Antonov An-225 Mriya 

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy recently announced that Ukraine will build another MRIYA aircraft.

Russia destroyed the Original when they invaded Ukraine. My sense is that cost is no object for the rebuild since the US taxpayer will foot the bill.


Identify the Aircraft – two shots for reference


Identify the Tank

I think this is a tough one – ok,  it would be for me. There are telltale hints in the photo.


Ok, now a couple of freebies – would you have ID’d them?

This is the new Bell 505 Jet Ranger X G-EIMS start up & take off at Nancy airport. On route to Friedrichshafen airport. It’s a serious departure from the old Jet Ranger. (Not your daddy’s Kiowa)

The photo above is of an improvised waffentrager disabled near a Flakturm (FLAK tower) in Berlin. It consists of a Panzer I chassis and a Panzer IV’s 7.5cm KwK 40. (1945) It’s illustrative of another effort by German armaments to slap together what they had as the war ground on.

The photo above is of a  captured British Bren Carrier/Universal Carrier armed with an Austrian Böhler 47mm anti-tank gun. Highly improvised, but if it works, it works.


New Gun Control Legislation (proposed)

Senate Democrats introduced a strict new gun control bill on Thursday that would require all Americans to obtain a five-year federal firearm license before purchasing a single gun. The bill also authorizes the government to confiscate an individual’s firearm if the license is revoked. You can read more details at the link.

The legislation was introduced by Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).


Sea Witches

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the superstition that women on board ships brought bad luck became a hunt for witches. The belief in witches has always been present and sometimes seen as something positive but also negative among sailors.

Many a captain resorted to the arts of a witch to buy a breeze with wind knots. This was a ribbon with three knots woven into it. When the captain needed it, he untied one knot and could call the wind with it, but he had to be careful not to overdo it because if he untied all three knots at the same time, he would call a storm.


        • Yes, I recognized it too. El Indio (one of my preferred Mexican restaurants) is right there.

          • There’s an old-looking bar near there that I always sort of wanted to go in, with a stylized F-102 neon sign. I kinda got the impression it’s a pilot’s-only kind of place, and never tried it.

            Then there’s also the Nite Owl which looks like a total dive, but again, I love the neon sign and name.

            I suppose I’ve just never been in town long enough.


    • I wonder if the same people that designed the XB-46 worked on the B-57 Canberra. Very similar design, at least to my uneducated eyes.

  1. “To build a MRIYA for the sake of the memory of heroes is the right state position,” Zelensky stressed.
    Yeah, let’s send them $40B for a memorial to their fallen pilots.

  2. gun license? all three of those characters should be in jail already. i’ll get one right after they get a license to vote with the same requirements as the gun license. or one for attending church, free speech etc. and after all three are sentenced for the varied charges they should be facing, from corruption, taking bribes, sexual assault, pedophilia etc etc.

  3. “…that would require all Americans to obtain a five-year federal firearm license before purchasing a single gun”. I have a lifetime one, it’s called the Second Amendment….and it comes free with citizenship.

    “….introduced by Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).” That figures, a bunch of self-absorbed do-nothing putzes likely stuffed in a locker in Junior High because they annoyed everyone around them.

    Witchcraft still exists, maybe moreso now as people turn from God then try to fill the void with self-god activities.

    • Agree. The Second Amendment definitely covers the licensing requirement so they can pull that proposed law and get busy on something worthwhile. Oh wait, they can’t because it is all about the visuals and the posturing.

      • We keep hearing from pundits “Why don’t the Dem’s do [fill in the blank] to solve ‘X’ problem?

        It’s normal productive thinking. But posing that is a bad assumption, the subversive Dem’s – living within a fog of abject stupidity and arrogance – DON’T WANT to solve ANYTHING! “The Weakening” is for the express purpose of undermining The Constitution and to erode our Natural Born Rights.

        But why kill the Golden Goose? It’s obviously counterproductive. The irony is the very thing they hate affords them the express right to crap on it.

        These Marxist leaders should be shot at dawn, or minimally threatened in some fashion…it’s the only way to excise the cancer. Tough words, but we’re left few options to clear out those who believe Venezuela represents their nirvana yet won’t move there. It’s no different than hating a pastor because he challenges…instead of leaving the church they destroy the pastor. And it’s always a small vocal group who call themselves “Christian”.

  4. The three stooges are working their donors. “Look at how brave we are!!!!” Especially the fake war hero. Side benefit is getting the American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) talking about them. The war hero is up for reelection this year.

  5. The tank looks like a Finnish BT-42, which was a cobbled together captured Soviet tank and a British howitzer.

    IDK why Ukraine would build another Myria… that thing was basically 1970s technology. Why not build something better?


    • Kle, back in the day they made a good bit of money leasing it. The USAF actually leased it for a few high priority moves back in 1994. It landed a Lakenheath and was loaded to the gills when it left. No munitions but things like K loaders and such. I was able to do a walkthrough and was very impressed that something that large could fly. As I recall, the interior looked very unfinished and rough compared to the interiors of C 5As and C 141s. Still got the job done.

      • I know there’s a (very small) demand for very outsized lift.

        How many airframes does the world need/want though?
        What’s the payoff time for the lease money, compared to the billions to build giant airplanes onesy-twosey? the first one was only built because the Soviet “economy” was based on “do this, or we rape your mother to death and make you watch”. Even then, they apparently couldn’t afford to build another one, or had no use for two.

        If there is an actual profitable demand, I’m sure the world can come up with something better than a stretched AN-224. It wasn’t even designed for heavy lift / outsize cargo in the first place.

        I understand that it’s become some sort of weird national symbol for Ukraine, but if the Spruce Goose or USS Constitution were destroyed, as much as I like them I wouldn’t think we should build copies. Even with some other sucker’s money.


  6. A new MRIYA is actually needed. They provided the heaviest lift anywhere. Got to ‘visit’ that monster when it was doing a pickup at NAS North Island quite a few years ago. Re the gun registration, they are jumping all over the ‘third rail’ of politics, which tells me they know they are done for in November.

    • Your words to God’s ears. The weekly crisis effort will ramp up, it’s the only tactic they know.

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