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Is there a basement?



It works where there is high-density housing without parking lots for cars. In Russia, you need something that will work in heavy snow and the trolly fits the ticket


For the Royal Flying Corps

Production began in May 1916 and continued until 1919. .455 Webley Auto, 7 to 18-round removable magazine, single-action short-recoil semi-automatic. The Royal Flying Corps at the outbreak of WW1 was facing a shortage of handguns, as its standard-issue Webley & Scott M1913 took a long time to manufacture and had not been in use long enough to build up enough stocks. The similarities between .455 Auto and .45ACP meant that Colt could be contracted to produce a slight variant of their M1911 pistol to replace it, which started with a 500 unit order followed by increasingly large recurring monthly orders throughout the entire war.

Many branches of the British military were interested in the sidearms, but by the end of the Great War most of them were in the hands of the brand new Royal Air Force. In that role of a pilot’s weapon, it was sometimes fitted with an extended magazine and a brass catcher, a small wire cage fitted in place of one of the grip’s scales to catch empty shells as the gun ejects them rather than let them fall inside the cockpit and foul up the controls.


Four More, Barack


  1. I rather like RIVERRIDER’s Area of operations… then Beans. My apologies to Bean, King Arthur has nothing on babes in bikinis.

      • i certainly did. maps were cool too though. thanks….i think many give obammy too much credit. to be accurate, his meme should feature gates or shwab with a hand up both joe and obammy’s butt.

  2. What is the difference in ballistic and performance between a .455 Webley Auto and a Colt .45 ACP?

  3. Regarding basements – when you live on top of a mountain and you want a basement, you have to start with dynamite.

    • That’s more or less what I did, but it’s a walk out basement and every room has panoramic window views. So more of a “lower story”.

  4. Wow, I would have thought Oklahoma would have a much higher percentage of basements since they do have the occasional tornado wander through.

  5. Good movie. Much better than most other King Arthur adaptations. Only “Excalibur” is better.

    As to Barky, well, who has their hands up his arse. A puppet being controlled by a puppet, being controlled by whom exactly?

    Brass catchers? Remember, one way the powers-that-be are able to snag one’s happy arse is leftover brass. Do this and fire sub-caliber rounds out of your existing gun and you’ll totally throw off the Fibbies.

  6. Crawlspace, solid granite and didn’t want a basement or walkout. But growing up in PA everyone had a basement, from Colonial times to present day…must be white privilege.

    If every parent took their kids out of school, might send a message. Altho, the woke crowd really isn’t awake, blissfully ignorant living in their narcissistic bubble.

    Nice flag display.

  7. “HAH! I Fart In Your General Direction, You Silly English Kuhniggits!”

    One of the first houses we looked at here had a nicely finished basement, and SLW fell in love with the idea. Growing up in Illinois, I spent much time in my basement workshop and Radio Shack. If your house had a crawlspace, it was one step down, and if it was a “Slab House”, well….those were only for young couples just starting out!

    I really like having a basement again, but it would have cost more than I was willing to spend to get proper power, and all the external cabling, installed.

    The 455 Webley fired a slightly heavier bullet (265gr) at a lower velocity (600~700fps) than a 1911, so make of that what you will.

    Beans is correct on Barky 0bama. Who’s been behind him since he was born is more apt, I think. The guy’s a regulation-issue Manchurian Candidate….

  8. Obama is a child and grandchild of communists. They all had an agenda. He became a useful tool, as attached to the teleprompter as slow Joe/Ho are.

    • I know that part, but who funded his parents? Who’s his real father? Who paid for his “education” and Senate races?

  9. I have a snobbish belief that it isn’t really a house, w/o a basement.

    I do understand that geology can be a problem, though.

    Around here in New England there’s a lot of ledge close to the surface too, but the population density’s so high that you can generally sell what you blast (or cut, or backhoe-jackhammer) out to the quarry companies to make crushed stone out of, so it isn’t as expensive. They just built a gas station near here, and they cut the whole lot out of a granite hillside. Had to be 30,000 yards worth, easy. Crazy.


  10. It was long said you couldn’t sell a house in Michigan without a basement.
    I enjoy my basementless ranch. Less to maintain.
    I see a lot of construction in areas where a basement calls for a constant sump pump during rainfalls.
    Practically in the water table.

  11. At my son’s house in Florida, the water table is 4 feet down. Not conducive to a basement at all.

  12. I find the uninsured map very interesting! Discounting CA (because the state funds everybody) you can pretty much spot where most of the illegals are in the US with that map. 🙂

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