I wasn’t going to do any more blogging today and then I was reminded that it’s Taco Tuesday. That plan was shot.

Besides tacos, the only thing planned is to wheelbarrow some juniper logs from the upper log pile to the log rack under the covered deck by the house because “winter is coming”. I also have to move some larger oak that’s seasoning down to the upper wood pile/rack.

That’s almost as much fun as driving to Winslow to pick up a crockpot.

The weather is starting to turn from summer to fall here in the high country and while it’s not down to freezing (and autumn leaves) at night, it’s not far off.

My oldest daughter started texting me last night at about 10:30. I wasn’t quite asleep and naturally, I appreciate the communication from my children no matter when it comes.

She said that after this school year ends, she and her husband will be looking for a home in Surprize/Avondale/Goodyear Arizona. He’s a police officer in SoCal and he’ll commute the 5 hours each way and do his 12-hour shifts, crash at a friend’s house and then come to AZ for his four days off. Naturally, it would be great to have them closer. Critical race theory and a host of other vicious subjects are now being taught in high school and vaxes are mandatory. My oldest grandson is poised to start high school in 2022. So they’ll flee the worker’s paradise.

The endless masking, the vaxing of children, and the prolongation of the Newsom agenda are wearing away at them.

My daughter said that they’d also enjoy spending weekends up at the mine with me, shooting, fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, and away from the city. There is plenty of room for them here. There’s a guest area that is very seldom used – essentially a second home with 1,800 square feet. She said that they’d miss their friends, but most of their friends are looking for a way out of Californistan.

The police get almost weekly training on “woke topics” and find it difficult to deal with. He has too much time in the system to quit and start elsewhere, so he needs to suck it up. All the same, he worries for his children, so time for them to leave.


You wouldn’t want to be racist…



  1. I call this time of year “crunch time” when the garden has to be shut down, the wood stacked, and (in my case) the barn tidied up.

    P.S. A holdover from my years in Houston is I make wonderful tacos. We just had some last week.

    • Every time you bring up the delicious dishes that you create, my mouth waters. I dusted off the recipe for German pancakes (in Germany they’re just ‘pancakes’) for breakfast tomorrow. I thought to myself, “I wonder if Adrienne makes these?” And then you serendipitously respond to the blog!

  2. (from Zero Hedge) The LA County Department of Public Health responded to criticism of the maskless Emmys by claiming the rules didn’t apply because it was a television production event – despite the fact that workers were still made to wear masks.

    There was uproar on Sunday as celebrities packed themselves into the Event Deck at LA Live without a mask amongst them as they kissed and hugged all night long.

    Irate respondents on Twitter asked why celebrities were exempt from the rules yet their 4-year-old kids had to wear masks in class.

    Under Los Angeles County’s Department of Health guidelines, everyone aged two years and older must wear a face-covering in “all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, and public and private businesses.” However, after it was asserted that the rules don’t appear to apply to the rich and famous, the department was forced to respond.

    “LA County Department of Public Health tells me that the mask-less Emmys were not in violation of the county’s mask mandate because “exceptions are made for film, television, and music productions” since “additional safety modifications” are made for such events,” tweeted CNN’s Oliver Darcy.

    So apparently, so long as you’re making a television production, COVID-19 recognizes that fact and doesn’t show up for the night, much like it disappears as soon as people sit down to eat at a restaurant, but not while they walk to the table.

    Health authorities went further, insisting that the event organizers “exceeded the baseline requirements for television and film productions,” before asserting that the full vaccination of all those present was “one of the most powerful ways to achieve a safe environment” (despite the fully vaccinated being able to pass on the virus).

    “The Emmy Award Show is a television production and persons appearing on the show are considered performers,” they added. So apparently, if you’re a “performer,” or in other words rich and famous, you don’t have to wear a mask. But if you’re merely a lowly worker drone, you still have to wear a mask, as dozens of staffers were seen doing at the event.

    Makes perfect sense.

    Meanwhile, San Francisco Mayor London Breed responded to criticism of her not wearing a mask inside a club by saying the “fun police” were making a story out of nothing.

    Maybe she’s a “performer” too?

    • So how about the birthday party of our Anointed Leader, the one and only Barack Hussein Obama? 500 people freely intermingling and what not.
      Or this 10,000$-a-plate dinner in Nancy Pelosi’s personal vineyard, with the decrepit gargoyle herself in attendance? Again, hundreds of unmasked (pun intended) people. Mind you, the servants had to wear masks or else.
      On the other hand … not that I am wishing evil things on anyone but these two gatherings would have been splendid opportunities for the virus to wipe out large numbers of people; and the right ones, too.
      What a pity.

      • It was $30,000 a plate to be specific, just another elite lunch. I often spend $30K on a plate of chicken salad. The question is “what do I get for my $30K?” but the media glosses over the quid-pro-quo.

        Yes, the virus missed a golden opportunity. Would that it was sentient.

        • 30.000$ for one meal? And a chance to talk to the drink-sodden hag herself?
          Hmm, that sounds a bit like a great opportunity for graft, bribery and corruption.
          But never mind, that is only my suspicious mind, seeing crooks everywhere in politics and the media. Surely the money went to charity for a good cause … like needy Democrat politicians or such.

          • The hag worked the room. It’s clearly not the ONLY $30K per plate meal that you’re going to be asked to buy. In many cases, it’s a pay-to-play opener. $30K doesn’t buy you jack in the world of Nancy. Your placement at the table tells everyone where you stand in her orbit.

            Martin, I know a bit about this, having seen it in my world of work. Let’s say that you are a politician and you want to host a fundraiser for crippled children, as an example. This is how it works. People who want you to do them favors show up and pay $10K a plate. That is not the bribe – that will come later, the $10K is an opener. There are always door prizes and you and your cronies will win them. It may be a two-week yachting excursion in the Med or a wine tasting tour across France (5-star). The point is that you, the politician pick what you want and that’s a prize. Of the $250K collected, $2,500 goes for food and venue, $220K or more goes for the door prizes and after all the expenses are met including chamber musicians and all, $5K goes to the crippled children – “they win too”. Welcome to America.

          • Don’t forget the orphan fund…to pay for those poor, young, beauty contest winners who lost their parents and need a sugar daddy.

  3. They are all performers, poor ones, and they all need to be cancelled.

    It snowed in Yellowstone yesterday.
    Maybe Fimbulwinter will finally arrive this year, please Odin, let it be true.

  4. Not Tuesday, but had “indian” tacos Sunday. Lunch with middle son on his 46th birthday.

    The restaurant makes them with flat bread.

  5. That was SOME taco! Definitely couldn’t leave that out.

    Too bad son-in-law’s TIS can’t transfer with him.
    Bound to be places in Arizona looking for good officers.
    Safe move to them. Enjoy.

    You all be safe and God bless.

      • But when the cost of living is factored in, do they really make twice as much as Arizona?

        And factor in the aggravation, is it really worth it?

        I do understand losing pensions and stuff like that, but sometimes you just need to cut and run.

        • They do if the CA officers commute to California and are working 3-12 patrol shifts. I’d go the California route if I was him – take the 3% @50.

  6. Ah, yes….Tuesday. Time to pay for all those hamburgers today. I know it’s Tuesday when several of the local FM stations play two songs by the same artist back to back.

    Good to hear the kids are trying to get out of LA. My son is really happy to be away from the madness, and hasn’t adjusted yet to how nice people are “Out Here”. He’s also a tremendous help around here doing things like moving firewood. We have a 2~3 year supply from the ash tree that broke, the apple tree that was pruned, and some good sized juniper logs from clearing out the dead ones last week.

    Which reminds me….it’s time to clean out the fireplace from last year. Shovel out the big stuff, and roll in the shop vac for the rest.

    Second Hand Lions is a great movie.

  7. Those tacos look so good I could eat them off the screen and I parrot drjim, “Second Hand Lions” is an excellent movie and one I am proud to include in my disc library. One of several problems I see of living in Arizona and commuting to So Cal is natural disasters interfering with the commute and what happens if the flare goes up? I am sure his loyalty is to his family… but he could be made to show up for work at his department, five hours away.

  8. +1 on the “man” speech. Thank you Hub McCann.

    My wife saw that gas somewhere along the California coast was $6+ a gallon.

  9. Re the $30K, yes, play to pay. Glad to hear the daughter is getting out, feel sorry for the hubby doing the trek every shift, but it’s NOT unusual. I knew guys that worked at Hughes FTO that commuted via private airplane from Tucson every Monday and home Thursday. They would fly to work, then go fly FOR work…

  10. There’s place called surprise?! I would just simply have to live there in a crooked little house, with a hobbit style door that I opened to visitors wearing my emergency clown nose and shout “ Surprise!” And then shoot them with a giant water pistol. I hope the town of surprise lives up to its moniker! That’s where clown church HO should be.

  11. Fun Fact:
    Second Hand Lions — written and directed by part-time LawEnforcementOfficial and full-time Texan Tim McCanlies.
    [No need to tip, just another part of the service included in your club dues.]

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