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The Zapatistas, Vincente Fox (a memior) 

(above) Mexican soldiers in a ditch during the 1994 Zapatista Uprising in Chiapas, January 1994.

The Zapatista uprising in Chiapas is something that I was close to, from the standpoint of US interests. Many of the guns that made their way to the rebels – that made the rebellion possible came through the Catholic Church, Jesuit Order, operating out of the University of San Francisco (San Francisco, California). The request to follow the smuggling to its source came from Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional (Center for Investigation and National Security), commonly known as CISEN, now called CNI. The Deputy Director of CISEN at the time, Admiral Wilfrido Robledo, was and remains a personal friend.

Unlike the cartels of today, the Zapatistas didn’t have access to essentially unlimited supplies of arms and ammunition from the Communist Party of China & Norinco.

The combined efforts of the Jesuits in San Francisco and of the Catholic Diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas managed smuggling routes for firearms and ammunition from the US to the Mexican State of Chiapas. I don’t know how much good I did beyond finding and documenting what happened and was happening. Some of the shipments were seized by SEMAR (Mexican Marines). The communists who are embedded in the US media aided the propaganda campaign in Mexico. As usual, the leadership of the movement, charismatic in its nature, resembled the Seattle enclave variously called Chop or Chad. At least they did to me.

Jacqueline Bracamontes

Fast forward to 2002, then newly elected Mexican President Vincente Fox, had a meeting and signed a peace agreement with the Zapatistas in Santa Ana, California in my office/conference room. The agreement didn’t hold. Fox brought his mistress, Jacqueline Bracamontes – Miss Mexico 2001 – to the meeting with him and I must admit that she was easy on the eyes.

I always wondered and still wonder whether the peace agreement was serious on Vincente Fox’s part, or whether it was an excuse to have a vacation with Jacqueline for a couple of weeks, far from the eyes of his wife, Marta Sahagún. Marta and her children served as bag men for Fox and many assert that they were the real power in Mexico during Fox’s six-year term as president.

There is a reality to politics that is rarely clean.

Don’t get me started on my experiences, stumbling into Jesuit clandestine political work in Vietnam in the Communist era. Maybe blogging for another day?


New Anti-Domestic Terrorism Legislation

Currently, a bill with 196 Democratic co-sponsors (and 3 Republicans) is before Congress, which would begin to build the legal and bureaucratic architecture for an interagency domestic terrorism response unit within the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security. The legislation is explicitly a response to the Capitol Riot (during which the Capitol Police invited protesters into the Capitol) and is pointed particularly at “White supremacist” and “neo-Nazi” groups, which are extended to anyone who criticizes the federal government’s policies.

The PATRIOT Act was also purported to target only the most hateful, murderous people in the world — Islamic terrorists — before it metastasized into a massive surveillance state infrastructure that spied on literally every single American with an internet connection.

Multi-national corporations are eager to co-opt the progressive rhetoric du jour, whether to sell sneakers or to protect themselves against workplace discrimination lawsuits. And the FBI has been more than willing to investigate activists engaged in non-violent activities as terrorists under the 2006 Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. A new domestic federal law enforcement bureaucracy dedicated to surveilling and investigating anyone the government claims to suspect is a “terrorist” would be a bonanza to industries facing concerted activist pressure, whether animal agriculture or fossil fuels or a company in any industry facing a unionization drive. What possible reason is there to believe that corporations won’t lobby the Biden administration and future administrations to use their new powers to ensnare activists who campaign against them, all in the name of ridding the country of violent political extremists and “insurrectionists”?


Not a Feast Day – But…

Beginning with the sunset today, Sunday, May 16, Jews throughout the world will start to observe Shavuot. Shavuot commemorates the day when God gave the newly freed Hebrew slaves the Torah and what is popularly known as the Ten Commandments. Jews eat dairy-related food during this observance, so you can have a grilled cheese sandwich, but not a paddy-melt.


The Fuel Shortage

In the era of Jo/Ho, I always wonder whether these crisis points that pop up are manufactured by elements in the US to distract from skulduggery in the Executive Branch, or if they are covert activities to encourage the Green New Deal types to buy plug-in cars?


Religion map of Thailand


Multiply and Replenish the Earth

It was the first commandment given to Adam & Eve in the Garden, so one might expect that it’s an important one. Zero Hedge has ominous news on this front. My friend Claudio (in Italy) and I have been discussing this backchannel. It is bad news for the US and worse news for Italy.

I have four daughters and nine grandchildren (so far), so I might have done my part on the population front, but the trend is not encouraging. In the US, there was a tendency for people to allow Catholics and Mormons to do the heavy lifting where large families are concerned and both of those religious demographics are letting us down too.

Countries such as Japan may not exist in 100 years if the population trends continue. There will still be people on the Island, but the question of how many of them will be Japanese remains to be seen. France and Germany are in the same boat, with their ranks refreshed by Muslims from Africa and the Middle East, who maintain seriously high birthrates.

In Russia, the government pays people to have children – including single mothers. An allotment to single mothers who have children pays them an income to stay home and raise children. It’s their job. The Russian people (now Orthodox Christian nation) looked down the road and didn’t like what they saw.

Red China is encouraging their population to have children because even they are worried at the present trend. Who would have thought – China… yes, even China.

The impact of the plague on marriages, on childbirth, and on society as a whole is depressing, as the ZeroHedge article points out. I saw a piece on Fox News where progressives are cautioning people to wear a mask while having sexual intercourse, and not to face each other.  What is WRONG with people? The insanity is overwhelming.

Get out there and do your part.


  1. “wear a mask while having sexual intercourse, and not to face each other”

    So the sermonette comes full circle to where it began. Opened with San Francisco, closed reporting progressive advice conducive to anonymous butt-sex.

    What. You assumed cis-het intercourse? You hater.

    • My bother got the Chi-Vi (I just coined that, I think) and his wife didn’t.
      They don’t wear masks. And they don’t refrain.

      But hey, progs haven’t had the shot? I thought that was mandatory for them.

    • Mike_C – “wear a mask while having sexual intercourse, and not to face each other”
      Yes, I heard that too. Sodom on the Potomac (and on the Bay) seems to be the trend, doesn’t it?

      What. You assumed cis-het intercourse? You hater.

      It’s true that progressive America is cool with tranny sex and all manner of abomination (Obamanation) but that is where their tolerance ends.

  2. Sounds like the women in China have been resisting the Marry and Have Children campaign.
    So far, they seem to prefer pursuing a career.
    With the number of women in China being a low percentage of total population, the country will grow old very rapidly.

    • It’s not just that, Frank, but imagine the social pressure on a nation where something like 70+% of the people are male and many of them will never be able to make a match because of family standing, lack of suitability, and an absence of women in general. In the PRC, the boy (or the husband) is the retirement policy for parents. It’s very profound. In many ways, it’s disturbing and the PRC leadership is acutely aware of it.

      • They could always relax the iron-fisted rule they have over the country, and make life better for the working class. Somehow, I suspect that their power is more important to them.

      • And, yet, marrying a not-Han or having a mixed-race (Han and anything else, especially Vietnamese) is an immediate loss on the social ladder.

        The PRC have really screwed themselves.

        The last time the PRC had a huge surplus of excess males, the PRC decided to invade Vietnam. Which didn’t go well for them.

        Other notable successes at getting rid of excess population have been the Korean War, the Cultural Revolution and many others.

        • There are ways to remove the excess (and one might say “toxic” males), but if they figure out what you’re up to, it might not end well for the king.

  3. Prog approved sexual practices. T.M.I. for sure. Gawd help us, every one.

    Yes, please do get started on your experiences RE: Jesuit clandestine political work in Vietnam. Pretty sure those of us “of a certain age” would love hearing about it.

    • I’m not anti-Catholic, and not even anti-Jesuit “God’s Marines”. I report what I have seen and where I have been. Sometimes it seems as though I was a lot of places – and I guess I was. See my comments to Jack D. Spadoni, below. I can chat about Vietnam too in the future. My window on the Jesuits there was quite small.

      My window on their activities in Mexico was substantially larger. There was push-back from US Intelligence when the documented activities of the Church in Michoacan were documented. “What will the Congress say?” Was their response. You see, there are things even the alphabet agencies shy away from. Powerful lobbies.

      Ephesians 6:12
      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      • Larry. Also for Wild, wild west. Yes, a number of Jesuits, and other misguided priests/fathers/brothers, whichever name you wish to call them, the practitioners of the so-called Liberation Theology, were in bed, some quite literally, with the Communists in the Republic of South Vietnam. They utilised the facilities of the Church to promote, and conduct, their activities. I know of two instances where, after being spoken to and told to cease their activities, they chose to ignore what was, in effect, life saving advice, and elected to continue on their merry way. As a result both were neutralised, by the simple expedient of placing the muzzle of a suppressed Colt Woodsman in their ear, and squeezing the trigger.

  4. I have always found the tendency of various sub-units of the R.C. Church to provide direct support and encouragement to various insurgent groups to be inexplicably bizarre. The support of Communism is also freakish. It’s like they don’t even know how their church is structured, or what it preaches.


  5. Quite the opening anecdote…geez LL, no moss under those feet, right in the thick of it. h/t for your willingness and skill to enter the fray, then come out the other side.

    Easy in the eyes- Heard a line (in a French accent), “Pretty woman are for men without imagination.” Not quite Proverbs, but at least funny.

    My take on the Jan. 6th “insurrection” charade and the ensuing “legislation” (you knew that was coming as part of the Dem’s Socialist gameplan): Entering “their” territory was foolish, but if they enter mine without just cause they’ll be labeled as the insurrectionists and treated accordingly. Too many citizens have no clue their Constitutional rights and freedoms, it’s not taught in school (hate America is), so they acquiesce without a whimper.

    God knows the Dem’s is a house built on sand, and so do we. Half of us will not stand by while the bums take over our country…if it comes to that, which I hope it does not. Back’s against the wall…at some point you come out swinging. The Dem’s are pushing the limit and have no clue the wrath that will be unleashed as freedom loving folks get fed up with their subversive tyranny.

    Jesus wasn’t a Socialist and didn’t wear skinny jeans, and righteous anger for the good is acceptable.

  6. Once again you have shown why I love your site. I always learn something.
    I was raised Catholic, even graduated from a Catholic HS, but I was never aware of the strong support by Jesuits of Marxism. I no longer consider myself Catholic, and I have been very outspoken against the current ‘pope’. Now suddenly his actions make perfect sense.
    Question: What are the actual goals of the Zapatistas? Independence? Self-autonomy? Free stuff?

    • The goal of the Zapatistas is power. Orwell: “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

      Maybe we should also talk about how the Archbishop of Morelia started his own drug cartel? The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Morelia is a Metropolitan Archdiocese in western central Mexico (Michoacan). I’ll share details in an upcoming blog. They did it in the open. It’s not even a secret.

      In January 2015, Pope Francis created Morelia’s archbishop, Alberto Suárez Inda, the archdiocese’s first Cardinal. A reward? I’m not anti-Catholic. I just report facts as they are.

      Cabelleros Templarios (Knights Templar Cartel) was created by Alberto Suarez Inda after the Mexican Government all but wiped out the Michoacan Cartel. The phoenix rose from the ashes with heip…

    • Me? I still consider myself Catholic. Staunchly old school Catholic.

      The ‘new pope’? He’s about as catholic as North Korea is a Democracy.

  7. While I consider myself a Christian, I’m not particularly “religious”. That said, reading about the events leading to the Rapture, with the antichrist ruling the world, sure seems to fit current events.

  8. The insanity is overwhelming. Yes indeed.

    For that homiletic riff alone, your sermon gets top marks. Then there’s the Jesuits.

    My Father, an Anglican and no mean theologian, taught on the faculty of Marquette in the late ’60s/early ’70s when the school was pretty much synon with the Js. He said he was one of the few priests there who believed in the bodily resurrection of Christ. No kidding.

    Point being, the Jesuits apostasized and swapped out Christianity for Marxism.

    Words fail. You can imagine their fate when they meet Ignatius Loyola in the hereafter.

    • The foundation of the Society of Jesus was honorable. They’ve always been on the liberal side of Catholocism. But lately, things are slipping badly. Loyola will be standing at the Pearly Gates with a scourge in hand.

  9. Interesting little sidelight there. And the Jesuits are usually up to their eyebrows in a LOT of things people don’t even know are going on…

    • It’s just stuff I’ve stumbled over, Old NFO – not a campaign against everyone. The Jesuits were very active in Mexico – and for a time – so was I.

  10. Larry,

    “Catholics and Mormons to do the heavy lifting where large families are concerned” True, but some of the Reformed Christians, although fewer in number, are doing their part, too. There are three families in my relatively small church with ten children each.

    Interesting that “Reformed” has nearly opposite connotations in Christianity and Judaism. (We are closer to their Orthodox or Hasidic factions.)

    Very interesting Sermonette today. Thanks

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