The Independence Day Weekend is upon us. Are you going out of town or staying home? Whatever you decide to do, I hope that you do it safely.

The question of whether we have managed to keep our Constitutional freedoms and rights or not can be debated endlessly, but there is no question but what they are under concerted attacks. Sometimes we see clowns like AOC or the squad drawing attention, but they are rodeo clowns of our time, who are paid to distract. The same is true of Jo/Ho who both belong in carnivals. Who can take anything they say seriously?

Are we ruled by oligarchs? Ask yourself who owns the most farmland in America – and by extension, where the food comes from. Bill Gates – who leads the charge to get you to eat synthetic meat (he owns the factories that turn it out) to save the planet from climate change.

The more we see of the generals and admirals President Biden has picked to run the Pentagon, the less confident we can be that they are fit for command. Under Biden’s direction, they are working hard to impose Critical Race Theory (CRT) politics on the military. If they succeed, they will have destroyed the unity of purpose and function that enables us to win wars.

The Independence Day weekend offers us the opportunity to take a moment – a pause for the cause if you will. Ask yourself what you can do for your country. The world is changed by small moves, acting for good or evil. Doing nothing is surrendering to the people who are trying to pull your strings and take everything that is worth having.

Live Free or Die


The Arizona Decision

Democrats on Thursday expressed their displeasure with the Supreme Court’s final decisions of its 2020-2021 term, accusing the justices of doing “severe damage” to the political system and in some cases re-upping their calls to pack the court with liberal justices appointed by President Biden.

One decision was on a challenge to Arizona election laws, including a ban on ballot harvesting. Arizona is in the process of establishing more transparency and oversight where voting is concerned. Ballot harvesting is now illegal in AZ (upheld by SCOTUS).

“Having to identify one’s own polling place and then travel there to vote does not exceed the ‘usual burdens of voting,'” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in his opinion upholding the Arizona laws.


Little League

Full disclosure, the current “travel ball” youth baseball teams fit into larger organizational structures that I’m not exactly clear on. They do play all over the region or country and they have championship tournaments and then larger tournaments. My grandson’s team, Semper Fi Bulldogs, won their “World Series” this past week.

The smile says it all. And he now has a World Series belt. I’m sure that it will make its way to the glory wall in his room.


Identify the Aircraft

Honoring Lucio Perinotto, a truly gifted artist who captures aircraft with pencil, oils, and watercolor.





Here’s a thought

It would make a lot more sense if Jo/Ho would simply turn the teleprompter around and let us read the words of the oligarchs for ourselves, wouldn’t it?  The walking corpse has difficulty reading – come on man – just turn it around.


Then there is Swalwell, the Chinese Spy

Between Biden and Swalwell (both on the Chinese payroll), I sense a common theme. Maybe it’s a message from Beijing?


  1. The first picture: Lockheed Super Constellation
    The second picture: Breguet Deux Ponts (according to the text in the lower right hand corner of the picture — that was too easy, so I guess the second picture was not part of the competition)

    • Looks like the Bregeut is a Connie that got stung by a bee or something.

      The French have had some spectacularly weird airplanes…

    • Yes, of course, Martin, and you nailed it. The Breguet wasn’t not a “mystery aircraft” as it was named.

  2. Regarding Living Free or Dying and the Oligarchs and the stolen election and all of that…

    They (the Oligarchs) have pushed us way past what King George and the English government did to the Colonists. Of course, the Oligarchs have a lot more control over the people than King George ever did.

    Three felonies a day, at least, maybe more.

    When it’s Redress time, it’s going to be, unfortunately, a very bad time for all.

    • There is nothing clean about a civil war. In addition to fighting among ourselves, it emboldens our enemies. Flushing out the corrupted gene pool, while satisfying, brings its own brand of insanity.

      This, coincidentally, is why I made my move to the sparsely populated mountains. It’s coming. Trump offered a four-year breather as the swamp turned its focus onto him. ‘Jesus take the wheel’.

  3. The first plane looks like a Lockheed Connie. There’s one based in Kansas City at a museum. I understand it’s in flying condition though it hasn’t been up in a while.

  4. A Connie crashed shortly after takeoff here in Preskitt in 1959. There is a hiking trail, the Constellation Trail, that goes past the impact point and still has scraps of the aircraft off to the side.

  5. Independence Day! Those boys who started this country knew what they were doing, the cheaters and grifters today, not so much…couldn’t find true meaning of the day if their lives depended on it.

    “…do for your country?”

    I come here most every morning to read what the Grand Poobah has to say, keeps me informed, sorta sane, further educated and challenged, the occasional laugh, and an opportunity to vent the spleen to the like minded. Other than that, polite civil disobedience is my operative mode [for now], plus supporting those who have influence that I do not.

    We’ll be home…because, like you, we live where others go to camp. Could haul the ’56 Shasta to a spot on the property if we want “that experience”, the usual spots in the hills will be mobbed by those wanting to get out of town. A BBQ with friends, here or there (folks are putting up hay so time is tight). If Biden gets lost and shows up I’ll hand him a lit Roman Candle (it’ll be okay, he’ll be wearing his aviators), then give him hell for cancelling the Mount Rushmore fireworks celebration as a way to stick it in the eye of America’s patriots. Can that guy get anymore asinine? Probably…his mind ain’t what it used to be, and even that started solidly on the pandering moron scale.

    Flags are out in spades, if someone inadvertently comes off the two-lane they’ll get an idea of who lives here. The Colonist’s left England for a reason, the arrogant few who think they own everything want America to return to that oppressive crap…because it doesn’t affect them. Not happening. Fair warning.

  6. There’s another Connie parked at the north end of the airport in Salina, Jim. Been there long enough that she should pop up on your mapping program. I’ve been told the owner is out of airspeed, altitude and money sufficient to get it back flying again.

  7. The Connie was possibly the most beautiful airliner ever built.

    High wing-loading, though.

    My Mom was a Stewardess in the immediate post-war era, and she used to say “I hated flying on Connies, they always crashed”. Something of an overstatement, but they did have some teething problems.


  8. “Live Free or Die”. Indeed. Doing our best at that here on our small spec of Texas that is bought and paid for. Our daily colors are the Betsy Ross flag, although I am leaning towards including the Bonnie Blue as per LSP.

    “…accusing the justices of doing “severe damage” to the political system…”. Um yeah, that horse left the barn when they ruled that several states had “no standing”.

    Congrats to your grandson. Winning is so not woke. Neither is this–

    Which is why I grin every time I see it. Another small step. My own daughter was still in jr. high when she asked if we could print out some pics of Bin Laden for our next range trip.

    • Hadn’t seen Kim’s post this morning…Priceless! Real men can wear pink and have a tea party with their daughter…and no one dares question them.

      “No standing”…”Justices” at all levels are doing this bravo sierra. Wyoming – thru massive tortured illogical slight of hand – just told hundreds of taxpaying residents greatly affected by a massive industrial wind project that “they have no standing”, and ONLY those BENEFITING do, meaning the grifter out of state developer and a handful of leasing landowners who have flipped the bird to hundreds of their rural neighbors. Rural people have weapons and heavy equipment.

        • Yeah, pretty disheartening to say the least. Why do residents have to put up an expensive opposition TO MAINTAIN WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE…isn’t that what county officials are elected to do? Apparently not anymore. At every turn this has been the result, “officials” continue to side with some out of state snake-oil company. Money talks…Bravo Sierra walks.

          • I always thought people in Wyoming had much more common sense in electing their officials. Did some new residents from out-of-state get elected to those posts? My views of County Supervisors are based on what I grew up with in Illinois, and the movie “Casino”, where if it wasn’t for the good of the county, somebody’s ass was gonna get kicked.

            Sadly, my county was one of the “Collar Counties” around ChIraq, and as ChiCongo spread it’s tentacles, it changed substantially as I grew up.

  9. As usual, I’m writing this before I’ve read any comments. Seems to help me keep things straight as the comments here can sometimes be a Blog Of Their Own.

    Oligarchs….“Pay No Attention To The Men Behind The Curtains” would seem to be their motto. A hive of scum and villany….

    Good for the grandson. My son played little league for several years, until his coach moved away. He quit because he said the new coach didn’t love the game the way Coach Dave did, and was all about winning, at any cost. I’m thankful for Coach Dave, and the work he did instilling antiquated concepts like sportsmanship, and the importance of being a good loser, as well as being a good winner. Valuable lessons for a young man to learn.

    A Connie and her pregnant sister? If it’s real, it must have been a modification, like the Guppies and Super Guppies.

    The whole thing about using nukes on American soil really makes me shake my head. Clearly said by people unclear on the concept of “Collateral Damage”. Even “Neutron Bombs” and nuclear-powered EMP devices would make a lot of it, and probably render some areas Forbidden Zones for a few years….

    Enjoy Independence Day, even if Jo/Ho don’t give you a permission slip to BBQ hot dogs in your own back yard.

    • Nah, the Breuget two-decker was built that way from the get-go.
      IIRC, the first two-deck airliner.


  10. Great to see young boys playing Little League, and taking the championship. Well done. Someone asked me if I missed playing ball, give them age old line, “Every day.”

  11. The Connies are beautiful airplanes. Their shortcoming, as was the Boeing B-29, was the Wright R-3350 Duplex-Cyclone. By the time that engine’s problems were mostly solved, the jet age was arriving. I’m old enough to have ridden in DC-7s with their cowlings shaking while at cruise and they had the fuel injected Wrights.

    • That’s true. But sometimes you just don’t want to wallow in with the wretched masses. It’s not so much about being safe or not as wanting to be exposed to progressiveness every day.

  12. Congratulations to your grandson and his team!
    The Connie was the first time I actually knew one of your planes. The first one hubby worked on as an aircraft radio mechanic in the Air Force.

  13. Contrarian here.
    I believe we must do nothing to counter the BOLCHEVICS and their puppet-masters.
    Hear me out…
    I believe energy is a pendulum… pushing the pendulum off-center creates an imbalance.
    Attempting to push back against the push has the potential to establish a new center… but! that new center is inherently unstable.
    Systemic collapse is inevitable, and we cannot know the consequences:
    * is the result merely localized political?
    * does the result go global and beyond?
    We don’t know.
    Do I advocate a rope/lamppost arrangement for everybody on my list?
    Darn tootin’!, as long as I remember to not pass center to become the one pushing the energy pendulum cock-eyed.
    And george floyd stuffing a massive overdose of illegal drugs up his colon was clearly more of a suicide than Epstein and all the enemies of clintonCrimeSyndicate combined.

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