The Escalating Deterioration of Relations with the PRC

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On Wednesday the FBI indicated their belief that the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, California was  harboring a fugitive Chinese military researcher charged with entering the U.S. under false pretenses.

Tang Juan

Chinese military researcher Tang Juan, a researcher with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Tang fled to the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco after the FBI interviewed her and remained there.

Tang had told investigators she was not affiliated with the PLA, however, they determined she was active in the Chinese military and working at the PLA’s Air Force Military Medical University (FMMU) in China. Investigators had uncovered multiple photographs of her in a uniform affiliated with the PLA’s civilian cadre.

The Chinese Consulate in San Francisco told Comrade Tang to leave and she was arrested this morning.

This morning China has ordered the U.S. to close the US consulate in China’s southwestern city of Chengdu.

Truth be told, all Communist Chinese consulates worldwide are hives of espionage. Maybe they all need to close, and the Chinese can do the same thing. The embassies present a similar problem but I’m not going so far as to suggest that they close as well. Not at the moment, anyway.

The Chinese Communist Party is planning on closing the US Consulate in Guangzhou next based on sources in China (you heard it here first).

The Chinese have ramped up their usual frantic espionage efforts to a fever pitch over the last few months and you should expect this to continue to cause the situation to erode. We will present it here on this blog as it happens.


24 thoughts on “The Escalating Deterioration of Relations with the PRC

    1. It’s interesting that the CCP cadre kicked her out the front door – given that the US closed the PRC Consulate in Houston. I guess that the Chicoms don’t want to lose their base in San Francisco as well.

        1. (1) She’s here as a spy so her family is hostage.

          (2) They sacrificed a pawn to keep the San Francisco Espionage Center open and in business.

          (3) I don’t think that she knows much, and they’ll roll up one of ours in Shanghai and do an exchange before she talks. She will understand that.

  1. Military Medical University

    Those were the words that jumped out .
    Does she have a sister who likes bats?

    1. Remember that EVERY business and every school and every medical facility are dual use with the People’s Liberation Army and to some extent, to espionage. It has been that way for a long time.

      The Wuhan Virology Institute has been the PRC bug factory for sixty-five years with dual track programs.

  2. Well, if the ChiComs ever do close their San Francisco facility, there’s always a gig open for any former spies with DiFi, I understand that she doesn’t ask questions when hiring drivers, gardeners, domestic staff, etc.

    1. That’s clearly the case. And if not there, they could pose as servants at one of Speaker Pelosi’s seven mansions/estates. Between the two of them, they could house and support several dozen spies – unless the slots are already full. Maybe Gov. Newsom could pick up the overflow?

  3. Waiting for evil-team Pelosi to trot out the “China Collusion” allegation (Schiff would have definitive proof, of course). A new ‘impeachment’ round will fit nicely into their “kill the economy COVID” charade.

    China – the posturing scumbags and thieves that they are – will lose this game of chicken with POTUS.

    1. Yes, you know that they are hatching a new plot.

      Russia Collusion goes better with Hillary’s reset with Russia and Obama’s open mic gaff with Russian Pres. (then) Medvedev.

      China Collusion goes better with Biden and his $1.5 billion bribe from the CCP.

      But they will spin it to make it look like Trump’s fault. They own the media (Ministry of Truth) and can say whatever they want to, irrespective of validity.

      1. Apparently the Dem’s are under the delusion that there’s a footnote at the end of Exodus 20 that states the Ten Commandments do not apply to them.

          1. An interesting aside, Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink 182 is in the video. He lived across the street from me in Corona, CA before I moved to the White Wolf Mine.

          2. The reason we’re all so broke, it has been said, is because we don’t have Cash no more.

  4. Throw them ALL out. Revoke their “student” visas and ship them back.

    Oh, and throw the UN out while you’re at it.

    Let the pregressives wail and gnash their teeth. Their time is coming soon…..

    1. I agree with drjim. Here in Gainesville, FL, the University of Beijing at Gainesville is going full force. At one time it got so bad with the UF people restricting in-state and in-nation enrollment in order to bring in more foreign (meaning CCP) students and only graduate students (because they pay more) that the Florida Congress had to step in with spiked boots to kick the UF regents around for a while. Seriously, they (UF) planned on slashing most undergraduate programs, except for ‘athletics, and pushed for more foreign (meaning CCP) students. What a bunch of knuckleheads.

      Kick them out. Let them learn in their own damned country.

      Shut down all the consulates. We don’t need them. They need us far more than we need them.

      As to the UN, they started becoming irrelevant somewhere around 1949. They needed to be kicked to the curb by at least 1969.

      1. The UN showed how completely irrelevant it was during the Korean War – 1950-53. Time to turn off the scam and just move on.

        The CCP will starve if they can’t buy food from the US and Australia. They’ve embargoed Australia for calling BS and the US is done with them. Let them throw up a bamboo curtain and we can all watch how it goes.

  5. I’m no expert but the sooner they’re all put behind the bamboo curtain the better. And interesting Blink point — never heard the band but the UFO vids are curious.

  6. AFAICT, San Fransisco is the Chinese Consulate, so I don;t think closing one building there will change much.


      1. Traitors should meet a traitor’s fate. But the situations are different these days and they are celebrated. Maybe not forever.

        1. Maybe not in this life, but certainly in the next…God will have his righteous vengeance on those who defy his tenets.

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