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Is it Good-Bye, Eric?

Eric Coomer of Dominion Voting Systems has gone missing. The Dominion office in Toronto, Canada is now empty. Could “Arkancide” be involved? Maybe he hacked himself to death with an axe?

Or maybe he ordered a take-out pizza (see below)?


Mycoremediation for Sport

if you grow mushrooms over a toxic waste site, chemical spill, or other polluted growing medium, they will suck up the toxins into their fruiting bodies with such effectiveness that they are being studied for their ability to clean up tainted industrial sites. it’s called mycoremediation.

if you do this with edible mushrooms, they are no longer technically edible, but on the other hand they make a great way to poison your enemies. this is called murder and it’s usually frowned upon, but they won’t see it coming and you get bragging rights afterwards about your ability to kill people with a pizza topping.


Too Good for the French

Because in France, it’s ‘just toast’.


The Taurus Judge


I’ve heard a lot of talk about the Judge – good and maybe not quite so good. It’s a large handgun. That’s the primary criticism. The balance may not be the best.  I think that it’s a very good defensive handgun. It chambers the venerable .45 Colt and the .410 Shotgun cartridges.

And if you’re looking for snake loads…go no further.



A Racist Society



Republicans Talk of Ending Wars

While Democrats talk of starting them back up.

Grist for tomorrow’s blog.


  1. Have never fired a Judge. Had my FFL when in Kalifornia, but the gun-stasi there declared them short barreled shotguns and verboten. I have always been curious what effect the rifled barrel has on shot patterns.

    • Of course, the 410 rounds fired from the short barrel Judge are a short range solution. Based on experience, there is little to no effect from the barrel. There is talk that eventually, cycling enough shot ammo through the Judge will shoot the barrel out. Most people don’t fire that much ammo, but that might be true. If you’re shooting soft lead through it, you need to clean the barrel, but shoot it out???

  2. The Judge
    My late friend, Dirty Al Imhoff, had a forty foot motor home and failing eyesight. I straw purchased one for him along with a Bond derringer in .45. Both gave him peace of mind. Inside his motor home the efficiency would be ideal. His good fortune was never using one in self defense. His misfortune was falling and striking his temple on a counter corner.

    Why “straw purchase”. He could legally purchase a firearm but had good reasons for limiting his internet exposure. After leaving US Special Forces he worked for an African organization whose symbol was an Osprey, among other questionable activities.

    • sic transit gloria mundi, WSF. Sorry about Dirty Al and his counter corner.

      Estate sales are good places to pick up serviceable hardware without unwanted attribution. I don’t know this, but I heard a rumor.

      Private military companies in Africa (Executive Outcomes comes to mind, but there have been a few) have a way of changing their names – the brass plaque on the door – without necessarily vanishing. It later became part of the South African-based holding company Strategic Resource Corporation. Blackwater, formed by Erik Prince was renamed Xe services and has been known as Academi since 2011.

      There are a lot of people I know who think that Prince is/was very flamboyant and that capacity for self-marketing made him rich, but also put him on a map. And there are clients who never want to be seen on a map. Not ever.

      But I digress. Dirty Al could have benefitted from a Judge. But as you point out, it didn’t keep his temple from striking the counter. The question in my filthy mind is whether somebody helped him hit it or if it was just Jack Daniels.

    • If Al was legally able to purchase a firearm, you didn’t straw purchase it. It is absolutely legal to buy a gun for another person as long as they are not legally proscribed. Not generally advisable to admit to felonies online either 🙂

  3. I picked up a Judge several years back, more out of curiosity than anything else. The .45 Colt chambering makes it viable for social purposes and the .410 is rough on timber rattlers. There’s things around here I’d go to ahead of the Judge, but it’ll get the job done if need be.

    • It’s just a comment — and to some a preference. I prefer other options, but don’t dismiss the Judge out of hand.

  4. One could do worse than a Judge. Far worse. Things made by Astra or Lorcin come to mind.

    At least the Judge and guns like it actually work.

    I’ve heard people put it down as nonsense while being open proponents of a .38 snubby as the best self defense weapon EVAH!!!

    Yeah. My feelings? If it works for you, and you can use it, and you can afford it, and you can afford to feed it, then go for it.

    • Some of the newer small framer revolvers that chamber the .38 plus P are not bad belly guns. There is ammunition available that mimics larger and more formidable rounds. Keep it close, bellybutton, belt buckle and balls, and they work. Of course, a 410 buck round works well too at similar ranges.

  5. The Dems love war! That’s because they’re the Party of the People.

    That in mind, I’ve enjoyed shooting the Judge, lots of fun. But is it a bit of a gimmick? The revolver that’s also a shotgun, sort of thing. To the point, shot spread at a range of around 15 yards was pretty thin. OK, maybe that’s a benefit when you don’t want to Rittenhoused? Still…

    Whatever, good 2nd sermon in the “notices.”

  6. I have never even handled a Judge, much less fired one. But given my tendency to “buy American” whenever possible, were I in the mood for something like that, I’d prolly go with the Smith & Wesson’s competing Governor. During snake season, I habitually tote a Smith Model 64 with CCI shot loads as the first two coming up and some kinda hot hollow points in the remainder, and have been pretty well satisfied with the CCI shot load’s performance.

  7. I have a buddy that has the Raging Judge Magnum with the 3″ barrel. He has shot it once with a 454 Casull round and now keeps it for home defense. He has it loaded with some nasty 410 SD hybrid buckshot rounds and the last chamber with a 454 Casull.

    He has offered to let me shoot it at the range. My answer is always NO! I shot a 454 Casull once and quickly decided I that once was enough. At my age my 44Mag is too much with higher end magnum loads.

    • At point blank range, which is where most shootings occur, you can defend yourself adequately with something more modest than a Judge. I like the Ruger Redhawk Alaskan but that’s me. It’s a heavy revolver, but needs to be with those .454 rounds. You can opt for the lighter .45 Colt rounds if you prefer. But it’s the same with dropping to .44 Special and there are some effective bullets/loads that can be used with much less recoil.

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