The Ides of April

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A Party in the Worker’s Paradise

This was the scene a few years ago as Dear Leader reviewed his troops doing the “river dance”. (Who thought that it would have caught on in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?)
Today is remembered in Nork-land as the birthday of grandpa (the first Dear Leader) Kim Il Sung. Whether or not it will be the last year that it’s celebrated is still in doubt. Though April 15 has all but passed and there is no report of a nuclear test in Norkland, it’s a very troubled place with exceptionally troubled people. It’s essentially a large, encapsulated gulag. It’s a stain on humanity.

There is plenty of money for war machines in the worker’s paradise to keep the ruling regime in power. Not much money for food.

Girls Lose

In the enlightened, progressive world espoused by your betters, sporting events are changing as boys self-identify as girls for the purpose of sports competition. The reason that track and field were separated by male and female groupings were because it was not fair for men and women to compete head-to-head. Now that in true Bruce Jenner fashion, it’s not what courting tackle you have or lack, but how you see yourself at the moment. In high school, you can run a race as a girl, shower and change in the girl’s locker room and then go and be a boy for the rest of the day.

Note: The writer of the article with no sense of irony, reality, or shame, refers to the boy as a ‘she’. 

Land Wolf

For those of you who follow the White Wolf Mine project, I just purchased some adjoining land. It will remain fallow and pristine. I simply wanted more elbow room. Yes, there are The 1.856-million acres of national forest elbow room adjacent to the property. At the same time, somebody could have thrown up a shack within eyesight of the mine. I didn’t think it likely, but now I own it and the point is moot.

It’s been bothering me and I’m pleased that it’s done. I could have ground the property owners more than I did, but at some point, it’s better to leave something for people who apparently needed to sell for their own welfare as much as I wanted to buy privacy and distance.

28 thoughts on “The Ides of April

  1. Whatever you paid for that land today, Larry, it will be worth ten times more in the future. Especially when you open the WWM summer camp! Best place to put that hard earned cash!

  2. My children may cash out on it when I die. I have no intentions of selling the land during my lifetime. It's there for peace, privacy and contemplation. Zane Grey lived in this general area when he wrote about the old west. Maybe it will inspire me to do likewise?

  3. Yay, more room for you & the grandkids to explore.
    I'm sure you will be a good steward of the land. Congrats.

  4. "some point, it's better to leave something for people who apparently needed to sell"

    Wise thinking. You didn't just buy the land, you bought the perception of the residents of the area. As the locals gossip about the transaction (and you can be assured they will) some goodwill to the interloper will result.

  5. 1. When the feminists had male-only clubs and bars and other preserves abolished, I bet they never figured on the ultimate payoff: dudes in the ladies' room.

    2. I thought the Norks believe themselves to be Uebermenschen. But I can't help noticing that nearly everything about this parade — from the marching band to the uniforms to the (ridiculous) goose-step to the weaponry — has a distinctly Western flavor to it. Surely, the most superior race on the planet shouldn't need to appropriate so much from the human debris that is the West.

  6. 1. There is always the problem of unintended and unanticipated consequences. Equal pay for equal work is important. As a heterosexual male, I prefer women who behave the way that women do. Having a guy behave like a woman is repulsive. That includes dudes in the ladies restroom. Call me old fashioned if you must.

    2. The Norks are trying to compensate for having small missiles.

  7. The US mounted an operation back in the 1970's — or so it's been said — wherein boxes of very large condoms were dropped over North Korea with labeling that indicated – American, size regular.

    I can't attest to the truthfulness of this, but I suspect that it happened as part of a PSYOPS campaign a few years following the Pueblo Incident.

  8. So long as you don't display a "California" attitude, the locals will accept you after a few weeks. I'm sure you have so plans along that line. Maybe join the Sheriff Posse, Reserve Deputy, Search and Rescue, Volunteer Fire Department, local VFW/American Legion, etc. Or, just be the mountain recluse.

  9. It's not so much the attitude that irks non-Californians: it's the license plates. When you are driving around with those dang things on your vehicle, you may as well put a bumper sticker on that says "I think you are a moron, you and your hayseed ilk suck, so just get out of my way – don't you have enough brains to know when you are in the presence of your betters?." Well, maybe a little wordy for a bumper sticker, but the plates say it all.

    Yes, painting Californians with such a broad brush is problematic, buy you can blame that on about 8 million of your neighbors for their past behavior.

  10. We're planning on telling our new neighbors that we escaped from Kommifornia, hoping that they won't paint us with that broad brush.

    And we're going to get Colorado plates on the cars ASAP!

  11. We had the same opportunity to buy up here around us and we just thought the prices were too high. LOL, they're 10 times higher now … if only, huh.

  12. WSF: As Fredd suggests, the license plates will be the first things to go. Californians deserve the jacket that they have. 100%. And they have Californicated nearby states with reckless abandon.

    DRJIM: I will explain the same thing and hope they believe it. As a mountain recluse who is always armed, they may see that I'm cut from a different piece of cloth.

  13. I would have rather paid less, Odie, but I didn't have much choice – – needed to do it now. The economy is improving and some California a-hole could have bought the land.

  14. From the video i noticed three things. One, the dud behind Un didn't salute (out of sight, get away with stuff). Two, Un's salute is a hybrid of Hitlers raised arm salute. He never followed through with the salute to the forehead or eyebrow like our service members do. And three, the moderator sure did seem to get emotional during her babbling. Almost made me tear up… with laughter. I also hope all the troops had kidney belts on. All that goose stepping could jar the insides lose. I also wondered who the people in the fed feathered hats or what ever they were, are.

  15. The "Hermit Kingdom" is an odd place. The white capes on the guys riding the horses were amazing, and you know that the odd cavalry charge would be effective in combat. Un is a piece of (something) work. Fat, pouting little spoiled dictator. I agree, the announcer had a screw loose.

  16. Announcer: Sure, fruitier than a nutbat to our American ears, but when you live in a country where a person gets killed for being the first to stop applauding, histrionics is no more than prudence.
    Cavalry: I'm just surprised there are 54(?) horses un-eaten in the DPRK.
    Fat Boy: He was something to see, wasn't he? Puts Joaquin Phoenix' portrayal of Commodus to shame.

  17. Argh! I'm sorry I clicked on that link. That Andraya (sic) person isn't even trying. That … person has a jeezly mustache in the photo where that person is leaning on that person's mother Ngonzi Nnaji. And call me cynical, but somehow I doubt mom is an Igbo straight outta Nigeria who was named that at birth.

    Anyway, what's next? An adult winning the state title for 8th grade wrestling because he (or xe) decided to identify as a 13 year old?

  18. The elites party while the workers starve… But Un doesn't care… Glad to hear you got the other piece you wanted!

  19. Wow. Congrats on the purchase. Good for hunting on?
    Peace and sanity are reason enough.

    Fewer people celebrating in the DPRK since the rocket blew up on the pad..

    God bless, and a blessed easter to you all.

  20. That's a good idea, Mike. I ought to register for 7th Grade and start Jr. High over again. I could win every sport and come out on top in every scholastic testing category — a child genius and athletic hero is born. If I self identified as a 13 year old girl, I might be voted queen of the prom.

    Not to allow that would be age discrimination and clearly gender bias for somebody who identified as a 13 year old female instead of a 60 year old male and grandfather of 8.

  21. I wonder where they keep the horses? Maybe they have to shuttle them back and forth to China to keep them from ending up as supper.

    He's a smart Un, compared with Commodus. The fat pouty child doesn't fight the hardened gladiator for the crowd even if he's poisoned and stabbed him first. Maybe he saw the movie and something stuck?


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