Sleepy Joe 


Let’s Go Brandon

Joe Biden traveled more than 3,000 miles to the Pacific Northwest to lecture Americans on climate change. Trump supporters lined the streets to troll Joe Biden as his presidential motorcade drove to Green River College near Seattle. The Trump supporters chanted, “Let’s go Brandon!” and gave Biden the middle finger as his motorcade drove by.…

Brandon wandered around, lost, after delivering remarks at Green River College in Auburn, Washington. There was no handler in an Easter Bunny suit to manage him. This needs to change. Keep the Easter Bunny close to him at all events.

And while Creepy Joe suggests that America should be grateful for all that he’s done, many of us have a different take on it. With inflation at all-time highs, Biden’s economy is a mess.  The cost of gasoline has reached all-time highs.  Interest rates are up near 7% now, the highest rates in years and still, they are way behind inflation.  This all happened due to Biden’s reckless spending, with the democrat Congress cheering him on while blaming Putin and Trump for the mess we’re in.

Claudio pointed out this article in PJ Media. “Prisoners of Our Own Device” is well worth reading. Richard Fernandez takes a very clear, very rational look at the irrationality of politics we witness underway among the “great powers”. In a few words, he lays it bare.


It’s Sunday 

What highway are you on?

That will have to pass for a sermonette…


Identify the Aircraft



Japanese Short Range Recurve Archery


  1. Heh. Highway indeed.

    So a few years back, I did a ride along with my LEO daughter (Arlington TX PD). She made a vehicle stop (well actually they made it easy by pulling into a gas station for fuel). In the course of things she discovered a couple of blunts in the vehicle, which in Texas means you’re off to the greybar hotel. The lone driver of the vehicle was a 40ish female with an orange sort of Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants hair do, meek and compliant. Back up arrives, my daughter cuffs the driver and loads her into the back seat of the cruiser. I have been watching from my shotgun seat.

    My daughter slides in behind the wheel and finishes up some paperwork. A meek voice comes from the back seat, “Officer, I’m sorry I lied about the Marijuana”. Daughter replies “That’s OK. Just explain everything to the judge and you’ll be fine”. Now the whole time, the regular car radio has been tuned to an FM music station. As my daughter shifts into reverse to back out, had to God, “Highway to Hell” comes on the radio. The little voice in the back seat asks, “Do you play this for everyone?”. I still have marks on my tongue from trying not to laugh.

    • I am not anti-Russian or anti-Putin though I’m in the minority today. Russia is a dying nation. Putin knows it. Their birthrate can’t keep the population going as presently constituted. WW2, the Great Patriotic War killed them. The human losses (Great Russians) can’t be recovered under their current culture. They lack natural resources (except for some metals and oil) and they are 11 time zones long as you point out. The invasion was a (bad) gamble to try and expand into an area that would give them additional population and maybe a shot at survival. It failed miserably, exposing the failing empire to all.

      The PRC is something 100% different and would balkanize tomorrow if the People’s Liberation Army wasn’t there to keep it in one piece. Shanghai HATES Beijing…and everyone hates Beijing. There are 8 different spoken languages, though the population centers all speak Mandarin (except for HK). Xi wants to create an empire and the cracks are just as large as the Russian cracks. America is a different animal, but has problems of its own – obviously.

      • To get a population explosion, you need a culture that supports it. It seems like Russian culture under the rulers going back for several generations has encouraged a lot of bad memes (or, you can call it stinking thinking) and the memetic load is getting to be too much. Meanwhile, in the US, bad meme generators are working overtime – at least the propagators of propaganda would have us think so.

    • Not my thing. The hippies go for the more magic variety, or if those aren’t available, jimson weed or peyote.

    • Maybe it would help if they dug up Harvey the Rabbit and breathed the life back into him (and his sidekick James Stewart too, wouldn’t hurt).

  2. lol, that made my day. if they’ve lost seattle, they’ve lost it all. there may be hope after all.

    • Unfortunately, they haven’t lost Seattle.

      It’s just that out of the millions there (in the metro), some large minority don’t like the same stuff as the majority. You can get a lot of protesters out of say, 1.5 million people.

      Even in Rhode Island, one of the most reliably pinko places in the US, 40% of the population vote the other way; it just doesn’t make any difference. And, of course, the “other way” almost universally just means voting for slightly different scum.


    • The other day I saw a Prius with “FJB” in huge letters on the rear windshield.
      When you’ve lost Prius drivers ….

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