The Playbook

Think back on FJB’s rant the other night and ask where we are in the process. If you read the transcript and replace MAGA or Republicans with Zionist Jew, it could have been lifted from a speech in the 1930s at Nuremburg.

1. Classification
Classification refers to a division of the population into racial, religious, or partisan divisions. 

2. Symbolization
Symbolization refers to labeling the classified group. The groups dividing society are identified by a certain name, language, type of dress, uniform, or religious symbol. 

3. Dehumanization
Dehumanization, as the word suggests, is a process by which a particular group is marked as sub-human. This includes describing them as animals or diseases.  

4. Organization
Organization refers to the planning of action, budgeting funds, and creating special bureaus or squads to deal with the logistics of the coming mass arrests, mass internments, and mass deaths. 

5. Polarization
In the polarization stage, groups are further driven apart. Neutral parties are attacked; conciliatory voices are silenced. 

6. Preparation
In preparation, further and final organization is needed. For instance, “death lists” are created or people are segregated into camps.

7. Extermination
The extermination stage is genocide.



(Mail) Steve Bannon on Friday accused the White House of trying to stir up leftwing extremists in an effort to have opponents killed after armed police descended on his Washington, D.C., home in an apparent ‘swatting.’

‘I’m never going to stop so they’ll have to kill me first,’ he told

Uh, Steve, I think that’s the plan.


Does Putin Fear Assassination?

I will tell you in no uncertain words, “no”. Things may be changing because of the war and the vow of US politicians including FJB to have him assassinated, but typically, Vlad can be seen flitting from place to place in Moscow, armed with a handgun, with no bodyguards outside of a driver waiting in his car. Often he’s accompanied by a beautiful woman. In the article in the Mail, they point out that his bodyguards are on edge. They’re bodyguards. They’re supposed to be on edge.  Putin himself doesn’t operate like that. My statement is not pro or anti-Putin. Just facts.



California’s Independent Systems Operator (CAISO), a large state grid operator, is requiring the Dynegy Oakland power plant, which burns jet fuel, to continue operating until the end of 2023 to stave off power outages, according to a Thursday news release.

CAISO will also keep three other petroleum and natural gas power plants open to offset some of the stress being placed upon its electrical grid.

It sounds to me as if they’re going to need a LOT more windmills – and wind to turn the blades.


Hard Core Unemployable?

There may be an answer to your problem…


In the White House Briefing Room

Via Summit News:

“Fox News reporter Peter Doocy made another salient point Monday when he asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to explain why unvaccinated migrants are walking into the country every day, but tennis star Novak Djokovic has been denied energy to compete in the U.S. Open.

Doocy asked Jean-Pierre “How come migrants are allowed to come into this country unvaccinated, but world-class tennis players are not?”

Of course, Jean-Pierre had no answer, as usual, stating that “The U.S. government cannot discuss the details of individual visa cases.”

She added that “Due to privacy reasons, the U.S. also does not comment on medical information of individual travelers as it relates to this tennis player.”

She then claimed that only the CDC can answer the question and “This is something that they decide.”

Jean-Pierre also stated that migrants coming into the U.S. and visitors to the country are “two different things”.

Doocy followed up, asking “Somebody unvaccinated comes over on a plane, you say that’s not okay. Somebody walks into Texas or Arizona unvaccinated, they’re allowed to stay?”

“That’s not how it works. It’s not like someone walks over,” Jean-Pierre replied.

“That’s exactly what is happening!” Doocy shot back, urging that “Thousands of people are walking in a day. Some of them turn themselves over. Some of them are caught. Tens of thousands a week ar le not. That is what is happening.”


Good to the Last Drop…

(link) It’s a technical sport, much like SCUBA. I’ve done both professionally and approached each venture in much the same way as one would plan a trip into outer space. It’s a paratrooper’s song, but I always hummed it silently to myself. Jumping over the ocean was particularly difficult if your altimeter wasn’t working right, but you do need to watch your instruments or you ain’t gonna jump more.

A 21-year-old influencer and beauty queen tragically died after opening her parachute too late while on her first solo jump skydiving expedition on Saturday.

Tanya Pardazi, who is remembered as being ‘adventurous,’ died while completing her first solo dive with Skydive Toronto in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada.

While in the air, the Toronto University student ‘released’ her ‘parachute ‘at a low altitude’ without the proper time necessary for it to inflate, the skydiving school said.

She rode it into the ground so it was quick. The people she left behind have to live with it. She ain’t gonna jump no more.


  1. “The Playbook”
    OK, no argument, not in the slightest (if history doesn’t repeat exactly, it sure rhymes), but who is our Goebbels, our Riefenstahl?

    • Karine Jean-Pierre is clearly Brandon’s Goebbels. Her gender, race, and sexual kinks fit nicely. within the woke framework. Goebbels was smart and Karine is an imbecile, but Hitler didn’t have a fawning international media to prop up whatever bullshit he fed them. Times have changed. I have no idea who Brandon’s Riefenstahl is, but they sure boned up the most recent speech. Of course, I was not part of the target audience. I’m sure that the party faithful loved it.

      • Hitler didn’t have a fawning international media? Since when? Maybe, just maybe after Sept 1, 1939, but before that? The international media was lining up to fellate him like Kamala and any politician…

        Seriously, remember Hitler was Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year.” That the NYT and lots of other ‘papers of note’ were all super happy to have him in power. Same way that the international media fellated right up to the death, and in many cases for decades after, of that monster.

        Hitler and the Nazis garnered mucho supporto from the international media. Like they garnered mucho supporto from Edward Windsor, Joe Kennedy and so many more. (Openly not noticing FDR’s support of Schicklegruber…)

      • Whenever Pierre looks down, her upper eyelids are lighter than the rest of.her face and look like she has blind white eyes….very creepy

    • An IT shop I worked at hired a new person with the last name of Gubbels. I asked her if she was related to Goebbels of WWII fame and was asked “How did you figure that out?”
      Seems her grandfather (if I remember it correctly) was Goebbel’s brother and knew what type of person he was. When Hitler rose to power and brought in Goebbels, the brother saw the handwriting on the wall and moved to the US, changing the last name spelling a little bit to avoid problems.

  2. BTW: doesn’t have to be Zionist Jew, it could have been any (Continental) European Jew (or Mischlinge) who read the newspapers

  3. Our current crop of tyrants are using the history of what has worked in the past it appears. Perhaps they should expand their reading to include the final outcome. Definition of insanity?

    • They obviously loved Nuremberg rallies – I expect that they’d have a different opinion of the trials, convictions and hangings.

  4. The Tik-Tok-Splatter didn’t listen in jump class. Everyone I know who has taken jump class outside of the military said all the instructors focused heavily upon proper use of the altimeter.

    My feelings? She wanted a spectacular suicide death and achieved it. And sounds like she tried to chicken out too late.

    • Most military jumps (by percentage) are still made with a static line.

      In free fall if you don’t pay attention, the ground meets you very quickly. Her example will inspire others. Since she was a Tick-Tock person, I’m sure that it was filmed.

      • It’s not like modern altimeters don’t have sounds and other means, and, yes, the ground comes up fast but, dangit, all you have to do is do a proper setup and you’re safe. Still wonder what was going through her mind right before the ground went through her mind.

        Stupid death. And probably caught on film. Still makes me wonder.

        Being a TTP, I would have to question her levels of common sense and general intelligence. Not to say anything bad about her, but… bless her little heart.

        • She may have been going for a better shot as the ground came up – trying to get the best for her Tick-Tockers.

  5. Snort… “Karine Jean-Pierre is clearly Brandon’s Goebbels” I was thinking more along the lines of Baghdad Bob… Re the influencer- Lesson ‘learned’ the hard way. California is only going to get worse, until only the elites are left, and nobody to do the ‘services’ they require…

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