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The sordid details of Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)’s sex life with first a Chinese spy, and then with the interns that she embedded into his political staff (also spies) make for great ratings and print copy, but they are naturally being censored by the mainstream media and Big Tech, all of which have serious holdings in Communist China. To them, having Swalwell selling out America from his position on the House Intelligence Committee is simply an insurance policy to help protect the ongoing prosperity of their communist business partners.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, taking a cue from her masters in Beijing, gave a vote of confidence Thursday to Rep. Eric Swalwell after revelations of his interactions with a suspected Chinese spy set off a furor among Republicans in Congress.”

“I don’t have any concern about Mr. Swalwell,” Pelosi told reporters.”

Speaker Pelosi is pushing for Swalwell to keep his position on the Intelligence Committee – and his Top Secret unlimited access clearance.

It makes sense.

How else will the Chinese get that sort of blow-by-blow on US classified programs? If Pelosi replaced Swalwell with somebody not owned by the Chinese, it could impact her financial bottom line.

By the way, who owns Dominion? …more here.

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  1. From my blog today:
    1: President Trump issued an executive order after the previous election that would punish any foreign interests that try to influence our elections. Their assets can be blocked among other things.

    2: Dominion Voting Systems was bought by Chinese interests in October. Are they eligible?

    1. According to Speaker Pelosi, he was just looking for love in all the wrong places.

      I wonder if that’s what Swalwell told his wife?

      I mean, a threesome with two Chinese spies is sort of normal for a democrat, so maybe Mrs. Swalwell won’t mind.

  2. Epstein, William C, Swalwell, etc. Pattern? Breathless MSM reporting? Political Twilight Zone, IMO. President Trump brings sunlight, and that is why he must be opposed.

    1. Will Swalwell commit suicide? Maybe the victim of a random hold-up? He’s easily replaced.

  3. And now the FBI has admitted they had communiques and evidence regarding the Seth Rich murders, and Seth was passing DNC intel to the FBI.

    Diane Feinstein got away with hiring and keeping a whole ChiCom spy team (it just wasn’t her driver, it was her gardener, her cook, her…

    And all the other Dems with huge ties to the ChiComs, like Pelosi… Nadler… Biden… Harris…

    Why is it that the Dems have, since at least 1914, overall been traitors to these United States?

    1. Seth Rich was passing DNC information to everyone, and she was Hillary’s guy, thus Hillary’s problem. Team Clinton has the capacity to remove such stones in their shoes. It’s not exactly a secret.


  4. Mr. Wolf, I sense you’re questioning your elite rulers.

    1: Report yourself to the nearest reeducation camp
    2: Denounce yourself in struggle sessions
    3: Find healing as a LOYAL member of the PARTY

    That is all.

          1. Tentacles with a wide grasp. Just learned Seattle’s Best coffee is now (has been?) owned by Starbucks…can’t even get a good cup of home brew Joe without helping the Left.

          2. Have plenty of mixed alfalfa/grass hay, could steep it and get a head start on the reeducation camp fare…I’ll even to split wood for the stove.

          3. Under provisions of the Green New Deal, fossil fuels and wood couldn’t heat the barracks of the imprisoned. I’m guessing that the best that you (and WSF) could hope for would be a threadbare blanket, previously owned by one of the frozen corpses out back, waiting for the soylent green cart (electric vehicle) to come by and take them to the vat to be rendered down… and then served in the chow hall.

  5. Someone needs to let the air out of these people, an Epstein but without the jail cell. I’d be okay with that, otherwise they continue enriching themselves while selling out America without restriction.

  6. “How else will the Chinese get that sort of blow-by-blow on US classified programs?”

    Heh-heh. I saw what you did there. Well played, Sir.

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