy, corrupt Big Guy, it’s becoming more the case and the services are losing those that they spent many millions training. Never mind, they can be replaced by inner city thugs.

      There are a number of BIG plot gaps that make no sense in the real world, but it’s Hollywood and the ER style medical shows and police shows fall victim to the same expediency. All that notwithstanding, it’s a good flick.

      The problem that Brandon and the swamp have is that the operators that they drove from the service are out there, unsupervised, with all of the skillsets intact. That bothers progs in general who feel that the class has too much testosterone and too little trust in the progs.

      • “ER style medical shows”
        Heh. Back when ER was a hot show, a friend of mine huffed, “I can’t watch that rubbish. It’s entirely unrealistic, with medical students doing procedures that take years of training. And across multiple specialties!”

        Well, no duh, Mark. No one wants to watch 15 minutes of some poor bastard prepping a central-line kit, laying out the sterile field, gowning/gloving up, injecting the lidocaine, and then struggling to get the triple-lumen catheter into someone’s right IJ, now do they? (And that’s a procedure that any Medicine or surgery intern, and maybe even medical students, should be able to do. The latter under close supervision for legal purposes, of course.)

        • The crime and the resolution of the crime by the police must take place within a 60-minute window on television and all participants must be racially correct with a white male bad guy.

          The TERMINAL LIST portrays Chris Pratt as a near superhero. He wraps it all up neatly. I’m not saying that it couldn’t be done given time and resources, but not the way it’s done in the series.

          It’s not unlike the same way as the heroic MD in the TV show stops what they’re doing mid-brain transplant or something, hands the surgery off, and leaves the OR to deal with a homosexual nurse having an emotional crisis on the show.

  9. Re. Jeeps / Humvees for convoy escort.
    I was scheduled for deployment to The Land of Bad Things to perform convoy escort duty.
    The duty was explained as there is a jeep with two MPs with a pintle-mounted M60 at the front of the convoy and another at the tail of the convoy.
    The VC use landmines to blow up the two Jeeps to lock the convoy between the destroyed Jeeps (and dead MPs) and shoot it up.
    I discovered from a new replacement in my unit that we had actually stopped using Jeeps for this duty as soon as possible due to the high casualty rates and we were now using armored personnel carriers.
    Then the VC started using anti-tank mines…
    Tactics always evolve…unless you are a Marine. 🙂

    Adding The Terminal List for download. Thanks.

    • Explosive Formed Penetrators (you can make them in your garage) are even more effective because they’ll cut right through just about anything at close range. I’m not putting down landmines by any means. Command detonate them and first is toast. “Last depends on a lot of factors, but you can always close the gate with other creative means including RPG’s. The best way to fight any war is to fight to win but I don’t think we’ve done that since WW2. The prosthetic limbs are of better quality now. There is that. It may be a good reason to store some tantalum plates in your garage among your scrap metal. I don’t know much about it myself.

  10. The Terminal List is the first in a five book series with James Reece by Jack Carr. Plenty of stuff for an extended TV series. The first season of Jack Reacher was pretty good, followed the book and has been picked up for another season. Non-woke entertainment is back.

  11. Just getting caught up, but Juliette seems good.

    Thank God for that. But not thank God for the literal decimation of our N Guard and Reserves over vax non-compliance. 60,000 troops out, really?!? Just when we’re gearing up for a war with Russia?


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