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Peace. was Their Profession



Keep telling yourself that the Russians and

their fearless leader did it.




Oh, by the way, have the common cold and the flu been cured? I haven’t heard of a single case since the plague began.



Global Warming…Existential and all that…


Singing the Vaccination Blues

I don’t take a position on plague vaxing except to suggest that it’s YOUR CHOICE. Take the plague vax or don’t. Up to you. Weigh the value.

Obedience Masks don’t stop it. Apparently, neither do the vaxes. Get the plague and it will self-immunize you…maybe.

Irrespective, this kabuki theater is priceless:

(NY Times) Republicans are slamming Texas Democrats for a “superspreader” trip to DC after a White House staffer and an aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tested positive for COVID-19 following meetings with the legislators — who fled their state to stall voting legislation.

At least six Democratic legislators on the lam from the Lone Star State tested positive for the virus after they traveled unmasked aboard a chartered jet to DC to delay a vote on the Republican bill. They met last week with Vice President Kamala Harris and rubbed shoulders with lawmakers and staff on Capitol Hill.

Although CDC rules require ordinary airplane passengers to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus, the fact that the flight was privately chartered allowed the Democrats to flout that health guidance as they posed for selfies to promote their trip.

29 thoughts on “The Blog Goes On

  1. I cannot walk away from the TV if Strategic Air Command is playing.

    Looks like a fuel truck on the ramp in the photo. IIRC, B-36 fuel capacity is just shy of 30,000 gallons. I don’t think one truck will be enough.

    1. Six turning, four burning – just to drop a nuke on somebody. The Soviet Union feared them and well they should have.

  2. The Texas donkeys traveled to their chartered plane on a chartered bus. There is a picture floating around of a case of light beer sitting on a bus seat. Said beer was not a Texas brand. Seems to suggest they care so little for their constituents they can’t be bothered to support home state businesses. Does anyone know who owns the chartered plane?

    1. I don’t know which rich donor chartered the airplane for them. Maybe Bezos?

      1. i can’t remember his name but he is a foreign lobbyist, and i’m pretty sure that was illegal. kamelbrain was admitted to the hospital when they left and kept overnight, supposedly for a “routine” visit. one of her staffers has popped hot too.

  3. Zackly. Rightful Liberty. Rightful INDIVIDUAL Liberty.
    Mask or not. My choice. Vax or not my choice.
    Fiddle around with my kids (who don’t know better yet) behind my back….. nuff said.

    1. Jo/Ho aren’t much on liberty and neither are the oligarchs who call the shots here these days.

  4. Could the Texas Democrats be testing a false positive to have an excuse to skip the special session that is called to take up that bill?

    1. Oh, who knows? Given that they lie about EVERYTHING, even when it does them no good, why not. Maybe the staffers who are reported to also be plague-ridden might be shaming.

      BUT it really destroys the argument for vaccination.

      In this case, they may actually be telling the truth.

  5. I do not like wishing ill-will on people, but these people deserve a taste of their own rancid medicine forced on us Peons, refusing to let up when losing their grip. Maybe all their crazy will catch up to them, rats in a cage turn on each other in a hurry. Could get coyote ugly.

  6. The Flying Dildo burns hydrogen and oxygen so not even a bit of nasty comes out of its ass, it’s a clean machine. The whole thing seems silly and pointless however, a glorified carnival ride. It would be cooler if the passenger compartment came down on the rocket, but might be too risky for a joyride.

    1. Which was one of Bezos’ points when he took out an advertisement about how his BO is so much better than Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which burns rubber. Seriously, it burns rubber.

      1. The “cleaner burning” plastic propellent they tried didn’t give them the specific impulse they needed. And they use High-Test Peroxide for the oxidizer which is nasty stuff to be around. Think hair bleach on steroids AND meth. With a dash of PCP tossed in.

        And I have no doubt Sir Richard will have rides up to the magical Karman Line. If SpaceShipOne could do it, I sure the VG ships can do it, too.

        1. I thought the oxidiser was nitrous oxide. Hybrids have some advantages, but the low ISP is not one of them. They would do better with a simple liquid pressure-fed system, say lox/alcohol. They could get a brewery to sponsor them.

  7. Dammit, LL, I was just about to post on the Democrat superspreader stunt but you beat me to it. In the meanwhile, one of the many things I like about this blog is that it goes on. And it has infographics of awesome bombers.

    1. What if Bezos’ flying penis docked with Virgin Galactic? It would just be “Galactic”

  8. Yes, Peace Is Our Profession. We just blow up whole continents as a hobby. Great Jimmy Stewart movie. “A Gathering of Eagles” is another good SAC movie.

    I watched the replay of Bezos riding his Space Dildo. The talking head made a YUUUGE deal out of the fact that the rocket burned only Hydrogen and Oxygen, and it’s eaxhaust was “Like What’s That Make…? STEAM!, Pure Steam!” or other such drivel ignoring the “Total Carbon Footprint” of the entire project, and the CEO flying his fleet of private jets around.

    And then we have the Demoncrats chartering their own flight to flaunt their status. Where’s the outrage??

    1. “Peace Is Our Profession”, I remember a drunk B-52 pilot in some airport bar talking about “door to door nuclear power”. The early 80’s…

  9. Seen in an old Readers Digest, Humor in Uniform section: An AF pilot was at a store trying to get some clothes for his wife, but was having trouble as to what sizes to get…except for one item.
    He had no problem with the bra size – “B-36, the big bombers”.

  10. Nice to see the Russians still remember. Also always fun to have any graphic comparing B-29 to B-36 in scale.


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