I very rarely recommend that you watch a youtube video, but take a moment to watch this one.

New information here from Communist China. In addition to good information about the Chinese Plague, this YouTube video lays out problems with China’s corporations, which are showing heavy cracks in the infrastructure. Better to divest yourself of any PRC stock sooner than later. It’s normal for PRC corporations to cook the books and exaggerate earnings. The video’s disclosures discuss Chinese boasts of “harvesting cash from America” through fraud. “The China Hustle” – a popular film in China boasts of how easy it is to fleece American investors.

Invest in China? A fool and his money are soon parted…



    • It’s just an FYI, Adrienne. Just something to keep you up to date with the news and views on China.

    • I think that the Heidt fortune would find a better place to be parked. Even Blue Bone Cruncher should not trust his best bones to a Chinese Bank.

    • The video explains itself and it explains the turmoil within China. I remain in contact with people on the ground in China and their sense is that the world has turned on China irrespective of massive bribes paid out and non-stop propaganda.

      The Chinese mindset and life there on the ground creates a reality for them that’s a long way from being real.

      I’ve mentioned it before. Even when Chinese students come to the US, they hang with other Chinese students, spend X years studying, and go home with no experience of the US besides the bubble they remained in. I know of many exceptions to the rule, but that’s what they are, exceptions.

      Back right after the colonists arrived and Jamestown was established (dinosaurs still roamed the earth in search of human blood) I attended university with a number of asian students including twin Thai girls, daughters of the Thai Air Vice Marshal. They seemed to socialize with everyone and actually dove into the culture and had fun. The Communist Chinese were still behind the bamboo wall back then. Later in life when I went to China and dealt with China, they’d trot out a local who attended Harvard or Yale and I often asked them, “did you ever leave campus?”

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