Context and Precedence

It’s an old argument. Which firearms matter more, black or tan? Or are you into green, gray or brown – or white (shudder)? I’m not prepared to offer a definitive opinion. Black guns are harder to find if you tip your canoe and lose that cargo to the depths, but is that the only reason to have a black firearm?

The tan firearms are more easily lost if dropped and if they vanish in the mud, report them missing and take your Article 15 like a man, or a woman, or a person of indeterminate gender. I think of that the same way as the Navy going with the blue camo work uniform so if somebody goes over the side, you’ll have more difficulty locating them.


M18 (and M17)

The Marine Corps has officially started fielding the M18 service pistol to replace its existing arsenal of sidearms, the service announced on Tuesday.


The M18 is the compact variant of the striker-fired M17 that, based on Sig Sauer’s P320, the Army adopted under the Modular Handgun System program in 2017.

Of course, the services are free to adopt whatever handgun blows their skirts up. I found the choice of the 9mm Parabellum cartridge to be a curious one. Yes, I do own handguns chambered for 9mm, but as a combat firearm, I prefer the .45 ACP. Call me old fashioned if you will. However if you read through the justification you’ll find that “smaller Marines” had more difficulty operating the handguns that fired .45 ACP. WTF is THAT?

The Air Force has gone with  the M18, because small pistol rounds matter there as well.



Do tan rifles matter more than black rifles? How do you feel about the SR-25?

Maybe one day AntiFA and BLM will be able to tell us how THEY feel about the SR-25. They are being designated terror organizations by the Trump Administration. I’m sure that will be reversed if Harris-Biden win. They are the Marines of the Democrat Party.

And while I’m on the subject, the donkeys are squirming at the recent Supreme Court appointment. Both Biden and Pelosi claim to be Catholic, and they go on the attack against a Catholic woman who is raising a family and adopted special needs Hatian children as well. Their only argument against the selection is that, “she’s Catholic.” It sounds like the Republican argument against JFK.


  1. My AR platform rifles are black. My stash of AR mags is a mix from original Colt to P-mags. I like the tan P-mags because they do not get (as) hot in the sun.

    A couple of my bolt guns are green (Hogue over-mold chassis stocks) and blued (sand blasted) steel.

    My scoped M1A has a wood GI stock. It is very accurate and is a weight that I can still handle. I saw no reason to “fix” what ain’t busted.

      • Not particularly. Don’t get me wrong, I like the color, there is a “cool” factor, and I certainly wouldn’t turn one down. However, I have a practical streak, and I live in an urban environment. “Cool” alone isn’t enough to make me reach for my wallet.

        As to the P 320, I am intrigued by the modular aspect. I have a P220 (pre-rail) factory re-man that is one of my favorite shooters.

        • I’ve heard that the P320 is worth the money, but I don’t have one. There are a few firearms that I’d still like to have, but very few….canoe capsizes notwithstanding.

  2. I haven’t figured out the secret to keeping an FDE firearm spotless looking. I have an FN TAC 45 in FDE, great firearm, but it is really difficult to get the powder residue off, especially if I am running a suppressor. I will stick with blued or parkerized until I can easily clean the FDE finish.

  3. Considering Tan is a kinder, gentler color can the Dem’s still call it an “assault rifle” if it isn’t black? (According to them any black weapon is “more deadly”.)

    Me, prefer my bday present, a Ruger Vaquero, blued steel with wood grips. MRSC knows the way to her hubs heart.

    • I carry a wheel gun as a daily-carry choice. I’m with you. They’re a worthy choice so long as you practice and can put the round where it needs to go.

  4. Nope, I’m too much the traditionalist, no “guns in odd colors” for me.
    I still look a bit askance at the two I have that are stainless steel.

  5. Tan, black, grey. I can live with any of these, just don’t give me one of those weird colors. Does it fire when I want it to and does it hit what I’m aiming at? That’s what concerns me.
    I never exceeded 140 back in my GI days and got along just fine with the .45ACP. Still do. Smaller Marines can get along with one too.

  6. Just picked up a wood and blued 20 gauge today. There may be a tan Glock 10mm (somebody did a horrendous paint job on it) hanging around the ranch. (I got a great deal on it – kind of like picking up a gal at last call – but without the regrets!) Ugly or beautiful, as long as I can run the gun and put rounds on target, I don’t care.

  7. That’s a really nice case and accessories set!

    I like all the colors of guns. Most of mine are oldies, but not having a mud-colored one (yet) is just a matter of they didn’t make them that way before I already had a bunch, and I started trying to reduce my rate of acquisition.

    Mossberg at least used to make a synthetic stock/fore-end set for rescue line launchers on the 500/590 chassis in day-glo orange, and another one the same for dedicated beanbag/baton guns with LESS LETHAL printed on it.

    I always wanted one of the latter to put on a regular-ammo gun. I figured it would make the Pinkos all warm and fuzzy.


  8. Can’t say I have drank the tan koolaid yet. Don’t hate em just no need. No one talks about the real elephant in the room. Plastic. Carried a sig p228/m11 for years. Seemed perfect for toting around and shooting bad guys at the time. To me sigs are metal and glocks are plastic. No gender confusion in the gun world.

    I will say a buddy of mine that teaches concealed carry wanabe courses for beer money told me the new “bright”colors were actually a tactical advantage for women rooting around their purse for their handgun. I may have said he looked like a bel-air blue kinda of guy from San Fran and any self respecting gun guy would tell em a firearm belongs in a proper holster which is why we call em side arms. The conversation went downhill from there….

  9. i have preferred colored guns for decades, since i was on a sneak’n peek and walked up behind a well camouflaged ambush and only spotted it because they didn’t camo their big black sticks. does that make me woke? i hope not. another time it was black gloves, boots, and shades that gave them away. everything else was perfectly blended in. and i, being a smallish fellow, somehow always found the 45acp recoil/blast more manageable than 9mm. but then my mom had a photo of me literally teething on dad’s army issue m1911 slide, so i may be biased.

  10. Desert tan glock 17, stainless Ruger 357, assorted others, but my stepson’s 25 year old buddies (plastic gun aficionados) get the shits when they see the colt government model 45 . I still have my first shotgun I bought, 16 gauge Stevens Savage double , it’s actually brown. $ 30 , may have been best purchase I ever made. When I absolutely , positively have to make the shot, it’s the go to.

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