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Caption: Film starring Issur Danielovitch, Bernard Herschel Schwartz, Janet Morrison, and Ernest Borgnine


The Woke don’t like Hollow Point Ammo

While it’s true that I don’t give a rat’s ass what the woke think,  I thought that it was a good idea to share their fear.


China Post 1 is an American Legion post, unique in that, it is a post – the only post within the American Legion – operating in exile. China Post 1 was formed in 1919 at the American Club in Shanghai. During WW II members of China Post 1 were imprisoned by the Japanese in Pootung Civilian Assembly Camp (Prisoner of War Camp) as allies of the Chinese people.

Today, China Post 1 is part of the Department of France and a member of the Foreign Departments and Posts of The American Legion (FODPAL). The post still has no permanent home, although “watering holes” around the globe offer a space for meetings, which are considered to occur “wherever two or more members meet.”

It’s part of another era now. Maybe a different epoch. One day it will die off completely.


Vintage Toys are Cool


Bullet Points:

* “You will never win the uber-woke sweepstakes. I understand that the pressure to run that race is fierce. You will never win it. Nothing you do will ever be enough. The uber-woke people in positions of power in this town think America was evil when it was founded and it’s even more evil today.” – Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA)

* “The more one considers the matter, the clearer it becomes that redistribution is in effect far less a redistribution of income from richer to poorer, as we imagined than a redistribution of power from the individual to the State.” —Bertrand de Jouvenel, The Ethics of Redistribution

* In Australia, the highest number of people have died in the March quarter of 2022 than in any of the past 41 years. Australian Bureau of Statistics population data published on Wednesday shows an 18 percent increase in deaths in the quarter compared with the same period a year earlier, rising from 36,100 to 46,200 deaths. It is the first time that more than 40,000 deaths were recorded over four consecutive quarters. They don’t want to blame the Covid Vax as a major contributor to mortality but the likelihood is that it is. It’s problematic for the Australian government, which forced the vax so stridently.


If you Plan to be in Japan

U.S. Navy Birthday Ball Reminder! Act now if you want to attend!

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Update: There are only 77 tickets left!


Cartoon of the Day (a Hunter Biden Moment)


What’s in a Name?

William (Billy) Edward Crystal and Volodomyr Palahniuk


Marion Robert Morrison and Issur Danielovitch


Bernard Herschel Schwartz and Archibald Alexander Leach


Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr. and  Michael John Douglas


Yes, I could go on and on but I’ve made whatever point that I was trying to make.



33 thoughts on “Sunday Supplement

  1. That’s the problem with teacher’s, they think the students are “their” kids.

    Ragnar! Loved the scene with the oars. Apparently he did his own stunts, too.

    1. The oar scene was the best. They never attempted that in the newer Vikings series – or if they did, it didn’t make it to the silver screen.

  2. I am not a fan of hollow points either…when I am hiking or riding my bike in grizzly country. Three hundred grain hardcast thank you very much.

    Bullet points. Senator Kennedy has a point but if there is no way to win the woke race why even try. Go your own way.

    Increased death rate. The FDA, CDC and hospital administrators did their best to make teasing out useful information from the data about the true effects from the COVID vaccine very difficult. We will never know for sure but can certainly make some reasonable assumptions about the true fatality/permanent injury rate.
    And of course, Happy Birthday to the US Navy. Thanks to all who serve for what they have done over the last quarter of a millennium.

  3. The woke would probably be really unhappy with my black hills honey badger! It’s named after an animal and everything!

  4. Well, I agree that America 2022 is more evil than America 1776.

    A work friend [1] recently sent me a cri du coeur that said, in part:
    I think that I was beat down by [corporate] bureaucracy. […] They make you take classes on diversity and if you say something against the doctrine, you are singled out and it’s not fun. I can feel for people who are accused of things that aren’t true and they want to yell, “I’m a good person!!! I was a dumbass 19-yo at the time!” You know what I mean.

    MC says: I feel for those people too, but never say “But I’m a good person!” Because that’s seeking their approval […] If someone calls me a racist (this happened at work, as a sneak/whisper campaign – the backstabber didn’t have the ovaries to confront me directly – it’s “I’m sorry she feels that way, but I can’t control what she thinks.” And then there’s stuff I simply cheerfully take ownership of [2]. Drives them nuts.”

    Of course, I have few people dependent on me now, so I am more free. Someone with little kids and a mortgage needs to be more careful. And part of the reason I let it hang out like this is because I KNOW there are many people who also feel all this is going in the wrong direction, but they have been gaslit by, well, just about all “authority” into thinking they are alone. Without meaning to sound self-aggrandizing, I think it’s important to set an example as best one can.

    [1] “work friend” as in a friend (at another company) I made through work, not a lesser category of friend
    [2] “You don’t feel bad for George Floyd?!!!” Hell no. The world would have been better off if his mom had aborted him. “What do you mean electric cars are more about virtue signalling than practicality?” [Y’all know more about this than I do; no need for me to give a response here.] “I think when you first meet any patient you must ask them their pronouns.” That’s offensive to about 99% of the population. If I were YOUR patient and you did that, I’d walk out on you.

    1. The people I work around these days either are more strident than I am, or they accept that I’m right. I can’t imagine working in an industry where people worship FJB and AOC as visionary and to be revered. All credit for you going the distance amid the insanity.

  5. The increased death rate almost certainly isn’t helped by people not having been able to get regular services like cancer screenings in the last couple of years, and the number of healthcare workers who were fired and are now unable to work because they refused the clot shot.

    With a little reading about demographics, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re going for a record time turning from a 1st world country to 3rd world.

  6. Exchange emails with someone from OZ whose mother recently died from the death jab effects.
    Have a son who had to get jabbed in order to keep his job – holding my breath.

  7. Will there ever be an admission of correlation between the jab (or multiples thereof), the lack of proper care when needed, and those defined as having Covid then stuck in the ventilator ward only to die within a few weeks when proper care and therapeutics could have saved lives.

    You, LL, are a prime example in that, except finally taking matters into your own hands saved yourself, whereas most people still trust in their doctors and those making “the rules”. Unwise at best…Covid Roulette is not a game.

    Sen. Kennedy may be hilarious in his southern fried comments but they are pointed…sorta like Dagen McDowell, the only The Five guest host to bring up a Sawzall while making a point.

      1. There are many such stories. I personally know of a couple. In a more civilized place, Fauci would be tied to a post in a public square and flogged, or tarred and feathered. I’d settle for a SuperMax prison cell where he’d remain until his mortal clock ran out.

  8. I like what you did with the actors real names, pretty different!

    Does China Post 1 still take members? Seem ‘they’ are still turning out people with the qualifications…

    The Australian deaths. Most in 41 years, that was 1981, any idea what happened then?

    1. China Post 1 has a website but I don’t know about new members. It seems to be a fading breed. I haven’t visited one of the established watering holes for years. I was nominated and joined circa 1980, 30 years ago, when it had already been going for 40 years or so.

  9. The Woke don’t like Hollow Point Ammo
    Wonder how they like Glaser Safety Rounds? What I usually load for carry.

    1. JiHawg went out of business (bullets with coatings infused with pig fat). I still have JiHawg ammo in .223, .308, .45ACP and 9mm. I try to include one round with every magazine to deny Haji a shot at his 72 Virginis (or is it Virginians?). It’s the thought that counts.

      1. Read somewhere that the correct translation is ‘raisins.’ 72 fresh raisins daily. Which is a big great amount of food-energy in a desert shithole. Whoopsie for all those dying for young girls, young boys, goats, anything they can stick their crank into…

  10. Lots of those fake names were at the direction of the studios… that was a cottage industry back in the day! Re AUS, sucks to be them.

  11. In A Fish Called Wanda, John Cleese’s character was named Archie Leech…a tribute to Cary. Still a funny movie to this day.

  12. JHP are good but I like the 135gr 10mm Frangible bullets. At 1470 fps the fragmentation is monumental with little chance of overpenetration. At that speed it is a nasty round that is easily fragmented upon impact.

    1. There are times when you want the round to penetrate a car door or windshield. A blend may be in order. Add a teflon round or too just to be on the safe side. Last in the stack.

  13. Are the defunded police still using JHP? My trainers said it was “safer” to use whatever your local PD used when it came to having charges brought against you.

    I didn’t have an “Atom Bomber”, but I had a REMCO Bazooka!

    More irrefutable evidence that VAX BAD!

    A Rose By Any Other Name…..

    1. I think that most law enforcement agencies use JHP of one sort or other.

      I’m sure that, knowing you as I do, you modified it to fire actual M6A1 rounds.

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