Bullet Points

* The Red Chinese are calling Pelosi a/the wicked witch. I never knew that we had that much in common.

* Have you noticed that a lot more celebrities visit Ukraine than our disastrous southern border?

* Arizona Primaries – The Trump endorsement is worth a lot of money. RINOS are working hard to reverse the Trump momentum down ticket but it doesn’t seem to be working in Arizona. The RINOS need to buy some voting machines – and learn from the masters. The Pence endorsement doesn’t appear to be worth moose piss.

* It’s the ECONOMY. As you will all will note, Ayn Rand and I are not always in lockstep but this is timeless: Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice–you may know that your society is doomed. ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

* The Cashless Society wet dream – marches on.


I didn’t ask you to ID

An AF-2S of VS-37 lands aboard the USS Badoeng Strait (CVE-116), on 1 April 1954. It can be difficult to ID because it was a two-aircraft weapons system. One aircraft was rigged for detection and the other for weapons. The Grumman AF Guardian was the first purpose-built ASW carrier-based aircraft to enter service with the US Navy.


VDH Speaks about Ukraine

It’s a good article. You might want to read all of it. 

Excerpt: Russian President Vladimir Putin bets he can throw in more men and more shells than Ukraine and its Western suppliers can match. He is quite willing to “win” by laying waste to eastern Ukraine even if it means losing three Russian soldiers for every Ukrainian.

When war becomes such gridlocked carnage, each side looks to new game-changing diplomacy, strategies, allies, or weapons to break the deadlock.

For Putin, such escalation means more flesh, steel, and explosives. His country is 28 times bigger than Ukraine, and over three times more populous, with an economy 15 times larger.

As for Putin’s financial reserves, the Western oil boycott means increasingly little to him when 40% of the planet’s population in India and China are eager to secure near-limitless Russian energy…



  1. The cashless society – that joke about the three men who became enormously wealthy by trading hats back and forth while stranded on a desert island is SUPPOSED to be a joke, not an action plan.

    • The ridiculous and nasty have taken root in the present, and the woke pronounced them desirable.

      • We’ll have the cashless society soon enough, after the current pack of Eloi filth push us over into post-apocalypse. Heck, the impending Depression could well make most people “cashless”….


  2. Grumman AF Guardian. Heh. One of the few lesser known aircraft that I can ID–only because there were the remains of an AF (minus engine, wings, and canopy) parked for years in a back corner of the airport ramp in Chico, CA, still in faded Navy blue. Those stork landing gear are pretty distinct. Aero Union was based there for many years, and I suspect used the one I saw to scavenge parts.

    • Descendant of my dad’s first plane(Avenger), an predecessor of his second(Tracker).


  3. VDH is always worth reading. This time he brings up some good points in a war that has no good guys as far as I can tell.

    Celebrities are visiting Ukraine because their publicists think it will be good for the celebrity’s careers. So far that has seemed to work pretty well.

    Ms. Rand has a valid point. We are either at or over the tipping point. But the economy is doing okay, I mean we are not in a recession because the government tells us we aren’t, right, right?

    Cashless society, yuck! I use debit cards quite a bit but in certain circumstance there is something to be said for cash or barter.

    • Good article on Pelosi’s stop in Taiwan.


      Don’t see the benefits of the trip outweighing the downside on the political side of things. Maybe for Pelosi’s personal checkbook but not the US as a whole. Other than trying to sell the US voters on the idea that the current administration is tough on China? But there are numerous examples where the Demoncraps have been anything but tough.

      • The Biden Crime Family has been on the take from Communist China for decades. It’s well documented, it’s undeniable.

      • It’s not to show that the administration is tough on China, it’s to show that pelosi is tough on China. It’s her audition for the top job once pedo pete and spread legs (that’s what the V is her title signifies) are deposed.

          • Who needs qualification (see biden). Reality has nothing to do with her personal ambition. She doesn’t have to run if jo & ho are removed. And I’m sure in her eyes, she’ll do such a wonderful job, that being re-elected won’t be any problem. Anything that goes wrong or doesn’t work right is on us, not her. She’s never done a wrong thing in her life and if she hadn’t been so oppressed, she would go down as the greatest (sub)human ever, instead of just one of the best. She doesn’t think like us; she’s on higher plane. If she ascends the throne, she’ll declare herself a god.
            Damn, now I’m nauseous.

  4. The Senate passed a bill providing aid to military veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during their service after the two parties agreed to a series of amendment votes. The Senate attempted to advance the legislation, called the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act, last week.

    The irresponsibility involved in the management of the burn pit particularly at Baghram Air Base in Afghanistan resulted in the poisoning of many veterans. It’s a matter that was documented at the time and is beyond dispute. The politics involved with paying for the treatment of those veterans is disgusting. A lot of veterans have paid for the bullshit with their lives long after service. It’s an old and very tired refrain.

    When I was deploying to the Gulf War with SEAL Team 5 (I was an activated reserve), a friend at CIA told me not to take the shot that they were forcing deploying troops to take. I didn’t take it and managed to get away with it. I’m convinced that the side effects of that mandatory vax were the basis for Gulf War Syndrome. We’ve seen similar situations with government vaxes more recently. To me, it’s a similar situation to the Burn Pit problem.

    • I am kinda torn regarding the PACT Act. On the one hand we have done jack on the federal level for troops that suffer ill effects from the burn pits. My son was over there for 14 months and has gone from no health issues to being quite a bit less healthy both in mind and body so I know there are issues and it is important, no critical, that we keep faith with our veterans. On the other hand how much of the bill’s funding will actually go to help veteran’s and how much will be the same old pork?

    • I was JCSE and I got the shots for Desert Shield. They were not recorded in my shot records but were recorded in my Training Records. I was on the first C5 that landed in Saudi. Like others who received the shots at MacDill I have the rash that would only go away with a cortisone shot. It is occurring less frequently and now can be treated with a topical cortisone cream. I have a rash scar on my throat that looks just like a handprint of a choke wound.

      BTW: I was in the rear with the commo gear making sure the morale phone calls got through.

      • The US has a vax problem and I don’t know how much flushing headgear needs to go on to get the point across. I’m sorry for your discomfort. I deployed from NAS North Island, not McDill. Actually, I deflected the vaxes from both ST5-A and SDVT1-D.

    • Your wealth thereafter becomes a function of your social credit. This means that Banner is OK, but you’re screwed.

  5. John Kirby, the milktoast WH spokesperson, just said, “This administration does not recognize Taiwan’s independence.” Boxwine Pelosi is over there saying just the opposite. But, the adults are in charge, so relax and feel safe.

  6. I’ve started my hunkering down alluded to this morning…listening in to “keep tabs” and watching this idiocy from a distance offers some perspective that the elites wagon is starting to lose its wheels as they’ve over-wound their collective toys. Their plan is falling apart as they contradict each other almost daily. Their plan was thin at best, parts succeeded. The remainder will not…certainly not without some serious pushback…or civil war.

    Is it wrong to ask God that Pelosi not return from her little junket, eliminating one narcissistic elite from the reprobate club so she can no longer profit from doing harm to others?

    • Not sure if we’re “hunkered down” here, but I’m in Condition Yellow 24/7, and almost Condition Orange every time we go out.

      I’d say if you consider her 100% Evil, Wicked, Mean, and Nasty, then you’re justified. She’s a Modern Day Marie Antoinette….

      • i’m afraid it would make a martyr out of her, false martyr but one none the less. then they would get the war they so desperately want. nothing distracts like multiple suns in the sky.

        • I’m okay with her becoming a martyr if it gets this evil grifter out of our hair. It be similar to RBG, lasted a year at most, now a distant memory…like the rest of us once we break the veil.

  7. It’s a weird day when Pelosi, of all people, is doing something I approve of.

    Of course, I’d much rather that the US public response to Winnie the Pooh had been on the order of “We realize you aren’t familiar with the concept of a free society, but we’re Americans, and we’ll damn well go where we please.”. and “If you want your 5000 year culture erased from the Earth in nuclear fire, go ahead and start a fight with us”.

    I’d much, much rather that they actually meant it, and that we still had an un-degraded military to back it up.

    “Mister, we could use a man like Ronald Reagan, again… Not that I’m a total fan of Ronnie, but compared to what we have, geeze.


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