Identify the Tanks

This particular challenge comes from Colonel (Martin) Kohl, EU Training Mission in Mali.


This particular tank/AFV is still in service in Mali.


And some are worse for wear




  1. The wrecked MRAPs are South African Casspirs. They were long in the tooth to start with. And a T-55.

  2. I see someone’s been visiting the workshops of the Tank Museum in South Africa. I helped bring back some of the exhibits there, many years ago. “Another time, another life perhaps…”

  3. Hats off to all the tank experts. All I know about them is they are hard on the decks of floating bridges.

  4. No place for comments on the mid-week commentary? I’m bummed…

    I had to look up the Sumerians ( I like having to look up things, it expands my knowledge, .
    The Sumerians lasted for 2600 years according to the thing I just read… it may be technically correct to say that “The Sumerian Empire did not last” but from where I’m sitting 26 hundred years is a long time…

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