How do you plan to make it one more week? It’s a rhetorical question because you have a plan. I have a plan. We all have a plan even if we think that we don’t have one.

Even Blue Terminator, LSP’s attack dog has a plan (below):

I know Blue dog. He’s not going to share his diabolical plan but we may surmise that it calls for him to hold himself in reserve, as pictured.

Does Blue Terminator care that the dollar is sliding as the reserve currency? Not so long as he’s able to steal a steak or a fried cherry pie.

It starts……the inevitable deterioration of international banking and transaction standards….SWIFT processing. Opening the flood gates for unparalleled AML/Terrorist/Fraudulent/Illegal money movement loopholes, eroding the strength of the USD and paving a way for a global standardized digitized currency. Make way for the Russian SPFS! (SPFS is a Russian equivalent of the SWIFT financial transfer system, developed by the Central Bank of Russia.) I’m sure that the Biden Crime Family will personally benefit from this development.

Side note, Europe is no longer transacting crude oil purchases in the historically standardized oil price benchmark of USD, paying now in Russian Rubles via SPFS. If the Middle East follows, what’s left to justify the current strength of the global USD?

“Under the current conditions, we have made the decision not to reveal the list of organizations connected to SPFS. Still, this list is available for users of the system,” the Russian central bank told Reuters in an email. The institution used to publish a list of SPFS users on the website but recently stopped the practice, per Bloomberg.”


Yesterday was Earth Day (do you care?)

It’s only a short 364 days until the next big gala celebration.


Identify the Aircraft


Shifting Gears – and for the benefit of all…

Which is the best online source for delicious tamales? I see ads, but it’s difficult to know for sure before you taste. Yes, the tamales that the lady sells roadside at Christmas are wonderful, but I need a more reliable source.

The world may be going to hell in a handbasket, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t go out without tamale breath and a song in my heart!


h/t Woodsterman




Do Not Allow USGOV to Probe Uranus!


    • It was simply a cautionary note.

      I took my Ducati Diavel (She-Devil) to the shop for some tweaks before the summer running began and it snowed/hailed on the way back yesterday. How exciting, right? The USGOV probe is along the same lines as suggesting that people not eat the yellow snow.

        • I’ve gone through dime-sized hail on the Ducati. The first time was in Southern California, on the 91 Freeway between Anaheim and Corona. The weather was cloudy, no rain, and I noticed a lot of dust up ahead. I’m motoring along between 75 and 80 and wham-bam-thank you mam, Hail. Let me assure you that it gets your attention.

          I’ve driven through bad weather on a bike in the past. What rider hasn’t? But this was literally right out of the blue.

          • That too.

            I have rented a Harley D more than once while on vacation in Hawaii. Some of those island downpours are PROFOUND. I remember going through a tunnel on the windward side (Oahu) in fine weather and when I hit the exit, the rainfall was so heavy that I couldn’t see through it at all.

          • I was in Flagstaff yesterday for the snow pellets. I would think the wind yesterday might have been as big of a concern.

  1. Dogs have a very “enjoy the moment” take on life. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always liked them. Food, good company, a stroll out in the sunshine, they enjoy simple things in life. We could learn a lot form them, but usually don’t until far too late in life.

    Or maybe we forget.

    • Dogs take the greatest joy in a thrown stick or tennis ball, and they love without restraint.

  2. Pretty sure for decades the USGOV is already probing Ouranus.

    The Left and Dem’s fear Musk. Because he can. It’s awesome to watch him and DeSantis, the Left can’t control either. Florida Dem’s – debatably grown adults – tossing a temper-tantrum on the house floor because their grooming children for a life of sexual confusion was blocked. Can’t lose graciously at all. Mental illness goes all the way to the bone with these people.

    Our plan is Blues plan…maybe not on the oriental, moreso the recliner. Was a balmy 76 in town yesterday, got some mulch (hey, 5 for $10 at Home Disappointment, deal). This morning we have the requisite Spring blizzard and breaking ice on the horse tanks. Need the moisture so no complaints.

    • The probing must stop.

      Ice on the stock tanks. There’s a memory from my youth. I’ve seen times when a regular claw hammer wouldn’t do it and I had to get a sledge from the garage.

    • We just discussed plans on my buddy’s radio show.
      Once a guy called into another show and said his neighbors had food and he had guns, so they made a deal. that he would provide security for them.
      I called right after him and said that my neighbors had food and I had guns.
      The host said “and…????”, so I repeated myself.

  3. we’re all done unless somebody takes/destroys dominion…..i told folks the deep state was running us off the cliff with the “sanctions”, decoupling the dollar from the petro but they called me an idiot. they refused to believe it could happen and doubled down on it. when they come starving to my door, i’ll remind them.

  4. Tamales!
    Over the years I’ve had a lot off different tamales from different places, even the ones sold by the guy in the parking lot of the Smart & Final in Blythe were not bad.

    But back in my youth… I remember the Xlnt tamales my mom would buy back in SoCal. They were large, frozen solid & sealed up tight. You boiled them for like 45 minutes, then you cut the end metal clasps off and made your way into the plastic wrapped center part (these had to be 2″ in diameter) and put it on a plate. The masa, the meat sauce, the big chunks of meat (either chicken or beef depending on what you bought) and the whole black olives! It was great!

    I know, that is nothing like the tamales I’ve had since but the ones I remember from way back makes my mouth water sitting here typing about it.

    They have an on-line presence and say they will ship them frozen to you… maybe next month I’ll be settled enough and have give they a try again?

    • The best tamales I’ve ever eaten, hands-down, came from the Grand Market in Santa Ana, CA. They had about 40 abuelitas making tamales and they were exquisite. The city government condemned the place to widen Fourth St. and the place went away. They never reopened.

      I do travel through Blythe from time to time when going to California. I’ll check out the Smart & Final parking lot in my travels. There must be somewhere I Blythe where I can buy dry ice. I’ll research that before I travel.

      And yes, a large, whole, black olive somehow makes it all so much better.

  5. Finding really good tamales is more art than science, unless you know someone who constantly makes them by the dozens. Even then, supply comes and goes. I’ve never met anyone who has a 24/7 source.


    • I placed a diverse order from Delia’s (above) and we will see. I punched the delivery date off a week simply because I have an ambitious schedule and I want to be present when they arrive.

      It cost about as much to ship as to buy the tamales, but they have to go a long way from the Rio Grande Valley to the mine and that’s all part of the game.

  6. Tamales made up north (Ft. Worth), think I’ll pass. San Antonio and surroundings are the best source if made following an Abuelas recipe y Tias performing the trabajo.


  7. Heh. Topic timing is everything. Had my pluming checked through the back door a week ago, NOT by .gov. Happy to report only one polyp, benign. My plan is to stay healthy and spend more time at the range.

  8. The 2nd week of July 2006 while driving the interstate (I-10?) in Banning Pass we were all caught in a snowstorm so fierce I thought it winter. Whiteout conditions ensued. I had driven many times in such weather but itcwas the other drivers which were suspect.

    The grandmother, who must’ve been hundreds of years old, of a neighbor made tamales twice per week. Fifty cents per, I’ll take ten, gracias. My understanding is tamales are labor intensive therefore are a labor of love. Handmade by a 100s years old 4′ tall woman are the best. Oh, and her homemade salsa too.

  9. Wet blanket here. I can take or leave alone tamales. Chile rellanoes are my go to Mexican dish.

  10. Blue Terminator’s a ferocious and loyal war dog. But even he needs downtime between fried pies and FedEx shins.

    Looking forward to Rainbow Bridge LLC.

  11. Tamales here were always Cajun/Delta style. If you ever travel to Bhm Al. try ‘ Deltas Blues Tamales’

  12. Let me write this before I read the comments…

    Miss Pebbles is in stealth mode, much as Blue Terminator is. Nevertheless, I suspect she’s up to her own nefarious plans. She is maintaing a “No Comments” policy, so who knows.

    Yes, the corrupt, lying, evil NWO types are gleefully watching the dollar crumble. Get ready for some very hard times…

    Earth Day? What’s taht?

    The jet is a SAAB Draken. One of the sexiest, most futuristic aircraft to ever fly. I love them….

    …About as much as I miss the tamales from the Aubela next door in Long Beach. Found a couple of “OK” Mexican places out here, but son has found some astounding ones in Greeley, near the yard he works out of. I’m sure WSF can confirm good Mexican food in Greeley.

    The memes are great. Especially the one wirh Mr. Musk. Elon for President? Oh wait, he can’t because he’s not a “Natural Born” American.

    • I’m sure that I can gin up a birth certificate for Elon being born in the USA that is every bit as valid as Barack’s. Five minutes on the computer. The fact that our second African president was white wouldn’t sit well with many American Africans.

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