The Divorce from Communist China

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There will be a press conference at the White House on Friday, May 29, discussing the expanded US reaction to Communist China.

President Trump’s administration may soon expel thousands of Chinese graduate students enrolled at U.S. universities and impose other sanctions against Chinese officials.

Administration officials said he is considering a months-old proposal to revoke the visas of students affiliated with educational institutions in China linked to the People’s Liberation Army or the Chinese intelligence services.

President Trump is also weighing targeted travel and financial sanctions against Chinese officials for actions in Hong Kong.

This will be the first step of many that will be taken to isolate Communist China. It might be interesting if the US were to recognize Nationalist China diplomatically. Don’t rule it out. Also don’t rule out a revised South East Asia Treaty Organization, where member nations could combine in mutual defense against China (including Taiwan).

Rear Adm. Lou Yuan, of the PLAN openly threatened to sink US warships in international waters as they engaged in innocent passage. He said, “Beijing could resolve China’s territorial disputes by sinking two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and killing thousands of American sailors.” He implied that the US is too cowardly to respond to the sinking of US warships.

My sense is that the Chinese are living in a fantasy world. My response to Rear Adm. Lou Yuan is “bring it.”

“What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” declared Lou, a military theorist at the PLA Academy of Military Science. Sinking just one carrier could kill 5,000 Americans, Lou pointed out. Sink two, and you double the toll. “We’ll see how frightened America is” after losing 10,000 sailors,” Lou crowed.

Rear Adm. Lou Yuan is Communist China’s answer to “Baghdad Bob”, the Iraqi propagandist who promised the “Mother of all Wars”. 

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  1. Good…time for the gloves to come off and let the chips fall where they may. Best POTUS ever…gotta love this man who clearly eats, sleeps, and drinks America First, telling the rest of the world to go scratch if they don’t want to play by the rules.

    Thanks for the insight…tomorrow should see some exploding media heads.

    1. BOO-YAH!

      I love watching our POTUS hand the heads to our now-acknowledged enemies!

      Can you even IMAGINE what this country would look like with PIAPS in charge?

    2. From all indications, most of the world is with President Trump, excluding the Donkeys and the media.

  2. First, the COVIS-19 shutting down universities. Now losing all the Chinese grad students. Imagine the anguish if China quits funding “foundations”.

    1. Now, wouldn’t THAT be a crying shame. All of those progressives and nobody to fund their bullshit.

  3. The biggest hit China could suffer is a US awakening not to buy a darn thing made in China.

  4. WSF, I wish that Trump would also address the funding of “Foundations” by China and other foreign countries. Too much influence by these foundations in educating our young people. As an older student while working towards my Master and later when I was fulfilling the prerequisites for my selected Doctorates program the influences on campus by all these different organizations, when, if you peeled back who controlled and financed was a lot of Marxists groups and countries. Younger adults don’t have the wherewithal and wisdom to discern subtle propaganda and influencing by these groups.

    1. One war at a time. Let’s see what happens at the press conference. And then let’s see after the election. But you’re 100% on point.

    1. Yes, but in his case, he’s speaking the doctrine of the Chinese Communist Party. The Americans are too weak and cowardly to fight. Of course, we’ve been continually at war for the past thirty years, but the Chinese don’t count that.

  5. Good Lord, they keep saying this — Hitler said it, the ridiculous OBN said it, they all say it — America’s too weak to deal with our viriility! And then we crush them, again and again.

    Is China really that stupid?

  6. Rear Admiral Lou Yuan is correct. For half the US population. The other half is ready, and willing to nuke the chi-com leadership and military to a glowing cinder, tonight. Just keep pushing, asshole.

    1. Look for the US to recognize Taiwan diplomatically, Raven. Then things will get really interesting.

  7. Admiral Lou is thinking everyone in the US is Obama. I honestly don’t know how far Trump would go if someone took out two carriers. Measured response or turn a major PLAN city to glass? I’d actually be far more surprised at a measured response (10,000 of ours? here’s 40,000 of yours) than leveling a major city, trading 10,000 for many times that; 10,000 times 10,000.

    I don’t think Admiral Lou or his bosses would really be that stupid.

    1. Turn Beijing into a sea of radioactive glass. What’s the half life?

  8. Ol’ Lou better read his history books. Frightened? Pissed off is more like it.

  9. I know what you mean by “Nationalist China”, but it’s The Republic of China (ROC). Though for political (propaganda) purposes I’d suggest that the moniker “Free China” should be used interchangeably.

    >[RADM Luo] implied that the US is too cowardly to respond to the sinking of US warships.
    I’m going to give the man half marks on that one, so far as the top of the executive branch goes: He’s merely a little over 3 years out of date. As to the general US population, as raven says, half (and I’d say the half that actually keeps this country running) would be furious. The remainder would not be frightened, they’d be indifferent so long as the gibs kept coming, or, in the case of the academics, newsmedia and parasitic intellectual class (but I repeat myself) genuinely pleased. (Though they are torn on whether East Asians can truly be oppressed victims of color.)

    1. East Asians can’t be oppressed victims, until the progs say that they are.

      Yes of course, it’s ROC, but I wanted to differentiate the two in my comments.

      If they’d invaded during the years of Obamanation, Barack would likely have cheered them on – “up the revolution” and all that. I don’t think that the present mindset would play well with their bullying at the moment.

  10. China and Rear Admiral Lou Yuan would do well not to poke a sleeping tiger.

    Thanks for this update, LL. God bless everyone here.

    1. RADM Lou is a lot like the CCP cadre that I’ve met. Arrogant, foolish, ignorant.

      1. All I have to say to RADM Lou and the PRC is: Bring it asshole, you will not like the results.

        Thanks for the post.
        Paul L. Quandt

  11. in going thru the list of graduating cadets at the military “college” where i work, i was shocked to find no fewer than ten Chinese. it even listed their destination, peoples liberation army. my boss said they don’t care who comes as long as they pay full out of state tuition, over 100k a year. before you say its okay, we’re not teaching them anything classified i beg to differ. they are involved in research for the dept of defense among others as part of their classes. not to mention the military knowledge and contacts they make that go on to be in our military. multiply that by every major university….scary.

    1. I’ve trained with Republic of China people (ROC), an ally. Same with Polish officers. But the PRC is an enemy state. It’s not about classified. It’s about them not coming here at all, no matter how much money they pay to play. Yes, scary.

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