Sabers in Texas
Texas now allows open carry for swords and long knives such as Bowie knives. (USA Today) The caveat is that there are places where you can’t carry a sword/Bowie knife.
-Bars and restaurants that derive 51% or more of their income from the sale or service of alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption.
-Schools and universities.
-Polling places.
-Secure areas of airports.
-High school, collegiate or professional sporting events (unless the person is a participant in the event and a location-restricted knife is used in the event).
-Correctional facilities.
-Hospitals, nursing homes and mental hospitals (unless written authorization is given).
-Amusement parks.
-Churches, synagogues or other established places of religious worship. Also, people under age 18 will not be allowed to carry such blades if not directly supervised by a parent or guardian.
Frankly, I’m surprised that carrying a Bowie knife was ever against the law in Texas. It goes against the grain to restrict them doesn’t it? I wonder how many arrests have been effected for people simply carrying a Bowie knife in Texas – just carrying, not carving somebody up with one.
And swords, well having a saber in a scabbard on your horse is ALL TEXAS isn’t it? Or has Texas been so domesticated (outside Austin where normal Texas exists) that there is a reluctance to carry a proper knife? Come on OLD NFO and LSP – why would a Bowie be illegal to carry in Texas. Ok, if you called it an “Arkansas Toothpick”, I can see some Texans pushing back.
Arizona Knife Laws
It’s been legal in Arizona to carry any knife you want, wherever you want, open or concealed. The only restriction is against carrying a knife on school property. Arizona has the best knife laws of all 50 states. There are no illegal pocket knives in Arizona. Basically, you can own any type of blade you want and carry it concealed or in the open without worry. There are no municipal laws so you won’t have to worry about police officers the next town over harassing you for something that is legal in your home town. 
In short, Texas finally caught up with Arizona.
I’m sure that you’ll see other Arizona vs Texas articles appearing on this blog from time to time. I like Texas but live in Arizona, so you get the vibe…


  1. Texas has been weirdly strict about open carry in general and is only just loosening up. I think it's a holdover from the reconstruction?

    I don't know much about Arizona but it seems a bit more "frontier."

    Then there's Austin. That's different again.

    Must get a saber…

  2. At one time in Colorado there was hysteria about reefer madness, switch blades and Marlon Brando's, The Wild One. A bunch of stupid laws got passed.

  3. Arizona is the most "frontier attitude" of any of the Western states. There are a mess of city people in the Phoenix valley and hippies in Flagstaff that screw up the vibe, though.

  4. They still seem a bit hysterical in their love of dope.

    I realize that it's where you and DRJIM live, but that Boulder Corridor needs to relocate to a San Francisco suburb.

  5. There were several good bills cleaning up stuff and concealed carry when Columbine happened while the Legislature was in session. Dead stop, and it has mostly stayed that way. The Leftists have held the Governorship and House since then and often the Senate.

  6. We have relatively sane knife laws here in Kansas as well. You may pack pretty much anything you wish, though throwing stars are restricted for some reason. Doesn't bother me since I'm not a ninja. A CRKT Crossbones generally resides in my pocket. If I need something larger, I have them.

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