The only campaigning that Creepy Joe did was to stand in a nearly empty parking lot (the cameras never panned the crowd) and scream into a microphone. But that was enough.


Regime Change

I’d like to credit the donkeys with doing something that’s unique and clever in this past election when they landed on the idea of rigging voting machines. It’s been done before …a lot …and perhaps by the intelligence community in the US when we wanted to change the results in a foreign election.

In 2016, the donkeys turned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to create an insurance policy (their term, not mine) in the event that the unpleasant witch, Hillary Clinton, lost the election. It flopped, but the FBI are really not the brain trust when it comes to this sort of thing. I mean, who would engage in e-mail pillow talk with your mistress, giggling about your plot? Amateurs.

So while creepy Joe bunkered up, the donkeys didn’t worry …more here

The US has a LOT of experience engaging in covert action.

Covert action is codified as an activity or activities of the United States Government to influence. political, economic, or military conditions abroad, where it is intended that the role of the United. States will not be apparent or acknowledged publicly.

If you’re going to do it right, turn to professionals. Now even that doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful.

Covert action is generally intended to influence conditions as an alternative to an escalation by the United States that might lead to a sizable or extended military commitment. (War, by other means) Unlike traditional intelligence collection, covert action is not passive. It has a visible, public impact intended to influence a change in the military, economic, or political environment.

If you think back to coups that the US engineered in the past, one of the first things that happened was that the “radio station” was seized so that the propaganda that went out was favorable to the coup. In the case of the US in 2020, the plotters owned the message – even from Fox News. Don’t think that this was all an ‘accident’.


  1. Some bright spots…Lin Wood and Sydney Powell are “confident” Trump wins his second term with what they are privy to…Wood says people will go to prison. First up, Dallas Jones, the Texas political strategy director for Biden’s Presidential campaign…arrested for vote harvesting and other election fraud charges. Gee, ya think.

    Dominion Software is being heavily peeled back, the source code is rife with “glitches” (aka “vote switching”), and the company is loaded with Democrat operatives, including the main systems security guy, another Trump hater. He’s next.

    Bit by bit the Dem’s cheatery is falling apart — save some Thanksgiving pumpkin and apple pie for the ensuing meltdown entertainment. (Not gloating or wishing harm, more like “heaping coals with truth”…we shall see how “unity” oriented they really are.)

  2. Well it’s all going on, eh? Don’t let your hammer hit the scorecard on the way out.

    And who’s that Admiral the handlers have put on Biden’s transition team? Nothing to see, move along.

    That in mind, they have the radio, but it’s the old radio. Everyone has a computer/phone/etc and an internet hookup. A million people went to DC yesterday — they spread the word. And sure, twister et al can and do censor like fury but they don’t have Parler, and on. The toothpaste’s outta the tube.

    • I was musing how things have changed in my lifetime. Some of the tech is for the better, but that’s about it. I’m not sure that the trade off is worth it.

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