Corruption at CIA?

President Brandon selected William Burns to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Who advised him to select Burns? His Chinese handlers?

When CIA Director William Burns was president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a prominent D.C. think tank, employed at least 20 undisclosed Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members, a Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) investigation has discovered.

Expert profiles on Carnegie’s website, however, do not disclose the ties of these individuals to the CCP, with the DCNF only revealing the connection after going through hundreds of Chinese-language, Communist Party branch records and personnel profiles from more than a dozen groups linked to the CCP.

You be the judge.


Let the persecution begin!


Testimony of Randy Weaver

On August 21, 1992, Federal marshals shot my son Samuel in the back and killed him. He was running home to me. His last words were, “I’m coming, Dad.” They shot his little arm almost off and they killed him by shooting him in the back with a 9-millimeter submachine gun. The gun had a silencer on it. He was not wanted for any crime. He did not commit any crime. The marshals killed his dog right at his feet. He only tried to defend himself and his dog.

Sammy was just 14 years old. He did not yet weigh 80 pounds. He was not yet 5 feet tall. The marshals who killed Sammy were grown men. They were in combat gear. They had their faces painted with camouflage. They were wearing full camouflage suits with black ninja-type hoods. They were carrying machine guns and large-caliber semiautomatic pistols. They were trained to kill. Two of them were hiding behind trees and rocks in the woods where they could not be seen. The third was around a bend in the trail in thick forest. They were under direct orders from Washington to do nothing to injure the children. They were to have no contact or confrontation with me or my family. They killed him anyway in violation of their orders.

On August 22, 1992, completely without warning of any kind, an FBI sniper shot and killed my wife, Vicki. He was using a .308 caliber sniper rifle with a specially weighted barrel and a 10-power scope. He was using match-grade ammunition. He had years of training to kill. I heard him testify at the trial that he wanted to kill. He shot my wife in the head and killed her. She was not wanted for any crime. There were no warrants for her arrest. At the time she was gunned down, she was helpless. She was standing in the doorway of her home. She was holding the door open for me and Sara and for Kevin Harris. She was holding Elisha, a our 10-month-old baby girl, in her arms. As the bullet crashed through her head, she slumped to her knees, holding Elisheba tightly so she would not drop her. We took the baby from her as she lay dead and bleeding on our kitchen floor.

FBI Special Agent Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi killed Vicki Weaver and went on to kill other Americans in Waco


Bullet Points

* Gauging the mood of the country sometimes requires that the elites who live in the ivory tower climb down and walk among the little people who pay the frigging taxes (and everything is taxed). There are a lot of people who aren’t much amused by the antics of those who consider us their rulers.

* In the aftermath of the FBI raid at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, Trump’s passports have been returned to him, and Norah O’Donnell (media shill for the FBI) of CBS has been proved wrong in her claims that the FBI never took them in the first place.

* Trudeau’s government blacklists Alexander Graham Bell for “controversial beliefs.” Alexander Graham Bell is next on the woke historical revisionist chopping block. Are Canadians going to throw away their telephones in disgust and abhorrance?

* Biden gave the IRS $80 billion, just about double the annual budget of the United States Marine Corps.

* Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney (Rino/WY), who since the insurrection at the Capitol has become the Republican Party’s most forceful critic of former President Donald Trump, was ousted from her House seat by Trump-backed Harriet Hageman. Good riddance.



The ALL-IMPORTANT Enemies List


Retro Meme of the Week


Identify the Aircraft


Nap Time

When sperm whales need a nap, they take a deep breath, dive down about 45 feet and arrange themselves into perfectly level, vertical patterns. They sleep sound and still for up to two hours at a time between breaths, in pods of 5 or 6 whales, presumably for protection. No one knew whales slept vertically until a 2008 study documented the behavior. And no one captured photography of it in the wild until 2017. French photographer Stephane Granzotto was documenting sperm whales in the Mediterranean for his book on the creatures when he came across these sleeping whales.


  1. Larry, are you okay? There are more than your allotment syntax errors in this post.

    Did you know any who were with the HRT at Weaver’s or at Waco, or the Malhuer debacle?

    A clue to the aircraft ID is painted on the nose.
    For a short time, there was a company which modified that airframe to be a true speedy executive traveler. They put the nose wheel in the front, added a sleek nosecone, gave her turbocharged flat engines, and replaced the tail with a single fin. It was a real beauty worthy of pilot lust. I think they completed around 15 birds. I forget the name of the company.

    Sic semper tyrannis

    • I’m fine.

      I think. But if you’re nuts, you always think that you’re fine. So who knows.

      Assembling blogs, which I try to do every day is like shaking a jigsaw puzzle box, upending it and hoping that it looks the way you want it to. Thus it’s a miracle that I manage to turn them out at all. Sometimes I have very little time to do that. These are both excuses and explanations.

      Yes, the answer to the mystery aircraft is on the nose.

      • My question was serious. Perhaps too often we take for granted the well being of our favorite blig hosts.
        I did suspect the reason was as you explained but did not want to assume.

        I ID’d the aircraft but left it for others to complete. You do have a knowledgeable base among your frequent guests.
        Maybe being mysterious puts me in contention for Most Interesting Man. I mean, its one the requirements, no?

    • It’s the same era, but a different aircraft. Rick got it (above) but he didn’t write it out because he’s being mysterious.

  2. Who nominated Mr. Burns? That makes me ask, who was Vidkun Quisling. The second question is that is the Carnegie Endowment hired 20 Chinese spies, doesn’t that make them in violation of at least some federal law(s) that would put the endowment at risk of being siezed? See Sauce, goose, gander.

  3. Ruby Ridge- In the man’s own words, they tried to set him up, and when he wouldn’t play they went nuts, like the rabid dogs they are. Now it morphs into\ things like the MAL insanity. Time to remove the existing FBI from the planet, toss in the DOJ while we’re at it. (For the NSA listening in, I mean “defund”.)

    Lizzy Borden Cheney- Like her father she’ll just pop up somewhere else. Probably already has another multi-million dollar gig lined up, considering her Hollywood producer sidekick was filming her “got her rear-end handed to her speech” in – of all places in the entire state – Jackson. As the delusional narcissist she is, somehow managed to compare herself to Lincoln and proffer the idea she should be the next president. Geez, WHY CAN’T THESE PEOPLE SIMPLY GO AWAY?! Must be in the DC water. “Hey Liz, take your ill-gotten largess and sour countenance and leave America alone!”

    IRS- Defund this obvious Enemy of the People operation when the R’s take over…if they don’t we will know for sure the Uniparty is in full swing.

    Got the mail last night, saw a “State of Colorado” letter. Hmm, this can’t be good. Opened it…a check. Huh? The included self-serving Gov. Polis letter said “I signed an order blah, blah, blah…AREN’T I MERCIFUL to return excess tax “revenues”. Looks to me our governor is buying votes before November as the timing is suspicious. But hey, I’ll take a refund, even if it is likely gotten from the BuildBackWorse or CovidCrap printed money disguised as a tax refund….because for two years they intentionally destroyed small businesses, so where’d it come from?

    • You got that check because of TABOR, a constitutional amendment from 1993 that Polis has fought his entire political life. Yes, he is using your money to buy votes for him.

    • To parallel Steve King’s Twitter comment on Merrick Garland, I just learned that Jared Polis is a homosexual. I therefore redact and disavow any criticism I may have had of him. And so should all of youse, unless youse is a homophobe or sumpin. (You bigot!)

      • Mike_C, you’re absolutely correct. PaulM wears a cowboy hat and (Brokeback Mountain aside) cowboys and moreover, Christian cowboys, have been recently accused of BOTH homophobia and Islamophobia. I think that in the spirit of equity, PaulM should Venmo a certified non-homophobe and non-Islamophobe the money. Maybe AOC…or Nancy Pelosi. Both need the money more than somebody like PaulM. Or possibly he could send it to Reverend Al Sharpton (a self-proclaimed man of God) who has been suffering under systemic racism his entire life (I sobbed here). It might help Al discharge his nearly two million dollars owed in back taxes.

        • I self-identify as a cowboy…even though I have no cattle, which by some manner could mean I am “all hat and no cows”. Moreover, the Christian part, despite standing behind a pulpit for 16 years, is STILL a massive work in progress, especially the last few years when I see evil running amok without earthly consequence. Bugs me and the East Coast comes out.

          MrsPaulM has the Venmo keys….if you don’t hear from me in a few days it’s because the “ask” to send the earmarked cash didn’t go so well.

          • You can send a cashier’s check to Reverend Al Sharpton if you’d like. I’m not trying to push you to be equitable though.

          • So that would be social reparations paid in full then? Maybe I’ll just sign over that Gov. Polis Tossed Bread to the Serfs check to Al, that’d be like a double SJW/ESG score raising win win.

        • Today is a great day! Al Sharpton would be proud. I just learned via “Andscape” (a Black-focused website “Magnified by the power and reach of The Walt Disney Co.”) that in May 2022 an all-Black team summited Everest. (No, not the Kiwi rugby team. Actual victimized people.)

          With trembling excitement I read The story of how Full Circle, the first all-Black expedition to ascend Mount Everest, climbed with a greater purpose. What an inspiration. O frabjous day!

          I look forward to reading about “The first all-white gentile expedition to ascend Mount Everest.” And after that maybe “The first all cis-het expedition to ascend Mount Everest.” Surely “The first all-Christian expedition to ascend Mount Everest” will follow shortly. Because if an article stressing that all the climbers are Black isn’t anti-diverse, discriminatory, and racist, then articles about exclusively white, straight, or Christian groups are equally acceptable, yeah?

          Hahaha! Just kidding, duh. Do you want to make baby Coudenhove-Kalergi cry? Of course you don’t.

          • That means that they did it without the assistance of Nepalese Indian guides and bearers. How exciting. Sir Edmund Hillary (a white, cisgender, Christian) needed Tenzing Norgay (a Buddhist) to help him with his assent. It is a great day and I’m sure that there will be a Netflix movie starring Barack and Michelle Obama as the intrepid mountainiers.

    • RE: The Cheney Cabal. Jefferson and Madison had a lot to say about their loathing of hereditary dynasties and royalty. Hamilton, eh, not so much. Aaron Burr did us a solid for cancelling this and other of Hamilton’s transgressions.

  4. The tail of that airplane tells part of the story. It is the same type that Amelia Earheart was attempting to fly around the world in when she disappeared.

    The sleeping whales are other worldly.

    Ruby Ridge did not make sense to me at the time but the MSM did a good job of hiding the truth.

    • According to the historical record, the crew of the future USS Enterprise went back in time to fetch one, but I don’t think that it was a sperm whale, in order to save the planet from other space whales who were upset.

  5. Are we sure that Al Franken won’t show up with boxes and boxes of uncounted votes that he found in a car trunk….all with Liz Cheney’s name on it??

    • I think it’s all on the table here. The uncounted votes may take a few days to get together. However, if BLM tries to burn down Wyoming, I’m afraid that they’d be shot to death by locals before they got too far. They could try, though. I’d sign onto a pay-per-view of the event, and host a popcorn party at the WWM for those who may wish to attend.

      • The town “visitors” who got lost driving straight up 287 to Laramie but somehow ended up at our place – to a person – had the proverbial deer in the headlights look. Lately urbanites driving for FedEx Ground all lasted about 3-4 months each, tossed the package on the porch and drove off in a hurry as if our place was another Cabin in the Woods horror sequel.

        • They do the same thing here. To be fair, the area has a reputation for suspicion toward strangers. Not everyone who lives in the wilderness is playing with a full deck and a uniform to them means a “revenue agent” or ATF. They remember Waco, even though that was in Texas.

  6. Ruby Ridge, Mr. Horiuchi should have been charged with more than manslaughter and convicted. But he is after all part of the protected class as demonstrated again at Waco. Not much I can do but is the main reason I’ll never deal with H-S Precision.

    The sleeping wales are, as BillB points out, other worldly. Wow, what a once in a lifetime picture.

    As far as people like Ms. Cheney is concerned, I don’t think they are capable of going away. They are not capable of it. It is simply a bridge too far for these narcissists.

  7. Yep, Lockheed Electra, designed by 23 year old Kelly Johnson. Re RR and ensuing atrocities, the list of coverups and F’ups is long and has been long swept under the rug/covered up.

      • He was a National Treasure. One of the Big Wigs at Lockheed said once that he swore that “That Damn Swede Can See The Air!”. Kelly also grabbed a pair of tin snips and some cardboard to make a wing fillet, and told the fabricator to “Make it like this, and don’t lose the carboard templated because I need it to make a drawing”.

        Amazing guy….

    • Or this:

      Nixon, H.R. Haldeman and John Dean III, discussed raising $1 million to meet blackmail threats of several Watergate defendants. Allegedly, Nixon’s response was:

      “There is no problem in raising a million dollars – we can do that – but it would be wrong.”

  8. Horiuchi went on trial for manslaughter and was acquitted and the FBI SAC was promoted. SOP. Randy Weaver finally won his lawsuit and got millions but lost his family. Only one word to describe the Lockheed Electra…gorgeous.

  9. I kept getting distracted from getting through the credits and every time I realized nobody said Electra, I got distracted again before I could comment.
    Having grand kids visit can do that to you.
    I am not complaining.


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