China in Focus (Youtube News Update)


The Communist Chinese are trying to frame their planned military occupation of Free Taiwan as a “civil war”… and are suggesting that no outside force should involve themselves in a civil war. To that end, they’re pouring clandestine funding (you can call them bribes when they strike elected officials) into beating that drum.

As we all expect, CNN and MSNBC prove to be useful dupes in this propaganda campaign. I’m not sure if Joe Biden is capable of understanding much, but his handlers are and they’re these same neo-liberal goofballs. The Chinese Communist Party, keying into liberal angst, warn that defending Taiwan from the communist invasion (which is not quite how they phrase it) will cause a distraction from the battle against global warming. Dire threat to the planet, though it is, greater rainfall during changing weather patterns have caused a locust plague to sweep through Africa and it’s headed for Red China (snicker) along the “belt road”.

The strange propaganda campaign suggests that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Navy would sink that US Seventh Fleet. They should just try – now (hold my beer) and we’ll see how that works out. But it’s propaganda, designed to effect political change and open the door for a more trouble free invasion on their part.

I have no particular affinity for Taiwan as a personal matter, but as a political matter, I would hate to see the Communists crush yet another free state, and that’s what this is about. To be fair to the mandarins, the propaganda campaign was beginning to work until the Chinese Plague swept the planet. Now, self-unmasking by the Chinese Communist Party has broken down a lot of hard work on their part.

Carrier Strike Group 5 – USS Ronald Reagan

Post Plague, the US Navy has forward-deployed more assets to confront China. The propagandists in Beijing laugh it off as “a paper tiger” but privately, there are concerns that the US may be spoiling for a fight, and a sunk Chinese fleet wouldn’t do much for the image that the Communists are working to project. The Communist fleet will not sail to invade Taiwan if the US Navy is in between the dog and its bone.

To that end, the Chinese see the election of nearly brain-dead Joe Biden to the US Presidency as a critical near term need.

Context and Precedence:

The People’s Republic of China attempted to invade Taiwan in 1954. It’s referred to as the First Taiwan Strait Crisis. On 12 September, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended the use of nuclear weapons against mainland China. At the time, Communist China didn’t have nuclear weapons (that would come ten years later with Russian assistance).

There are some who believe that Communist China was the big winner strategically, but those people are all communists. It humiliated Red China.

Communist China relinquished their gains and then On August 24 and 25, 1958, Chinese Communist and Chinese Nationalist forces clashed in the vicinity of Dongding Island, which the Nationalist troops controlled. The imperialist communists attempted an amphibious invasion and failed miserably. This was the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis.

After those aborted attempts to capture Taiwan by force, the moves became political, with an attempt to isolate Taiwan and establish “just cause” for a third invasion attempt. That third attempt will end up being what is referred to on this blog as, “The Coming War with China“.


  1. Thanks for the indepth explanation. I expect many libturds would just agree with the Chinese. We shouldn’t get involved in their civil war.
    All idiots.

  2. The times are getting a little too interesting for my taste. November may be the key. I may be wrong.

        • The wicked, lying, filthy, smug, sly, mainstream media will pull out all the stops to put their literal brain-dead candidate, and the president-in-waiting into office. It won’t avert a war with China. It will possibly accelerate it, because China will think that it can get away with anything.

  3. “The times are getting a little too interesting for my taste. November may be the key. I may be wrong.”

    Perhaps it’s weak to quote the commenter above, but I agree. The Left in the USA is aided and abetted by influential inside and outside forces. The Chicoms are but one example. I once told and Irish woman,” the US has the best political system money can buy. If you have enough money, you can buy American politics!” $urely this is the key.

    • The Communists paid the Biden’s $1.5 billion. Time for corrupt, creepy Joe to pay back.

  4. The outstanding achievement of this war in the field of joint undertakings was the perfection of amphibious operations, the most difficult of all operations in modern warfare.
    — Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King,

    Their 30 day war in 1979 against Vietnam didn’t go well for them, and that was a land invasion from their own territory. Can we draw any conclusions from that as to their ability to invade Formosa?

    • Times have changed – maybe. The question of whether China is a paper tiger or a genuine tiger remains to be seen. They do have a lot of flashy new equipment, bought courtesy of the US taxpayers, and our willingness to allow them to commit rampant espionage.

      I wonder if Senator Diane Feinstein’s Chinese spy/driver received a medal when he returned home?

  5. First Strike. Sink their fleet. They are not expecting that.
    Then Iran.
    I’m tired of us letting veiled (and not veiled) threats going unanswered.
    Maybe it’s just that right now I want to lash out at someone for what we are going through.
    Including tyrannical “American” politicians.

    • That’s not how we roll.

      Can you honestly see the US do a Pearl Harbor on the Chinese?

      I think that if we can keep President Trump in office, with control of both houses of the legislature, it will be a strong signal.

  6. I fear for our Election in November. I fully believe that the Democrat Party will collude with the Communist Chinese to elect the Democrat slate as much as possible to give the Democrats complete control of our country now and forever. Even if not outright collusion, the Chi-Coms will interfere because that is their desired outcome – a subservient United States (with a totalitarian government).

    To amplify Linda G, after the November Elections, if there is rebellion from either side (depending on the outcome), the Left will invited the UN with a strong Chinese presence to quell the conflict.

    • We still have a military. I doubt that they would partner with the Communist Chinese to kill American citizens. But with a Biden puppet in charge, a lot of evil could be done. There is no denying that. And his elevated VP once he’s served his purpose and is retired or murdered in office.

  7. Hearing the PRC suggest that foreign powers should remain aloof from their Civil War is pretty rich, considering that they rode to mainland victory on a wave of Soviet support while we back-stabbed the Nationalists.


    • USGOV has a history of back-stabbing – – – everyone including ‘their own’. Look at President Trump, the poster child for being back stabbed. If he was anyone less than Trump, he wouldn’t have survived.

  8. The US has twice caused the PLA to stop short… They DO want Biden in so that the don’t get stopped a third time. 7th Fleet is literally all that stands in their way, and they know it’s NOT a paper tiger.

    • Imagining corrupt, creepy, senile, Joe Biden sitting behind the resolute desk, eating his banana pudding and stewed prunes to keep him regular sends a shudder through my body. Not a good shudder.

  9. I’d wait for them to clearly fire the first shot, then send in the subs to annihilate their fleet.

    Maybe call it “Operation Iron Bottom II” or something catchy.

  10. And just think, if the communists in the State Department and FDR hadn’t supported the Chinese Communists, and only supporting the Nationalist Chinese, this most likely wouldn’t have been a problem at all. Sigh. “Wheels” never met a communist leader he didn’t like. Sigh again.

    The Communist Chinese only have a good track record in killing themselves. Okay, they got Tibet, after an inside job, but everywhere else? They’ve managed to pull back a bloody stump. There’s not a tradition of winning, or even surviving strategic withdrawal (like we had during the early Revolutionary War period) to base the elan of the troops on. They only have… winning internal fights and the political commissars standing behind them with loaded guns to truly inspire.

    Recent fantastic events, such as one of their helicopter landing ships catching fire and burning spectacularly in drydock, their rubble islands found to be deteriorating (meanwhile, the Japanese rubble islands in the Central Pacific are still holding up strong…) and other small issues seem to show that much of their military equipment may not be as ‘front line ready’ as they say. And I’ve suspected for a long time some of their missiles in the parades, especially those ‘hypersonic’ carrier killers, look more paper mache or cheap metal-work than actual working models. Skeptical you may call me.

  11. We are currently at war with Communist China….and have been for a decade or more. So far it’s been an asymmetric war of propaganda, espionage, hacking and this year biowarfare. But it is war all the same. The Chinese are going to probably engage in some “housekeeping” before stepping things up against the west. That means right now Hong Kong…..they are in the process of clamping down on freedom there and will without doubt turn what was a relatively free place into just another communist ruled source of cash and cannon fodder for those in power in Beijing. After that they will turn their attention to Taiwan. If they can overthrow and gain control without invading and going ‘kinetic’ as the term often used that would be fine as far as they are concerned.
    But if they think they can win by removing the glove and going with the big hammer than they will do that. The only real question when they do this will be WHO is in the White House and how will the answer to that question impact the USA’s response to what the Chinese do in and too Taiwan. After Hong Kong and Taiwan issues are settled look for China to make it’s move against the US and our western Pacific allies…..if the Taiwan adventure doesn’t start the show.

    • The question of who our WESTPAC allies are (outside of Japan, which has firmly decided) begs the question of who the Chinese now control. The Philippines would seem to be ‘gone to China’. Our visiting forces agreement was not renewed. Now the P.I. has a lot of its own Muslim problems and endemic corruption that is the P.I. So they may or may not ‘stay bought’. That all remains to be seen. It takes a lot of spine to stand up to Communist China when they are your neighbor.

      The communists are putting a lot of economic pressure on Australia right now, who they thought that they owned. Maybe not so much? And New Zealand (a wild card at the moment) which has a few big decisions to make. It’s fun to play leftist until the music stops and you have to decide whether your children and grandchildren will speak Mandarin with English as a second language.

      • I have no doubt the Chinese will put lots of pressure on the Australians. I have a lot of doubt about that pressure being successful enough to keep them from being on our side if things get spicy. As for the Kiwi’s…..They are a lot more leftist and a lot less likely to support the US even though I’m sure most of them (at least those outside of politics) aren’t very fond of the Chinese. However militarily they aren’t that important. They only have two ships capable of blue water action….a couple of frigates. Their Air Force is made up of patrol and transport craft….nothing combat capable. This means that from a military point of view they could be useful to the west as a place to stage from, store material, do repairs etc. but they couldn’t contribute meaningfully to any actions off shore from the islands. Somehow I doubt they’d allow the US to make logistical use of their capabilities if we asked. As if remaining neutral would keep China from steamrolling them if we lost and China becomes Numba One Dog.

      • The Philippines got royally butt-screwed by the previous administration, and the fallout of ‘Fat Leonard.’ But mostly the previous administration, who treated the Republic of Philippines as the enemy, not the Chi-Coms.

        The continued attacks against President Trump have made entering any agreements with the US sketchy at best, especially with who was supposed to win, who is in the wings (Michelle O and her flock of evil creatures) and Biden (who is owned by the Chi-Coms.)

        Yeah, if I was Duerte I’d stay far away from any paper agreements with the USA too.

        Especially when the State Department wants to treat Duerte like a war criminal for calling for public executions against drug dealers and corrupt political officials. All that graft and payola wasted…

        • USGOV does all of those things and much more. I’ve seen many of them with my own eyes. The attack on President Trump was particularly despicable. Yes, you have to think long and hard before entering into an alliance with the US. In this case, we’re a much better choice than China.

  12. Larry, would you please consider a request? You recently wrote that the Chicom gov’t. lies in predictable ways about certain topics. Would you do a post describing the “pattern” to their lies so we might better spot them for ourselves? I believe it would be valuable to know our enemy. Even if we can’t directly discern the truth, we might be able to learn what they lie about to at least see what they are sensitive and insecure about. Thank you.

    • It’s simple. They lie to enhance themselves. And lie to steal from the ‘lower kingdoms’ of sub-humans. They are the ‘Middle Kingdom’ of the only real humans. Start from there, that nothing they do is in the world’s interests, and that if you’re not ChiCom, you are non-human or semi-human, and then still expect to be disappointed, well, you won’t be too disappointed by them.

      I mean, the Taiwanese think highly of themselves, and will work to be on the winning side of any business agreement, but it’s because they are sharp operators, not that they know deep in their hearts that they are the only real humans on this earth.

      Seriously. It is that bad.

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