You may want to talk about how much it sucks in real life to be a cowboy (as opposed to the movies, where it’s cool) and how difficult it is to make a living doing that.

Or you can take cowboying to another level.

There is the War in Ukraine and the American politicians who would really like to see it devolve into a World War 3 scenario and possibly expose a mineshaft gap. “A sacrifice of the monogamous sexual relationship will have to be made.” Maybe it would be better if Congress didn’t view Dr. Strangelove as an aspirational scenario…but with the morons in power as they are – strange has become normal.  You can discuss that too.  It’s really up to you.


Creepy Joe will be recovering from his speech in Delaware. The White House is sending the whore to reassure American allies of our serious intentions.  She has been tweeting about the need for a focus on LBGTQ issues. What a moron. I’m sure that the topic will come up amid the crisis in Ukraine. We need to send surgical teams to the hot zone to perform gender reassignment surgery to show our serious intentions.


Professor Brandon?

Joe Brandon said he “really enjoyed teaching” when he was a “professor” at the University of Pennsylvania during an interview with podcast host Heather Cox Richardson. This is one of Joe Brandon’s favorite lies. Biden was never a “professor” or teacher after serving as Vice President in 2017…more here.


Sure it’s all hat and no cattle, but it seems to play well with their base.

You have the floor.



  1. RE: Heels Up Harris’ visit to Europe ~ there’s “pandering” and then there’s “giving a professional BJ to the LGBTQ crowd”. Ain’t Life grand?

    • It’s a national disgrace, but, we’ve had so many of those that it’s becoming difficult to find the biggest outrage. The Ho could be servicing Euro Leaders for all I know. If true, their standards are even lower than I imagined.

  2. “Brokeback Mountain” was NOT filmed in Wyoming! But even a good cowboy hat with the right shape for the pinhead underneath can make any mom jean wearing weasel look a little more manly from the waist up…except that last pic, proves what lies beneath is as thin as the teleprompter.

    Hey, great solution, drop Cowgirl Kammi into Key-Evv to flash the invaders…that’ll clear the place out. She can wear a Stetson for affect, and some spurs to show she means business.

  3. I’m surprised that I don’t hear more commentary on Harris’ voice as she speaks.
    There is a fear in that tremulous sounding word salad that comes out of her mouth.
    Not exactly inspirational.

    • The cackle is as famous as Pelosi’s and Hillary’s. Why do liberal women cackle? Is it a witch thing?

  4. You never know how things are going with businesses.
    A mainstay restaurant in our town just closed.
    An 87 year run.
    I’ve been eating there for 40 of them.
    A delayed reaction victim of Whitmer and her chivi policy.
    My wedding dinner was there and they catered my son’s.
    They’d host the Depot Town Big Band monthly,
    I’m concerned about a diner I patronize.
    Attendance is down, I presume due to rising prices.
    Let’s Go Brandon!

        • Politicians hate the middle class; they are too rich to be dependent upon Our Masters, and too poor to provide decent bribes.

          2 years ago, Government declared open war upon the middle class, and outside of a few people like the local crowd here, nobody gave a rat’s ass, or even spoke of it.


        • Death to the middle class is their play. For two years people stepped up to help businesses, but survival in the face of reprehensible crushing government edicts isn’t enough. The only solution is for supply chain operators at every level to ignore government interference and get things moving. It’s never too late to add a little oil to the engine.

          What would happen if the Keystone developers flipped the bird to the America Haters and restarted? I’d toss in a C-note to help.

    • I’m sorry about the closure. There is a steakhouse (Mom/Pop) here in AZ. I went there yesterday for lunch and the owner said that the price of beef and other components was keeping people away and he didn’t know how long he could last. I commented that the steak was GREAT and that I didn’t think that the price was horrible (high, but not horrible). He told me that he was serving donated (free) beef from a local ranch. The owner didn’t want him to close up.

      He appreciated the gesture but knew that he couldn’t take free beef forever. It gave him a financial breather without him feeling like a welfare recipient. He poured himself a beer, sat down and shared his tale over the last two years. I won’t bore readers, but he had a daughter die in a car accident – that the hospital put down as a Covid death, etc. His wife left him. – like a Western song but nobody stole his beater pick-up truck yet.

      I’ve been eating there since moving to Arizona. It’s a long drive from the mine, but I go maybe once every three weeks or so. It will end up like your place, Ed.

      • Yesterday fuel jumped .30/gal in many places, today, another dime. The Haters are intentionally crippling freedoms and peoples ability to do business from the bottom up. Thinking Graham needs to turn his comment to a different target set.

    • I made a business trip to Michigan and Ohio a couple weeks back. Stopped in at Morgan and York (now just York) for the first time in two years. The girl behind the counter insisted I put on a mask to place an order. I pointed to all the maskless people sitting down and an she made some comment about the requirement going away soon. Told her Florida got rid of them almost two years ago. Got the clueless look in response. If it wasn’t for the wine business and the university crowd’s business Tommy would have gone under too. Don’t ask about the roads either, they are much worse than a decade ago.

        • Twice visited outside of Detroit, suburbs, nice area…thought I was gonna lose an axle on the 3/4 ton just going to Fred Meijers two miles away. Could not believe people were okay with crap roads that were 5x worse than my gravel one, in what was supposed to be car central. Grew up in PA, you’d fail vehicle inspection for bad shocks caused by sorry excuses for roads. Getcha coming and going.

    • Sad to hear about Haab’s.

      And as to Fredrick’s story about “York” (The Big Ten, I think it was, in better times), mask idiocy continues despite rollback of the gvt diktats. Here in Chicagoland I’ve pretty much been maskless. It’s me, a few haters (like some 200-yo Asian woman on the train yesterday) and the hobos.

      Speaking of hobos, I’ve noticed they no longer hit me up for money. Instead I get either nothing (as in they’ll hit up every other person in a line, but pretend to not see me), or the “dude nod”. Which I return. This says either something about the slightly-rabid scowl I fix on my face in the City, or my fashion sense.

      • The hobos may think that you’re some sort of mercenary who is best left alone. Who can blame them for that?

        • I’ve never eaten at Haab’s, but have heard about from all sorts of Michigan people for as long as I can remember. Just did a quick search to see what had closed in your AO. I’m sorry it’s gone.

          As to hobos, best guess is that they think I’m one of them and I get the professional courtesy. Sigh.

  5. Priorities.
    Cops busy checking pickups hauling stock trailers to auction barns to see if the owners are running farm diesel. Got to keep those tax dollars flowing.

  6. LL,

    “Joe Brandon” Just a funny LOL on that. That’s my name and believe me I here about it. Gotta be able to laugh at one’s self though.
    One thing though is the fact that this man has been caught in more lies it seems then even the worse of the left or the hard right but supposedly the electorate ignored that. What a world as they keep reelecting the lying bastards on both sides.

    • I stopped being a Republican out of disgust. They’re almost all bad.

      I have a son-in-law named Brandon…yeah, he gets the razzing too.

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