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The US Navy’s existing hospital ships are big dinosaurs, slow,  seldom used, expensive to operate, etc. I heard that they were considering a smaller catamaran hull form to replace Comfort and Mercy. Claudio sent me the article below, and I’m sharing it here.

I believe that hospital ships can fulfill a number of vital missions but the existing ships were two really big eggs in a basket, and in part because of that were underutilized.

(link) (h/t Claudio) By February of 2028, the Navy hopes to have a catamaran-hulled medical ship that its manufacturer says will have a top speed of at least 30 knots and a range of 5,500 nautical miles at 24 knots.

In its Fiscal Year 2023 justification book released last week, the Navy said an Expeditionary Medical Ship (EMS) variant of the Spearhead class Expeditionary Fast Transport will serve that role.

It would be smaller and faster than its two current hospital ships, the USNS Comfort and the USNS Mercy.



You don’t have to guess

It’s a MAZ-541 aircraft tug towing a Tupolev Tu-104.


Concealed Carry?


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  1. That Spearhead hospital ship will probably be built by Austel. They’ve done a couple that the USN is using for testing/prototyping.

  2. I didn’t realize how big the existing two are until I looked them up. Converted supertankers? They’re completely self-contained, floating, 1000-bed hospitals!

    I’m sure the newer ones are much more flexible.

    • And that’s the point. The big existing hospital ships were designed to sit off the coast (think Vietnam) and accept large casualties from a limited war. More smaller floating hospitals are a better idea for the present day.

  3. Off topic, here’s the incoming head of MINITRUE, Mx Nina Jankowicz, singing a jolly Christmas song called My Simple Christmas Wish.

    Here are some of the lyrics:
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    By David Friedman. I have no idea who he is, other than obviously a man who has a deep spiritual connection with the true meaning of Christmas.

    This is the woman who will decide what is misinformation and what is truth.

    • If a “Disinformation Governance Board” in any form is allowed to exist, we are in big trouble and if this raving lunatic Karen is allowed ANY position of power in government, we are truly doomed.

      • I think .fedgov is already infested with persons similar to Mx Jankowicz. They are much like hydatid cysts.

        Hydatid cysts are larval tapeworms that “borrow in” and create their own environment within the host. If they are disturbed, e.g. during surgery, the cysts can rupture and spill their toxic contents, potentially resulting in death by anaphylaxis, chemical irritation/inflammation of the biliary system, and spread of tapeworms to elsewhere in the body.

        I’m always leery of analogies, but this one is quite accurate, I’m thinking.

        • They are so sure of their power that they are openly mocking us. They are brazenly destroying our country, our society and our traditions and daring us to do anything about it. They have turned the law into a weapon against the law-abiding and snicker behind their hands at our quaint belief that The Constitution and the principals of liberty and limited government actually still apply.
          Yet they are gleeful for our delusion for they know that as long as we continue to use the courts and electoral system as our only means of opposition that they are safe and free to pursue their agenda to its conclusion.
          They believe that they will subjugate us and face no retribution because we lack the will and the courage to do what is necessary to prevent them.

          “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if….”

  4. The gun grabbers never give up. Colorado has state presumption but that doesn’t stop cities from passing their own bizarre gun laws. With a solid blue State Attorney General, there is nothing stopping them but privately funded law suits. No consequences for the gun grabbers once the courts rule against them.

    • Remind me, I keep getting them mixed up.
      Which colors are ‘good’ colors?
      Are the ‘reds’ still ‘commie scum’…

      • That’s how I see it.

        But the media mixed things up and calls conservative states “red states” – because they’re the media.

  5. I like that MAZ-541; looks like the world’s biggest taxicab.

    Anybody here ever have a Chiappa Rhino (BBA)? I always thought they looked cool, and the low-bore-axis thing seems at least plausible.


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