The National Football League (NFL)

I have never seen NFL players kneel to protest child abuse, or animal abuse, or spousal abuse.

When is the last time you saw NFL players protest wanton murder in the inner cities, or rape, or crappy schools that turn into gladiator academies in the inner cities?

When is the last time that NFL players went on a police ride-along to better understand the difficulties in policing, the problems with shoot/don’t shoot decision making?

And THAT is why they have no credibility.


A Letter of Marque

British Letter of Marque, dated 22 October 1813, London. To John Banner, Commander of Swiftsure. To “seize and take the ships, vessels and goods belonging to the United States of America.”

There is ample historical precedence. Maybe we need to issue those to such as would be willing to intercept Iranian shipping – for profit? I’m not sure that it would happen these days, just speculating. Lord knows, they’ve been bombing and seizing and attacking enough over the past few years to justify a tit-for-tat.


It has worked well in the Inner Cities for Years

They feel the need to extend it to the national election because their candidates are a creepy, corrupt, senile 80 year old white man who’s been an f-up all his life and a whore who is known for saying whatever her handlers tell her to say.


Energy in the USA


How does Texas Rate (if it was a country, which it sort of is)?

Texas is not #1 in the world, but it’s close…this is a map of countries with a higher HDI/GDP per capita than Texas.


  1. On the comparisons to Texas, would it be racist to notice that all the top HDI (human development index) nation-states are Germanic language speaking? (Excepting only Japan).

    I notice with fascination that The Imperial Capitol (WDC) is principally powered by “other biomass” which would appear to be methane (gotta do something with all the shit produced). Not to mention good old fashioned hot air.

  2. Take a Knee: This crap started when the Lefty Teacher Unions pulled the Pledge of Allegiance out of homeroom, replacing it with their self-loathing delusional “America Sucks” rhetoric.

    Everything the Left touches it destroys (h/t Dennis Prager)…just look at Mark Levin’s review of the Biden/Sanders 110 page manifesto of what these subversives want to do to “fix” America. And people think this is good?! Idiots are everywhere (easy to spot…the 24/7 mask-wearers.)

    Defeat on November 3rd is at critical mass, or else America is toast. That’s assuming the election either actually happens or isn’t completely stolen by the lying thieves, reprobates, and grifter’s that have infiltrated every level of local, state, and federal government (who are ALL still getting their paychecks while half of America suffers at their hand with zero recourse.)

    Unless pro-sports owners are deluded as well, when the money dries up from lack of “sales” then maybe they will wake up to the fact their pandering has been a poor business decision. Probably not. Same with the city mangers when they realize there is no cash in the bank accounts. I guess they are counting on Biden as [God help us] President will simply bail them out. Not on my dime.

    As for voter fraud, which is inevitable when the Dem’s know they have nothing to offer so have to cheat to win…pretty sure Tom Fitton and his shop are all over that.

    • The BLM manifesto is interesting- straight up communism.
      The goal is completely replacing our system of government with a totalitarian police state.
      Color of skin is just a shield they use to deflect criticism.

      • The scary part is far too many Americans (mostly urban) think this is good and correct. Ignorance knows no bounds.

      • “Color of skin is just a shield they use to deflect criticism.”

        Close. I’d say it’s more like: Claimed suffering and victimhood is used to criminalize noticing, much less criticism.

        This is from the playbook used by all of the left, of which BLM is only a small portion.

  3. HDI is essentially a metric designed to make the US look bad, and it still fails.

    Note that the Gulf States GDP is only so high because it only counts the incomes of citizens and not the shuffling masses of Palestinian and Pakistani slaves that do everything there. Pretty much the same as Lichtenstein et al, with differently-ethnic slaves.

    The generation map is interesting, but doesn’t factor in the States that import power heavily. R.I. buys an ass-ton of power from Quebec Hydro, and we should generate more locally but the State government is more interested in marginalizing the Peasantry through artificially high kilowatt-hour pricing than anything else.


    • Just about every industrial wind facility in Wyoming mostly goes to Colorado…wreck their landscape for another states energy need due to rampant influx of Californians here in Colorado, decisions designed to collect on pie-in-the-sky revenues. Money talks…even if it isn’t realized as proposed by big wind.

      A couple of nuke plants would solve this in a heartbeat, not fields of useless turbines and solar panels.

        • We are seeing this in Northern Wyoming landfills…carbon-fiber has a 500 year half-life. But the enviro’s seems okay because they like wind and solar, showcasing their hypocrisy. They conveniently gloss-over the foreign slave/child labor to mine the rare earth magnet material. Often they bury the blades/scrap on site. Or worse, once the field is sold the reclamation promises go out the window and the county taxpayers gets the bill.

          It ain’t sustainable, or green, or cheap, and wrecks the landscape. It’s a [currently taxpayer subsidized] gambit designed to make millions when the assets are sold. Pelosi tried to get these grifter subsidies re-upped in the Relief Act, Trump told them it’s dead on arrival if that crap is included. The Big Wind Con Artists are getting desperate as subsidies run out at the end of the year. One can only hope.

          • The impact on the wild animals rarely is mentioned. Oilfield structures gave resting places for raptors which led to a decline in the snake population. Now the wind farms is killing off the raptors. Acres of prairie are being turned into raw earth with the resulting loss of food and habitat. This could lead to future dust bowls.

    • …And a football team that is a disgrace. Can you imagine if they had remained standing and respectfully REMOVED their helmets?

  4. Oh, come on, LL. Why would you expect NFL players to protest all the things that make them great, like crappy gladiatorial school systems, spouse abuse, child abuse, animal abuse, drug abuse, income equality and all that jazz.

    And I am sure that the main kneelers are using typical Union strong-arm tactics against those that don’t want to kneel. “Want to play the rest of the season? Then kneel or you’ll regret it, whether leaving you open for a hit from another team or there’s always practice.”

    Come to think of it, someone should look into the NFL Players’ Association and see exactly how fair and equitable they are. But the powers-that-be are too busy covering for their paymasters.

    As to the SAA, I seem to remember that magnetic anomalies are the reason that Skylab fell when it did. Between magnetic anomalies and a heavy solar wind. Which just goes to show us that nothing, absolutely nothing, stays the same, no matter what.

  5. I walked away when the players wore PINK during October for Breast Cancer Awareness, as if that has anything to do with the NFL. I know, they were “reaching out” to the female audience, kinda like creepy Joe does with the kids. But they couldn’t just make it about fighting Cancer in general. Noooo!

    And then, for the Super Bowl when they went completely Tinsel Town with players wearing shiny silver ski parkas for the cold weather!!! Burrrrrr! Tough guys. I would like to hear what guys like Dick Butkus and Ray Nitschke would have to say to them.

    Combine all that crap with the lack of League punishment for criminal conduct on and off the field and they lost me a loooong time ago.

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