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Another Wolf?

I received the news from our fellow blogger, Juliette, who announced the arrival of a second male wolf to add to her pack there in Old Blighty. She calls him HALO (High Altitude/Low Opening?), which is a worthy name for a wolf. Her first wolf is named Lucifer, also a great wolf name.


Old NFO — they all moved to Arizona

And about the same time as I was reading Jules’ e-mail, I saw a large herd of deer moving north on the old logging road behind the hovel where I live, here at the White Wolf Mine, high atop Arizona’s Mogollon Rim. A dozen or so white tail does and fawns. They were followed by six or seven more does/fawns. Then I saw the bucks moving up behind them.

Joey and Elmer

The first two bucks were Joey and Elmer, who live here at the mine.

Looking down from the dining room window.

I’m looking almost straight down from the deck. This buck is larger, maybe 4 or 5 years of age and he’s not a local, though he might like it well enough to stay. The wind is blowing and he can’t hear me or smell me and he’s not looking up. I’m about 16 feet away.  Snow is expected tonight.

We have mule deer and Arizona white tail. The mule deer are larger. The white tail deer are not much larger than Jules’ wolves. They are dainty. There are substantially more elk than deer, but today we had deer moving around. The deer season begins Friday and hunters will be banging away, but not here at the WWM. It’s not a deer sanctuary, but I leave the locals be.

If you didn’t watch the news, you’d think that the rest of the world is the same as it is here…but it’s definitely not.


The First Halloween Party – 2020

The LL granddaughters, who live in Prescott, AZ, went to their first Halloween party of the year. I thought that the Wednesday Addams was particularly well done, but they all had a lot of fun. They work hard to stay in character.

19 thoughts on “The Gang’s All Here

  1. Occasionally see deer wandering around in our back yard.
    Always fun to watch.
    Too many houses around, so any four legged carnivores would be VERY cautious about being seen.

    Mine will be visiting over Thanksgiving.

  2. Nothing moving here, everything is hunkered down in the 18+ inches of snow and 3 degree temps. Don’t mind the snow – need the moisture – it’s the early frigid cold that’s no fun. Truly a bizarre year.

    Really terrific costumes…how many understand the Wednesday Adams reference?

    1. The cold will kill the bark beetles (different than the rock band, that’s mostly dead now).

      1. Good point, at least the beetled-killed fueled forest fires have finally been mitigated.

        1. In California, it means that they were turned into ash… And CO had problems of its own late in the season.

  3. A lot of white tails around here, and since the diet is largely corn and soybeans, they can get pretty good sized. They can be a real hazard to driving during the rut.
    +1 on the grandkids. Just returned from Wichita where I was hanging out with two of them aged two and almost four. I can’t get enough of that.

  4. What an amazing place you live in! If I lived there I could feed my pack for free!
    I introduced Lucifer to some chickens today in the village. Thank God they were behind bars and he was leashed or that could have been me being barred from the village farm shop.

    I too think Wednesday did a great take-off – they all 3 look fantastic! I’m going to take my pair out and call them trick and treat as I door knock for hard cash and favours. 😉

    1. Yes, your wolves would bring you back shanks of game to roast in your cave (or mine shaft). There are some Angus beef that run in the national forest and you might be able to train them to only leave you the tenderloin.

      But I like your plan to shake down the local merchants with your pack of wolves.

  5. Good looking kids! Nice deer, too.

    Jules might call Halo Mex but’s worried that’d sound like me saying “Max.”


  6. Yep, they’re migrating AWAY from the places I normally hunt. Had a good chat with LSP yesterday. The grands looked great, and yes, she did a GOOD Wednesday!!! 🙂 We’re under a winter storm advisory, expecting snow tonight in north Texas… Sigh…

  7. Only saw a couple of deer so far, but with all the snow they’ll be coming down here.

    The high today was 17*, we have at least 12″ of snow, and it’s going down to zero tonight. Don’t mind the snow, but it’s too damn early for zero degree weather! Just about froze my tail off cleaning the snow off the truck today.

    The granddaughters are immensely cute. Grandchildren are special gifts to us. Our little guy is going to be Spiderman this year. We were going to go to a Trunk-or-Treat at Vern’s in Laporte, but it’s been canceled, so TLG and The Kids will come over here to pass out candy.

    1. Deer tend to migrate but the local deer and elk usually spend the entire year here without moving. That’s kind of weird.

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