Many international observers were caught by surprise when the Tatmadaw, Myanmar’s military, began hinting at a coup in the country last week, foreshadowing their seizure of power on February 1.

In the recent federal election in which Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy won by a landslide, might have given the pro-democracy forces in the country the leverage to try stripping some power from the still-entrenched military establishment, or whether other recent events pushed Gen. Min Aung Hlaing into action. The pretext for the coup is alleged electoral fraud during the federal elections in November 2020—eerily similar to the claims of the Donald Trump campaign in the United States.

There is possibly a litmus test here. Have the American oligarchs and the Chinese oligarchs drawn up spheres of influence? All it took was President Trump leaving office and the Chinese moved.

To be fair about it, China has been dumping lots of money into Myanmar. They dropped US$ 100 billion last summer in a country with a GNP of $US 76 billion, as part of the Belt Road Project. Not all of it was official national money. A lot of the money arrived by way of cut-outs, and some of it was “soft money” but China bought the coup.

The military coup is said to be anti-Chinese, but it’s not. Just the opposite is true.

America is a lot more preoccupied with transexuals at the moment and purging the military to take much notice.



  1. Just business as usual, I fear. By that. I mean things aren’t what they appear. Also, the Lefties project: the accuse others of what they do.

    • The pattern repeats often enough. Up is down, happy is sad, green is red, and so forth. You can’t believe a word they say. Unlike President Trump, who they hated – promises made, promises kept.

  2. I read somewhere else that Myanmar used the Dominion voting machines. My thoughts right now is the US military could learn something from Myanmar.

  3. Recent comment floating around sites, “Many Biden voters are now suffering buyers remorse. The Chinese aren’t”.

    We probably won’t see another freedom of the seas voyages through China’s “Lake”. Invasion of Formosa soon? Who will restrain China now, India? Maybe a new alliance in the area is coming with India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines? Where does Australia fit? For certain all those countries are on their own now.

    • If you want a trustworthy alliance, you wouldn’t want to include the USA. They’d likely collect against you and feed the information to the PRC.

      I think that the Australians are worried. The PRC had taken to calling the place “New China” up to about six months ago. Bluey and Mike W follow this blog – guys, what’s your take?

      • Well, I’m pretty sure Australia is screwed.

        Chinese have bought heaps of the large farming stations.
        The inner city of most of the larger cities is effectively Chinese.
        All the educational institutions are reliant on the Chinese, and Indians.
        Many strategic assets have been bought, or long term leased by the Chinese, such as the port of Darwin.
        The Victorian state government signed up for the belt and road program, and much of the infrastructure spending it’s doing now is with borrowed money from the Chinese.
        The government body that’s supposed to check foreign purchases for being in the national interest before allowing the deal has just rubber stamped everything (see the port of Darwin for example).
        And that’s just the stuff off the top of my head. I really don’t want to dig, it’d just depress the hell out of me.

        Funny thing is there’s ethnic Chinese who’ve been since here before federation, and they’re absolutely Aussies. People like Billy Sing ( It’s just successive governments have bought into the growth by immigration, and I don’t think there’s enough true blue Aussies in proportion to the population for the immigrants to assimilate into.

        I guess it’s like the USA, those who govern haven’t been governing for the nation they supposedly represent, but for their own benefit.

        • Bluey has hit the nail on the head. He has said everything I was going to say, so I won’t repeat it. Like the United States Australia has a two party system – The Coalition, which is, as its name suggests, a coalition of the Liberal Party and the National Party (the conservatives, if you will – or they were, but they seem to have been infected with the left wing socialist Kool Aid in recent years – the closest thing to the Republicans) and the Labor Party (the left, if you will – varying from the soft left who are almost like the old left wing Liberals to the rabidly socialist socialist/Marxist extreme left – the closest thing to the Democrats) Yes, I know there is a third party, The Greens, who are rabidly rabidly socialist/Marxist, but they are now effectively the really extreme far far left of the Labor Party. There have been a number of instances where sitting members of the Labor Party have been exposed as being in bed, and doing the bidding, of the CCP/PRC. A number of Liberals have also been caught, but far fewer. There are probably many many more, from both government and opposition who have been, or are, coerced, indebted, bribed, or are otherwise beholden to the CCP/PRC but have not come to light as yet. However, the rot is not confined to the politicians. Many in big business are similarly coerced, indebted, bribed, or are otherwise beholden to the CCP/PRC. And, as in the US the sheeple, who seem unable to think for themselves, go along with it.

          • About the best way I’ve seen it described is the left (coalition), far left (labor), and the extreme left (greens party).

            One nation being tarred as the far right party, but has more in common with the Democrats of Bill Clinton’s era to use a frame of reference American readers will understand.

  4. Taking the proverbial “eye off the ball”.

    The ChiCom’s OWN Biden and his collection of reprobates who with help from his Pen, are enacting every bumper sticker indoctrination slogan they stuck on their dirty 1992 Subaru while in college. COEXIST baby. See how well that works out as this Admin allows China to run over anything in their sights.

      • The blatant lying is starting to royally get my ire up, especially when he mumbles thru telling American’s how “the prior President had bad policy”. Uh, yeah, right Joe, like we didn’t just live thru the past four years when your team trashed MY President and scorched the economy to steal and election while your lackeys burned down cities. Biden’s that little white spot on top of chicken s–t. (cathartic emoting on my part)

  5. Over the past decade I have had brief discussions with people native to Myanmar. Each in turn said it was a civil war which involved Muslims vs Christians. The country was basically at a stalemate with each side somewhat satisfied with the drawn borders. I do not remember the affiliation of the military.

    If the current situation is truly over election fraud, I would like if the U.S. military is taking the hint.

    • The strategy worked well in the US. And as to the US military, they’re owned just the same as Camel-A and crying Chuck.

  6. Trump’s 4 years in office was a fluke bump in the road. As soon as the swamp managed to remove hi. From power it was an instantaneous return to business/corruption as usual. The reclaiming of power by the commie left and the military industrial complex signaled all the other wannabes and petty tyrants everywhere that the brakes were off and as long as they didn’t interfere with our commies agenda their commies could do as they wished.

    • From your lips to God’s ear. The elites, the oligarchs who rule us, are making it all breathtakingly clear without any effort to hide it. They own us. And they’ll do as they wish. Biden might stay bought as it pertains to China, but American oligarchs don’t want to give up the store to China. As to Taiwan, it’s a close call. What sort of investment do those shot callers on Wall St. and in the Boardrooms have in the place? How many weapon systems are they able to buy?

  7. I don’t know why anybody would be surprised about Burma… I mean, it’s Burma.

    On the bright side, it’s like the Spanish Civil War; bad guys vs. other bad guys.

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