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“YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants,” the first bullet point read. “YOU take YOUR seat.”

After a bullet point that said, “Press enters,” the next one read, “YOU give brief comments,” with a parenthetical statement reading, “2 minutes.” Biden ended up rambling aimlessly for roughly eight minutes.

Once when the “Press departs,” Biden was then told, “YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question,” with a note that Shuler was “joining virtually.”

The final bullet points read,

“YOU thank participants”

“YOU depart.”

Brandon is apparently fine with these scripted movements and notes. But if you can’t remember to do ANYTHING on your own, should you be running the country? No, he’s not, there are handlers and a shadow government that guides our path as a nation and that’s the real problem.


Personal Responsibility with Firearms

Justice Thomas: “For those of us who work in marbled halls, guarded constantly by a vigilant and dedicated police force, the guarantees of the Second Amendment might seem antiquated and superfluous,” he said. “But the Framers made a clear choice: They reserved to all Americans the right to bear arms for self-defense.” THAT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND.

Maybe, and this is a wild concept, you learn how to be your own first responder, you take some personal responsibility for your own life, and be hard to kill. Or, defer it to someone else, who may or may not be there on time to save you or those you love from a criminal intent on killing you and them.

The View settled with Rittenhouse for $22 million and a formal apology…


Roe v Wade is Gone

‘The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled, and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives,‘ the decision said.

It’s the Tenth Amendment. I realize that the democrat party hates the Bill of Rights – unless it’s something that they care about, but the decision shouldn’t have been all that hard for all 9 Justices if they were following the law.

Democrats threaten to burn down their cities. They do that all the time. Big deal.

The decision will amount to one of the lasting legacies of the former President Donald Trump, who nominated three of the justices who made up the majority — Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barret.

Alito’s opinion was joined by Justice Clarence Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. Thomas and Kavanaugh also filed concurring opinions, along with Chief Justice John Roberts.

I was surprised that Roberts went along with the majority, but he did and he needs to be given credit for doing that.


How about some Maps?



Size Comparison




  1. Brandon’s performance in the job has exceeded my expectations. I figured he’d screw the pooch, but he’s gone above and beyond.
    As expected the loons are already screaming foul about the Roe v Wade decision. Not surprised.

    • I thought that his own party would have killed him a year ago and but for Camela, they might have. Two Arkancides together does look suspicious.

  2. Of course he isn’t running the country, he couldn’t run a tap in a Belfast sink.

    My cutesy little island wins. Size matters.

    • He’d be a great bartender because all you’d have to say is, “Hey Joe, come on man, I JUST PAID YOU.” He’d never remember.

      • “and ten-percent for the big guy… paid to his handlers. Because brandon.”
        An aside:
        Today’s pop-up…
        …discusses the bankruptcy of ‘the richest county in the richest state in the richest nation’.
        * self-serving
        * utterly unqualified (to hold office, to manage tax-payer money)
        Additional keyword:
        * lamp-post, back-hoe (not necessarily in that order)

  3. Roe vs Wade. While I think the court got this right I am aware to some it is a devastating decision.

    I have a niece in Nevada, bilingual, who has spent her adult life working in the public health sector. Brave as a lion she is on the mean streets in the early morning hours helping people whose lives are in the toilet. We agree on little politically but I respect her for walking the walk. She is outraged. My heart goes out to her and others like her in their anguish. They are wrong and time will heal then they can start working on the state level to make changes. That should be the American way.

    • She can work hard to legalize the murder of the unborn in Nevada. The state swings between democrat and republican but the population is concentrated in the Las Vegas area and they’re mostly dems. Or she can organize bus rides from Vegas or Reno to California where they’d proudly take your money and abort your child for you. State Line CA/NV can become home to clinics on the California side and they can gamble in Nevada on the same abortion trip. Tell her to cheer up.

      Yes, I’m being a snark.

      But there is a kernel of truth in there. States now have the right to decide for themselves and those hard-core pro-abortion people can always organize rides for the disenfranchised to another state to go through the procedure.

      • I think that there is a hard reality that babies are human beings and taking their lives is a serious matter, just like a death penalty decision is for an adult.

          • I think that SCOTUS did everyone (both sides) by ripping the bandaid off. Allow people to vote, debate, and to work toward something that most can live with. There will be people at both ends of the issue who will be wounded.

  4. The really telling part isn’t that he needs the bullet points, it’s that he’s stupid enough to show the whole world that he uses them.

  5. I read somewhere that even Justice Ginsburg thought the Roe vs Wade decision was weak and she wished the court had used another premise for the decision. I expect we will see the abortion issue before the Supreme Court again just as soon as the Democrats can push it through the court system. To me it is a states rights issue but what do I know.

    Unemployment rates: Does this include retirees, including those numbers may increase the percentages in those states that have a lot of retirees like Florida, Texas etc.

    Valles Marineris: Amazing to see it in this perspective. Wonder what the heck caused the entire planet to split open like that. Maybe Elon will send somebody over and find out.

    • It’s not my graphic, but I don’t think that includes people living on pensions.

      Congress could have enacted a law regarding abortion but they chose not to. That law, in its entirety, would then go to the Supreme Court (eventually) for a ruling on its constitutionality. If babies in the womb are considered to be alive and human, I doubt that it’s constitutional to take their lives without due process (14th Amendment, etc.)

      • Not pensions, but what you are seeing is the number of people who have ‘aged’ out of unemployment. There have been no extensions in the last year. So all those unemployed and not receiving unemployment aren’t being counted.

        It also doesn’t count small business owners who have lost everything in the last few years. SBOs aren’t considered ’employees’ for some stupid reason.

        Remember, there are three types of lies: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.

    • I keep looking at pics of Valles Marineris and wondering if it couldn’t have been a glancing blow from a large meteoroid/small asteroid at some time in the past.

      • I suspect that it was the result of the core cooling and a fault line that was exposed because of that internal process. It’s only a guess on my part. Or maybe it’s a near miss from The Death Star’s weapon?

          • There’s a lot of water on Mars under the surface. It’s a type of brine, held in the soil. Ground penetrating radar found it. Ice on the surface at the poles is dry ice (CO2)

          • Mostly outgassed along with the atmosphere.

            And… this is why our planet is rather a one-of miracle. Just the right size to maintain an atmosphere to allow water to form in a liquid state, but not too big to have an atmosphere that crushes the atmosphere into separated layers.

            Mars is too small to hold for long (in a stellar time period) both liquid water on the surface and an atmosphere. One of the ways that could solve this is to drop lots of ice asteroids on the planet. The heat of impact will turn the roids into vapor, and the dust stirred up will help hold in the heat and you’d have a low-level usable atmosphere for a while. Keep dropping more and more and you could build a reasonably sustainable atmosphere. Maybe.

  6. Oh no! The Court abolished abortion! NOT!

    The court corrected a wrong when they threw it back to the states. The court does not have the right to either enact law or establish new rights.

    As Judge Bork argues in his book Slouching towards Gomorrah there have been far to many times the court has gone beyond their scope. The Yonkers desegregation busing case, while in many minds, morally correct was and is unconstitutional. The court made new law.

    Yesterday’s decision on gun rights, correct and adhering to the law of the land.

    And now abortion. forget which side you are on with any of these cases. Are the rulings Constitutionally sound? They are not and thus had to be corrected.

    I’m no scholar, but the Constitution is actually quite succinct as to the law of the land. This BS of the legislature or the Executive branch wanting the courts to enact law has got to stop and this is a good beginning

    • I’m with you 100%.

      As I mentioned above, one of the issues that need to be settled is when a baby is “alive” and sentient. There is a lot of science on the matter but it goes even further than that. When does the living baby in the womb entitled to protection under the law – due process? That will change because of this decision and I think that it’s long overdue.

      • Simple. If you kill a pregnant woman and the fetus/embryo dies and you can get charged for a double murder, then the Law already acknowledges that a fetus/embryo is a human (and probably more functional than our current (p)Resident).

        So, well, there you go. Why is it then okay to go to go to an abortion facility and abort said fetus/embryo and not get charged with murder, along with all the facility staff?

        Can’t have it both ways, unless you’re a democrat.

          • Additionally: suicide is illegal, and it seems to me that deciding whether one wants to live or die is the most fundamental human right.

            I always find it funny the way women complain about having no agency over their bodies, but don;t seem to care that men don’t, either.

            I would be 100% in favor of an Amendment that states than nobody can force anyone else to do anything to their own body, but I’m pretty sure that most of the pro-abortion people would be dead set against it. They all wanted the vax forced on everyone, after all.


  7. I see the Wokest of corporations didn’t even wait 24 hours to show their true colors of wokeness; leading the charge Dick’s Sporting Goods. A big thank you to head dick Mr. Stack for giving me one more reason not to shop there. He’s not alone though, as LinkedIn, the FaceBorg of the professional networking sites, is blowing up with angst. I can only wonder how these people have, and will now, treat their pro-life co-workers and job applicants.

    Biden’s inflamatory speech (posted on Sundance’s site) isn’t going to help. Really, claiming being pro-life is an extremest position? Waiting 8 1/2 minutes to make a disclaimer not to be violent? That should have been the first damn thing he said. Time to get a hand-held communication device and some freedom seeds, while the getting is good.

    • I don’t expect much trouble in the remote mountains of Arizona. If the government wants to go after pro-life people they should send the army or the marine corps and completely depopulate the place for not wanting to see babies murdered. Maybe you wipe out the whole Intermountain West and the Southern States while you’re at it. Being pro-death, it shouldn’t bother the consciences of the woke.

      • California representative eric swalwell made that threat about nuking us back to the Stone Age.
        While ‘acquainted’ with the commie spy (lay lay?), he neglected to specify if the nukes he wants to toss at us are American… or chinese.

        • Yes, he did. I’m sure that FANG FANG could have given us a lot of answers if the FBI hadn’t allowed her to flee back to Red China.

    • For some odd reason I started getting email promo’s from Dick’s. They are being sent directly to the JUNK folder without my even having to flag them as such. Seems like my email engine is way smarter than Dick’s.

  8. As Bismark once said, “God loves fools, drunks and the United States of America”. Truer words were never spoken.

  9. Tiny but Mighty: Gross National Income (GNI from 2020, in 2022 dollars), world ranking
    3. Japan $5.16 trillion (per capita $43k)
    5. United Kingdom $2.72 trillion ($46k)
    9. Republic of Korea $1.65 trillion ($46k)
    For comparison, USA: #1, 21.29 trillion ($65k); China: #2, $14.62 trillion ($17k)

    Ghetto insult corner (NSFW)

    Biggest canyons:
    #3: Grand Canyon of the Colorado
    #2: Valles Marineris
    #1: Yo mamma’s [redacted]

    • That sounds racist and very possibly homophobic.

      PS. Yo mama’s butt is so big, it looks like 2 pigs fighting over milk duds

  10. The map of islands reminded me of something I heard a few years ago:

    God gave Northern Europeans and island and the result was Britain.
    God gave Asians an island and the result was a Japan.
    God gave Africans an island and the result was Haiti.

  11. Looking at the map of Honshu in comparison to Korea, Dugout Doug would have had his hands full, wouldn’t he? Well, not exactly MacArthur personally, wouldn’t have been him on those landing craft, at least until things were secure, but you follow the meaning….

    Obviously, I’m not a fan.

  12. yes, we saved the babies. now what? a study showed that the 60 million abortions would be approx. 255 million more low information voters. 255 million more mouths to feed. saved the babies, murdered the future of the human species. is one any more immoral than the other?

    • Nah, we just increased the number of commuters. Anybody in America who wants an abortion will still be able to get one, they just have to take a longer ride.


  13. Unemployment: Note that the unemployment numbers aren’t real, at least here in Rhode Island. They don’t include “people who have left the job market”, i.e. mostly those who have just decided to go on the dole for good, work under the table for good, and both of the previous, as well as the much smaller numbers of people retiring, etc. Around these parts, all that Clampdown-era Government Cheese convinced a lot of young and able bodied individuals that they shouldn’t have to get up in the morning to earn a “pittance”, they should just be supported by the suckers who do.

    Valles Marinaris: It’s certainly big and impressive, but the USA is one hell of a lot wider than 2800 kilometers. It’s about 2800 kilometers from here to Kansas City…


  14. I saw the corrupt old fraud’s script and thought, “Go figure.” But here’s the thing. Even though this wicked and aged kleptocrat was installed, tens of millions still voted for him. Terrifying.

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