In Arizona

There’s enough irregularity in the balloting that it’s impossible to know who won the election, and that’s the point.


Identify the Aircraft


In Ukraine

In winter the Dnieper freezes over, usually after a 20-day spell of subzero temperature. The average freezing and thawing dates for Kyiv are 17 December and 24 March; for Cherkasy, 23 December and 22 March; for Zaporizhia, 5 January and 9 March; for Kherson, 3 January and 3 March. The question each winter is how solid the ice is. The Russians still have 30,000 soldiers on the other side of the Dnieper if you get my drift.


Bullet Points:

* The rise of automation could be set to enter hyperdrive speed at Amazon warehouses nationwide in response to Covid lockdowns, unionization, and the drive to improve margins via reducing labor costs. Human order pickers could be replaced within this decade by a new robotic arm that relies entirely on artificial intelligence and suction cups to identify and fulfill customer orders.

Amazon unveiled the “Sparrow” robot last Thursday, which can detect, select, and handle millions of items in a warehouse to complete a customer order, rendering a human picker obsolete.

* Idiocracy was meant to be a movie, not a prophecy. A dumb guy and a whore run the world. Holywood needs to do a remake and cast Fetterman in the leading role.

* Dallas Airshow mid-air collision – Some of you might have been there. I received a text in real-time. What a tragedy.  The FAA says the planes in question were a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63. As the B-17 (the larger aircraft) is heading toward the airport, the smaller P-63 seems to come out of nowhere and clips the back of it … which sends both of them plummeting.

When did it go from Confederate Air Force to Commemorative Air Force?

* John Wick 4 –  The Fourth of the series is due out in March 2023. With the price on his head ever increasing, legendary hitman John Wick takes his fight against the High Table global as he seeks out the most powerful players in the underworld, from New York to Paris to Japan to Berlin. The first episode in the series made more sense than some of the subsequent additions to what became a franchise. The whole ‘I can top that’ works sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t.

* “The Hoover-era FBI plunged into such infamous excess via snooping programs like COINTELPRO — from trying to blackmail Martin Luther King, Jr. into suicide to opening intelligence files on as many as 500,000 Americans, including a list of 26,000 “to be rounded up in the event of a national emergency” — that Congress in 1975 was forced to intervene. Led by Idaho Senator Frank Church, a Senate oversight committee uncovered deep rot, finding the FBI secretly went “beyond its law” to “disrupt, discredit and harass groups and individuals.”

The Church hearings led to reforms that checked the Bureau’s worst instincts, for a time. Now the beast is back. The FBI not only is deep into the domestic spying game again but it’s also accrued broad new powers, including the authority to collect intelligence on Americans virtually without limit.

* 52 years ago today someone thought it would be a good idea to use a half-ton of TNT to remove a dead whale from a beach near Florence, Oregon. They now have a park dedicated to the occasion.  I don’t really understand the whole park thing. The whale carcass was too big and rotten to be moved. Blowing it up made some sense.


  1. Hah, first one in for a change… And that bird is a true oddity! North American AJ-1 Savage. Two props and an integral jet in the fuselage for takeoff and increased speed on nuclear bombing runs!

    Dallas was truly sad. Five dead because the P-63 pilot lost SA and hit the B-17 just aft of the main wing root. It will be at least a year before anything comes out from the FAA, but I’m betting there will be another round of ‘ground all those precious warbirds’ chatter from the usual suspects.

    • Congratulations on sweeping the field early. Yes, the Savage was the Navy’s nuclear bomber and I wouldn’t want to be aircrew for a combat run in one.

  2. They changed in 2020 as the name was costing them financially they claimed.
    How could that possible have happened????
    Are we down to 12 B-17’s flying now.
    And prayers for the family of the 6 dead.

      • It was an exceptionally odd mid-air collision. It’s almost as if the P-63 was doing a suicide run. I have no standing for that opinion but it looked like that.

    • The name change was a bit earlier, Ed, in 2000, I’m pretty sure. I was just a kid in South Texas when all that got started up but my Father knew a lot of those guys pretty well. They had a 30’s or 40’s Lincoln “staff car” that got a name change to Lee and they also bought a lot of P-47’s in South America. One batch was delivered with 50-cal machine guns still installed and the ammo storage bins full of live rounds.

  3. It’s been said that Dems don’t fear elections, as they already know who’s going to win.
    I guess that now that the FBI is the Dems’ monster, they’re okay with its rampages.
    Read that the P-63 had a serious blind spot that’s been known about for a long time. If the P-63 pilot was moving in that direction he may not have seen the B-17. Hope the investigation will clear it up.
    Do those Russian troops feel like something exposed is flapping in the breeze?
    Meanwhile, I just had a bowl of home made chili that included mildly spicy deer sausage. One of the few things to look forward to when the temps drop.

    • I think that keeping that Russian defensive going must be very hard on the troops. Winter will be worse as the supply line turns to a dribble.

  4. In Arizona. Unfortunately not only in Arizona but the entire US as well. Why can’t we overcome the Dems desire to have no true accountability for votes? Do the rest of us think too much about convenience and to little about our country?

    Tragedy about the air crash yesterday but these birds are living history and the lessons learned are much more intense if we can see the birds fly.

    Savage, darn cool airplane but as an AF guy I was always partial to the Vigilante for some reason.

    • Ed-C…Yes, apathy reigns due to decades of NEA indoctrination that does not teach how special America is and from whence it came. Growing up fifteen minutes from Washington’s Crossing I was steeped in Colonial history. It was real, so it became ingrained into my psyche. Most Americans have not been exposed to our greatness, on purpose…so they could care less, or simply do not know their responsibilities.

      Then, of course, there are the cowards that inhabit many places, they’d rather not be the Samaritan but like the clergy did they walk past hiding their faces.

      • “Most Americans have not been exposed to our greatness, on purpose”

        Exactly. You do not conquer a great nation openly, head-on. You subvert it from within. Work your way into controlling its popular culture, its news media, and then with each generation, convince it that their forebears were evil, evil men. Push deviance in many forms. Combine this with control of the money supply and your hold is nearly complete. As the final touch, teach people to scorn ability, integrity, honor, and especially genius. Replace admiration and veneration of these genuine qualities with worship of victimhood and exalt that. (Always sell to what you have the most of.) And here we are today.

  5. My wife and seriously thought about going to the airshow, but the weather forecast looked rather iffy a few days ago, and about the only thing I hadn’t seen before was the P-63 Kingcobra, so we decided to pass on it this year. Requiescant in pace.

    • You’ll be in good company.

      For me it’s not so much as denying as it is demanding elections be accurate and without fraud…which seems to always go to the Dems. I suspect if we knew how many elections were rife with The Cheat we’d wonder what America would look like had they gone the other way.

  6. Yeah, shame about Dallas, and yeah, the standard issue assholes will all be screaming to ground all the old planes. I’m betting medical issue in the P-63, and a truly gigantic dose of Murphy.

    I wonder how many King Cobras are left?

    They changed their name, when they became moral cowards.



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