The Communist and the Indian

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The Democrat line up for 2020 is interesting with a mixed bag of freaks, designed to appeal to any one of a number of social justice warriors. 
The problem that they have is that all of their constituents do not have the same sorts of grievances. Some gender warriors who want to be willing to change the way they identify their kinks at will are uncomfortable with “fungible race”. Racial warriors don’t like the idea that a white person with ancestry from Iceland can (on a whim) self-identify as a black person from Botswana. 
Herein lies the problem that they are experiencing. 
President Trump’s economic policies that focus on the achieved goal of full employment for all crosses those grievance lines. Sure, some people still make more than others, and people like Bernie Sanders would like to fix that in the communist way of making almost everyone except the most elite, poor. They focus on envy. Envy is a winning sin, but full employment and a booming economy throws a lot of water on envy.

10 thoughts on “The Communist and the Indian

  1. A lot of Democrats call her an "Uncle Tom".

    Those same people would have gone grand mal seizure if President Trump said that about Omarosa.

  2. When will someone collect Fauxahontas' DNA and have it tested? Bet she has already under a false name. Does she have siblings? Lots of ways to go.

  3. Any debate must be preceded by verifiable blood results. She made millions of dollars, and was hired by Harvard because she was an Indian – under false pretenses.

  4. Demoncrats don't like any person who gets off the plantation and thinks for themselves.
    I just pray it's enough to keep the socialists out of control.

  5. I just pray to my loving God that Pochahontas runs for the Oval Office and gets tapped as the Dem nominee.

    'Please, God, just let Pochahontas prevail in the primaries, and I will live a pious life from now on, if only You make this happen'…or something like that.

    That would guarantee a landslide GOP win for the ages. I'm down on my knees as we speak…

  6. You'd live a pious life from now on? Come on, Fredd, that is a promise that I know you have no intention of keeping.

  7. They pay you to do what they want you to do and to vote for them, of course. It's pay-to-play and leaving the plantation is a betrayal of trust in their narrow view.

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