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Arizona Woman

It’s an enduring legacy. They’re trouble.


Bullet Points

* Everyone who confuses correlation with causation ends up dead.

* I’m upset with Arizona and the mid-terms but I think that the place will join with other states and regions in a default balkanization. I’m not writing of secession,  but of the general separation from Big D. The advantage Big D has, rests with its capacity to print as much money as it wants to without recourse. It can send in shock troops and throw up overhead assets. It can tax and send those 87,000 IRS Agents in to seize property (lawfully or unlawfully, it’s really all the same – kulaks are kulaks).  A lot of city people on the coasts will want to remain eating their vat-grown meat and drinking their soylent green, but the process will continue.

* From BRM’s Blog –  “The remaining two cans (of Oxygen) should see us through our return journey (from the Temple of the Living Elvis) and visit with Larry Lambert of Virtual Mirage.”

I don’t think that I have ever met somebody who needed O2 in that quantity* to meet me in my lair (Flagstaff isn’t exactly my lair but is one of the closest points to eat breakfast and it is astride I-40). Then again, we have vowed to solve the world’s problems (one man’s utopia is another man’s dystopia). However, given BRM’s legendary problem-solving skills, I think that we can get him out the door in Flagstaff and on his way to the flatland in 1 1/2 bottles of oxygen.

*The doctor told MRSLL’s mother that she would die if she visited our home, considering the altitude. MRSLL to me, “Hmm, well played, LL.”

* George Carlin said it years ago: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club. And by the way, it’s the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head in their media telling you what to believe, what to think, and what to buy. The table is tilted folks. The game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.”

* When polls opened in Maricopa County at 6 am on Election Day, voters were told that the tabulators were not working. This was happening across Maricopa County and resulted in long lines and voters being told to go to another location to vote.

On Sunday night The Gateway Pundit published an exclusive video of Maricopa County voters describing their nightmare at the polls on Election Day. Here are their testimonials:



The Biden regime gives Ukraine $80 billion in tax dollars. Ukraine invests in FTX crypto exchange. FTX owner Sam Bankman-Fried gives $40 million back to the Democrats’ campaigns for the 2022 midterms. A week later FTX goes bust, scamming clients out of $36 billion.

The mainstream media ignores it.


Life in Nelson’s Navy

Jeffery Raigersfield, son of Baron de Raigersfield, joined HMS Mediator in 1783 as a 12-year-old captain’s servant (midshipman) under Captain Cuthbert Collingwood. Raigersfield’s nice kit attracted the wrong kind of attention:

He soon noticed that his large chest of clothes, ‘which included ten pounds that was in it, in halfpence and silver, cost my parents one hundred pounds’, began to attract the attention of his messmates whenever he went to unlock it. To begin with, it was so full that ‘assistance was necessary to close the lid down before it could be locked up, but it was not so long before he could close it without help, ‘for I began to lose my clothes, and no one knew anything about them. […]

He wrote sorrowfully that ‘as to the mess things that I brought on board in my chest, such as tea, sugar &c, they had been consumed long before for the common good, and my pewter wash hand basin, the only visible remains of my more than ample fitting out, was only mine when others were not using it. — Dudley Pope, Life in Nelson’s Navy


Identify the Aircraft


Parting Shot – California Girls are Trouble Too

She hasn’t come to Arizona yet for more than a vacation,

but yeah, trouble for Dad.

53 thoughts on “The Big Club

      1. Sort of!

        It has a very weird power plant and drivetrain.

        The “double mamba” engine is two turbines sharing a gearbox. Somehow, each powers one of the props separately anyway, and you can just run on one turbine and one engine.


  1. Election theft in plain sight. Actually more like looting, with no resistance or consequence. Add the money laundering with foreign powers aspect and you have The Stye Strike Again, the sequel, this time no “blue screen” special effects needed to pull off the heist.

    I’m already hearing the Limp-Wristed Spackle-Over morons talking about forgetting this “fair and square” lost election and looking towards 2024. Distraction politics is their game. We don’t matter to them.

    Inflection point reached.

    1. We reached the tipping point before now, but it’s now obvious – which is what you said. I’m only reaffirming.

      1. Your affirmation – from massive life experience in arenas I am unfamiliar – helps me know I am on the right course.

        Last Wednesday I came to the realization (epiphany?) that while it is cathartic to vent ones spleen, and it forces a mental focus to what one truly believes (God knows I’ve done a lot of that here, oy vey)…watching the New Weather Channel that Politics has become, but without ANY avenue for corrective resolution (2016 was an anomaly)…is life robbing.

        So my incendiary commentary (complaining?) will wain as I try to be more Biblical centered in my world view, even if we are sort of as in Jesus’ time, Jews living under Roman rule. It’s a balancing act.

        But hey, after repairing a Cummins “delete” coolant riser tube leak (bad o-ring, at the very bottom…of course), I just looked under the Dodge and…no leaks. Life is good.

        A better prescription is to stay under the radar as best as possible, pay what you can forward (Love thy neighbor…), and realize the best revenge to the idiots in charge (see, not quite there yet) is to live life to the full…that Pursuit of Happiness part we are afforded in what is now a tattered Constitution.

        1. I left the city left the world and it was a good thing that I did. I live in peace for the most part – except for the blog. Yes, there is the odd work thing that comes down the road from my past life. When I work, I make a lot of money. But I’m circumspect about what I do and don’t do. You have to be.

          Everyone has an idea about how many angels dance on the head of a pin, and often argue like Lilliputians about the right end of the egg that one should open and I try not to do that.

          1. Only took me 50 of my 62 years to determine: (all of which I knew but kept trying anyway)

            1) I can’t change peoples minds (16 years in the pulpit opened my eyes more fully to not assume anything, regardless the position)

            2) The world does not think as I do and I can’t change a damn thing outside my own 4 sq. ft.

            3) A gunslinger knows the world is run by sociopaths and greedy bastards and operates accordingly…but is pleased with good outcomes when they happen, even if rare.

            Being a late bloomer in worldly matters is a double-edged sword…happens when one is a decent person underneath, an extension of #2 above.

          2. I’d like to think that I’m good. There is some evidence to the contrary but I won’t blaggard myself. I’ve clearly seen too much and done too much.

            I started out nice but I learned that Machiavelli was right. A good man must necessarily come to grief. Surviving in swampland required a pagan ethos.

    2. Democracy is dead and gone. We now live on our knees and will do so only at the pleasure of the ruling class. The idea that was America has been killed and cut from the earth. We now must all say the pledge to our masters. Genders are many, rights are few, white is evil and must be erased.
      Buy ammo camps are coming.

  2. “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it. ” Attributed to Mark Twain, or perhaps misattributed, take your pick.

    1. I think that in some areas of the nation that elections are run freely and fairly, but it’s obvious that in places where it counts to democrats, they aren’t.

  3. the polls weren’t working because the stingray plane wasn’t airborne that early. then thy had trouble later as it set down to refuel. they flew funny little tight box shaped patterns all day while voting and the counting was happening. btw there was an army recon plane doing runs low over the everglades all evening, no idea why that might be. perfectly straight north-south runs.

    1. ok, the plane that used to run stingray but now is even more able to push data to anything on the air.

      1. FCC Rules: Anything in the air is free. (or at least it used to be)

        There’s no fixing this…if these clowns can willfully manipulate DNA to design a more dangerous virus, then lie about releasing it onto the world to take down a sitting President, corrupting elections is a picnic.

      2. Riverrider, I understand what you’re saying, but from my perspective, it sounds like more work than simply spoofing cell sights from a ground vehicle or vehicles. Then again, if you’re using an RC-12X (or X+) – a little out of date these days, but still in inventory, that’s a different story. One aircraft is all you need. The use of military equipment rather than civilian applications in an airborne platform to handle wide-area activities is a different kettle of fish. There has been a new generation of Army airborne ELINT aircraft put into play since the ISR Huron and Guardrail. The ARES flies on a Bombardier jet aircraft with a higher operational ceiling and the capacity to linger longer.

    2. I’ve had cartoon steam blasting out of my ears for the last week. This is a repeat of 2020. One candidate is all over the place giving speeches the other is scarcely to be seen yet somehow wins. Don’t believe your lying eyes. All those people you didn’t see supporting her were thrilled once their ballot arrived in the mail.

      When I changed my registration to Bull Moose (which tragically reads “other” on the card they sent me) I told them to stop mailing me a ballot. I stood in line about one minute last Tuesday.

      1. I have a high degree of confidence in Yavapai County’s voting integrity. I have NO confidence in Maricopa, Pema, or Pinal County’s systems, even though they’re all part of the same state system. In what sane world does a state SECSTATE who oversees an election not recuse themselves completely when they are running?

        It was an absolute goat rodeo from beginning to end.

  4. Yeah, the local morning show guys at KYCA claim (rightly, I assume) that Yavapai elections are very clean.

    I forgot to mention, regarding mail in, I’ve got a friend here that relocated from your former neck of the woods, Orange County, and he gets a ballot sent from there every election for his dead mom since he was in charge of her estate. Mail in is not secure.

    1. I get ballots from OC and Riverside County. A friend of mine who retired from there and moved to Tennessee 10 years ago received 4 this election cycle. It’s merely a reflection of corruption run amok.

      I think that Coconino County ballot counting is likely fair. It’s a D county for the greater part because of the communists in Flagstaff and the Rez so there is little need to ie.

    2. I’m not getting ballots for my late mom, but I *am* getting plenty of political texts (my phone number is on her estate paperwork), all from Dems (interesting since Mom voted “R” consistently — or at least she thinks she did, who knows how the vote was actually tabulated….) Anyway, I answer the texts when I am in the mood. Here is one response from 2020 where “Erika” is imploring mom to help defeat Trump.

      Hi Erika, I’ve been dead for nearly seven years now. Which historically hasn’t been an impediment to voting Democrat, I know, but I don’t believe in dead people voting. Accuse me of anti-zombitism if you must, but that’s just my position. Yours very sincerely, Laura
      [no response on this one]

      Here’s another:
      “Hey! This is Bekah with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote. No matter what we look like or where we live, we should all have an equal say in our democracy. This election we can show our unity by being a voter. Can I count on you to be become a registered voter? [link redacted]”

      Hey Bekah! I’m registered already! But I have some friends who are in the process of getting green cards, like they’re practically American already. How can their brave voices be heard? Thanks in advance.

      Great to hear!
      Here is a great resource for more information on how to be a voter in your state if you want to share with any friends. [link to advice for felons on how to restore voting rights]

      My friends aren’t felons (Whatever “felon” means under our racist “justice” system.) They just aren’t US citizens. But they and people like them need to have their say in US elections! How can they do this?

      I’m so sorry, I shared the wrong link.
      [not dumb enough to fall for a pretty transparent attempt at entrapment, alas]
      Hi Michael! This is Romana, w/Rising Voices of Asian American Families. Thanks for being a registered voter! We’re checking to see if you’re ready to vote from home. Have you requested your absentee ballot yet?

      Thanks for asking. I’m a Finnish nationalist. (Hakkaa päälle pohjan poika!) But can I still join your group?

      Thanks for your nice response! We’d be happy to put you on an email for updates and news. We just want to make sure our records are correct. Is this Michael?

      Friends call me Toivo. What can I say, my parents were old fashioned.

      Well, thanks for chatting. I’ll opt you out now.

      [this is RACISM plain and simple! -MC]
      Hello Laura, I’m Elizabeth an volunteer with Field Team 6, on a mission to end COVID-19 with science by registering Democrats to vote. The deadline is tomorrow. Can I help you make sure you are registered in 2 minutes?

      Hi Elizabeth, I’ve always voted AGAINST Democrats. But now that I’ve been dead for seven years, it looks like I’ll be voting Democrat. Anyway, I was an analytical chemist, so don’t come talking about “science” to me with your gender studies degree or whatever nonsense is on your CV. Bless your heart and have a nice day.

      Okay, I spilt my coffee a little at your response. I feel we would get along if we ever met! You have a good day as well!!

      [the civil Philistine! But, “Field Team 6”? Srsly? Also known as “Demgru”? Or maybe “Devpoo”? The mind boggles.]

      1. Okay, you win! That was hilarious. (but shows their tone deafness in spades)

        That old deal when a telemarketer or pollster calls, “Hello…oh, hang on…No, no…put the bodies in the trunk and there’s more bleach under the kitchen sink.”

        Okay, back…how can I help you?”


  5. The real question is: How much oxygen to get to Puerto Vallarta?

    That scene is just about perfect. Two solid actors (Nick Searcy, Twitter scourge of leftists, yet!), the clever, quirky writing, and all the little details. The facial expressions are wonderful: the look of bewildered panic as Reasoner runs out of air, the Marshall’s muttered “asshole”. And to top it all off, Reasoner doesn’t know how to pronounce “Vallarta”. Strike “just about”. The scene IS perfect. It’s also totally self-contained. The exposition of the first 50 seconds is nice, but not necessary. You have an entire story in under three minutes.

    PS speaking of scourges of leftists, yesterday I learnt about Akif Pirinçci. I don’t know if he is an ally or merely an enemy of my enemy, but the quotes are hilarious.

    1. The Youtube is a classic. I heard from somebody that Justified is returning to TV. Production delays stalled its release this year but maybe next year?

      I haven’t read any of Akif Pirinçci’s books. I suspect that it’s like lutefisk in that you need to develop a taste before you can appreciate it. I never did develop a yearning for lutefisk.

        1. My firearms instructor is named “Fred”. We had a special poster made with his face on it, and the title changed to “JustiFRED”.

          He chuckled quite a bit when we presented it to him.

  6. This month’s Despair calendar is titled MEDIA followed with a line saying “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies right to our faces”.
    Funny they would put that on the November calendar page….

    1. It all depends on the judge, but given the circumstances, there is just cause for a new election on Dec 6.

    2. The Arizona Constitution, Article II, Section 2 allows it. You just have to have a few friends willing to stand alongside as you inform Hobbs that she didn’t win and that there will be another election that she and her cronies won’t run.

      1. One can hope, seems the past few years the law has been blatantly ignored. Praying they prevail. Apparently there are races STILL being counted, a week later.

  7. Correlation & causation: saw a meme with a dog sitting in a hallway with shredded paper scattered around him. The words were – correlation does not mean causation 🙂

  8. Some interesting questions there, and no good answers… Re the bird- Fairey Gannet AEW variant is a ‘strange’ bird… 3 person crew, the others buried in the fuselage with NO view outside. Carried the APS-20, same radar on the EC-121. If the GIBs pointed that thing up, the pilot would never have any children. Also an oddity in that it had TWO turboprop engines side by side, with each turning a different prop.

    1. Old NFO – There should be aesthetic considerations to military aircraft design. Being locked inside a deafeningly loud Fairey Gannet without the benefit of even the smallest of windows for long missions would qualify as torture to me.

  9. *The doctor told MRSLL’s mother that she would die if she visited our home, considering the altitude. MRSLL to me, “Hmm, well played, LL.”


  10. Balkanization? Yes, and I’m amazed things have held together as well as they have for so long, which says something for the civility of the people.

    Thanks for the helpful banner infographic.

    1. People will move to where they are most comfortable so long as they are able. Of course the elites see that as a win because we’ll be easier to round up for use as slaves or to kill if we are “deplorable”. And before you paint me as extreme, the progressives were crowing that throughout their plague.

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