The Fall

“The Roman Republic fell, not because of the ambition of Caesar or Augustus, but because it had already long ceased to be in any real sense a republic at all. When the sturdy Roman plebeian, who lived by his own labor, who voted without reward according to his own convictions, and who with his fellows formed in war the terrible Roman legion, had been changed into an idle creature who craved nothing in life save the gratification of a thirst for vapid excitement, who was fed by the state, and directly or indirectly sold his vote to the highest bidder, then the end of the republic was at hand, and nothing could save it. The laws were the same as they had been, but the people behind the laws had changed, and so the laws counted for nothing.“—President Theodore Roosevelt


If Beans had Twin Girls



When somebody mentioned Australia two months or so ago, I thought of diving into the waters off the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos,  koala bears, expeditions across the Simpson Desert, good food, pretty women — all that. Today this is the image that comes to mind.

Nobody makes money from natural immunity. Nobody gains power from natural immunity. Big Pharma is in the business of creating lifelong customers.


Airborne Wolves


Identify the Mystery Aircraft


Identify the Handgun







  1. I was just reading a decision by one of the (federal) regulatory authorities here about the mandatory vaccination/vaccination passports in Australia. You can find it here:

    Starting about paragraph [100] it just nukes the whole thing. References the Nuremburg trials, treaties etc. I reckon there’s going to be some epic lawsuits in the next couple of years.

    However it’s going to be a long time until Victoria police regain the trust of the public. They’ve just been used in a manner far to partisan. Letting BLM march and taking a knee at the start of the “pandemic”, but then smashing anyone protesting the current government or restrictions.

    I’m sure the various videos showing completely indefensible takedowns have done the rounds over there. That doesn’t even touch things like handing out a fine to a veteran trying to convince protesters to move away from the shrine of remembrance. Public trust in government and institutions is shattered, bar the people who’re all in favor of going full jackboot. Like the antifa posters I’ve seen around…..

  2. Saying “How much worse can it get?” is asking for trouble. It will. The lawlessness from “officials” is just getting started. Case in point:

    Sebelius: “…what people don’t have a right to do is make other people sick, put other people in jeopardy, risk other people’s lives, risk children’s lives.”

    This deluded moron thinks – on one side – if you give someone a cold by accident, you belong in prison, all the while they create safe injection sites for drug addicts. That mindset is how the Dem’s justify their tyranny.

    Australia is a precursor for us, thing is we won’t give up our weapons beforehand so the outcome will be much different.

    The idiotic DOW is another useless organization unto itself. These PhD’s idiots riding around harassing wildlife in their new Razors brought into Yellowstone Canadian wolves which are huge and hunt for sport. Cattle ranchers to the East in Lysite, Shoshone, etc. are losing cattle left and right. But shoot one and these morons descend and demand you justify the kill with a mile of paperwork.

    Medieval Ironwoman….kinda cool.

    • There may be valid reasons for bringing wolves back to the Colorado ecosystem. The wolves that were indigenous were like the small Mexican wolves, not much bigger than coyotes.

      Most ranchers and farmers have back hoes. How much damage will many new holes do to the ecosystem? The thought of DOW personnel wielding shovels because no one will rent them back hoes warms my evil heart.

      • Me too, the DOW needs a lesson in consequences.

        The wolves have been here since the original Yellowstone transplants moons ago. Now they are hunting in large packs, leaving kills to spoil, both cattle and elk. Unintended consequences, yet wildlife biologists hyperventilated over CWD, failing to admit a sheep study at CSU allowed local mule deer to go nose-to-nose with them, catching it. CDOW went nuts “needing huge budgets” to combat the brain prion, failing to understand “the science”, that the deer and/or elk would quickly develop natural immunity…that now dismissed immune state they want to ignore.

        If anyone asks “Did you get your vaccine?”…besides telling them it’s none of their damn business, you could offer “The real question is “Do I have immunity.””, to which I would offer “Yes.” The former is political, the latter is truth.

    • I carried the H&K Offensive Handgun MK 23 Mod 0 and it was too large, too heavy. A lighter handgun carrying the same punch (.45 ACP) with a threaded barrel and laser sight is a better choice IMHO.

  3. Sadly, the two lasses are not Beans-family possible. Unless they are 10 or less years old. Beans and Bean’s Wife have ‘big boobs’ genes firmly ensconced within their genetic makeup.

    As to the armor, for decent breathing the chest plate needs to be dished more, which would also make it more resistant to strikes (you really need room to inflate your lungs, whether they are boob-covered or not.) And what, no sabatons (armored feet covers,) all that and the feet are exposed? WTF? Would have been nice to see what helmet and how it fit with that ensemble. The two front tontlets (plaques of armor over the front hip) are nice, but there needs to be a set over the side of the hip and another set over their arses, unless the armor is designed for only fighting from horseback, then the rear tontlets can be left off.

    I’d also get rid of the brass spaulder (shoulder joint piece of armor) with the wing as that’s the wrong place for a wing. The wings, where they are currently, will catch a downward shot and force it into the shoulder, defeating the whole purpose of having armor there. You want the enemy’s weapons to slide off or be forced to be deflected. Now, armor pieces with wings do exist, should be on the upper spaulder where it blocks shots to the neck and only on jousting armor, not for foot fighting.

    Gorget (armor around the neck, specifically) is too short, and the Spanish Collar (the large piece that hangs down from the neck, is too long, and will stop the head from being able to be bent forward. Again, need to see what helmet they wear with that setup to really see how bad the gorget is. From what I see, it’s bad, really bad. Looks nice but unless the helmet really covers a lot better, the necks are exposed.

    And… the greaves (lower leg armor) need to extend farther back over the leg. Those greaves really are designed for a back piece, and there’s no back piece.

    See? Y’all can geek out and earn nerd points picking flaws out of modern weapons and the idiotic ways people wear them. I can do this with non-modern stuff.

    The harnesses look good, being a good example of blued (yes, as in gun-blued, but done with oil and heat) and white (polished steel) harness, but, well…

    And the girls are too skinny. Dammit. They should be able to survive a minor famine…

    • The armor as presented is clearly for show. And the model types are not Boudica or what one might expect from a Norse shieldmaiden. There is no gorget to speak of and a strike in the collar would bend in if not deflecting the blow into those lovely throats. As you say, you can nerd out hard on the armor. Tournament armor was also quite different (as plate evolved) than was armor worn in the field (melee) simply because of the necessity of use. It would have been very interesting to have been at Agincourt in particular. (a raid, doomed, but pulled off by the very slightest of margin.

  4. Beans has already done the detailed armor critique, I will just add that it sure looks pretty, but I’d have to see them move in it before I could tell if it’s crap or not.

    Airdropping wolves to cull moose – I like the cartoon, but the headline immediately made me think of just using JDAM kits…


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