The only appeal that one would have is if it came with a “Mr. Fusion” engine and would take me back to the future.

It was one of those automobile brands that came and went – as they all traveled into the (distant) future or to the modern scrapyard.  I never rode in one, they may have been amazing.


Florida… Private Booty Patrols are Necessary

In Arizona, we don’t need official-looking cars to accomplish the same task.  ;^)


President Trump offered timely and useful advice to Slow Joe ahead o his meeting with Vladimir Putin next week. He said, “Don’t fall asleep in the meeting and give Putin my warmest regards.”

Don’t fall asleep in the meeting? That’s a tall order for Creepy Joe. Maybe he’ll have Dr. Jill at his side to poke him and keep him awake? The only thing that seems to keep Joe awake and pert is having a young woman for him to sniff.

Joe’s problem is that he’s senile – but he’s also an a$$hole and I don’t know that you can ever fix that.



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Name the Mystery Aircraft

I’m going easy on you today.


CZ-75C “Massada”

The Czech Republic made a compact variant of the legendary CZ-75, these particular 9x19mm chambered pistols were an Israeli contract order

Note the additional slide markings of the Massada and Menora image. Supposedly these were issued to park rangers at the Masada Park which is where the historic Masada Fortress is located. The odd thing is the misspelling of Massada on the slide, leading some to believe these might be fakes; intentionally made up to be some sort of rare surplus pistol.

However, most collectors do believe these to be real genuine Israeli handguns. One interesting feature on these Massada pistols is that they use a dual recoil spring setup, unlike other CZ compacts. (a lot like a Colt Officer’s Model)


  1. Back in the day I sold three used Deloreans at various times. Their principal downfall was the Renault engine’transmission combination and being assembled in Northern Ireland. French quality plus British workmanship wasn’t a winning combination.

    Compared to other vehicles of that time, they were decent but not outstanding. A small block GM V-8 would have transformed them into a rocket. My Mitsubishi Starion would kick their ass. Of course, that Mitsu would humble a lot of competitors.

      • It’s an FM-2. As you point out, it has a tall vertical stabilizer – taller and a different shape from the F4F. Four guns instead of six per wing, but a lot more ammunition. It’s an improvement on the F4F-4

  2. The Delorean car never lived up to the hype. It was supposed to be mid-engined, and Wankel powered. Then that motor they wanted to use went out of production, and they chose the Ford “Cologne” V6. Then were going to buy the entire powertrain from Citroen, and were told they couldn’t turbocharge it. Final choice was the “PRV” (Peugeot-Renault-Volvo) V6 engine, which dictated a change from mid to rear engine placement. They were slow, had some handling quirks, and suffered from “Fit-and-Finish” issues their entire production run. Add to that the spiraling cost increases from what was supposed to be $12k car to what was a $30k+ car, and you have a receipe for failure.

    Their collectability wouldn’t be what it is if they hadn’t been in the movies.

    I keep waiting for SloJoe to keel over, followed by a crash of Air Force Two with the Ho aboard. Maybe I need to see a doc….

    Rod was a prophet.

    An F4F Wildcat. The hand-crank retrabable main gear gives it away.

    • You definitely need another pistol. I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t need another pistol. The question is which pistol and whether you want to pay inflated prices.

  3. I’m no expert but it looks like an F4F to me.
    I like the CZ75, and yes LSP, you need one. One of my favorite CZ models is the CZ40B which started as a cooperative venture with Colt and was designed as a 40 S&W from the get go. After a couple thousand were produced Colt backed out and rest wore the CZ brand. Fine pistols sadly discontinued.

    • I don’t think that the woke are concerned about a vaccine body count. They’re only sad that nobody is wearing masks but them.

  4. You have to be careful disassembling the older CZ 75’s. There’s a little keeper plate in the safety mechanism, a tiny thin piece of metal maybe 3/16″ long under spring pressure that will launch itself into the farthest reaches of the known universe, and perhaps beyond, never to be seen again, if you’re not careful, and maybe even if you are. They are not commercially available for love nor money.

  5. F4F my great uncle flew one in the pacific.
    He was a real interesting guy. An avid modeler, he built an exact replica of his plane. Since he fought in both theaters and had both Japanese and German tallies including a U-boat. He was a military flight instructor as well.
    He flew many different planes of the war and it was very interesting to hear his opinions of them.

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