As it goes, a car had a bumper sticker on it. It read, “Pray for Biden – Psalm 109:8”

Cracking open the good book, it reads, “Let his days be few and brief; And let others step forward and replace him.”

If you’re looking for a text for a sermon or for a scripture to use in prayer, it’s a great place to start. Let’s go Brandon.



There is a lot of finger-pointing in regarding the war, but the human tragedy goes on, as it usually does in war. The more granular you get, the more tragic it becomes.

Context: During WW2, the German army laid siege to Leningrad. the 900-day siege of Leningrad, left an estimated 900,000 civilians dead.

Leningrad blockade survivor Marharita Morozova, 87, has lived for the last six decades in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest, which has seen heavy bombardment throughout the war.

“I could never imagine that a new war would start in my old age,” she told Reuters in a video interview on March 20. “In my worst nightmare, I could not even imagine that such massacres would be repeated.”


Born in Leningrad in April 1941, Lyudmila Vasilyeva was about 5 months old when the siege began. More than 80 years later, she has been detained by police for protesting against the war three times since it was launched, the first time on February 25.

“When they detained me, they asked for my passport, and I said: ‘Look at when and where I was born.’ They took a look and got a little anxious. Later, they drove me home in their own car and even came inside for a visit. The next day, they told me that I had never been detained and that they just offered me a ride home. As if nothing had happened.”

Vasilyeva was detained again on February 27, along with her adult grandson and granddaughter. When police again offered to release her, she insisted that she wouldn’t leave without her grandchildren. Eventually, her granddaughter – who has since left Russia, like tens of thousands of mostly younger people aghast at the war in Ukraine and worried about the future as the Kremlin steps up its clampdown on dissent and the economy is hit by sanctions over the invasion — was allowed to go home with her.

Note: Russians need to have internal passports (their papers) and carry them at all times. Travel is restricted in many cases and special permits and stamps must be obtained.

A lot of the Russian and Ukrainian refugees who are being smuggled across the US/Mexico border are being handled by the Armenian Mafia, which pays the cartels for passage rights. Don’t ask me how I know this or for names of the Armenian snakeheads but I know.





Idaho’s new abortion law bans abortion after six weeks and allows families to sue abortion providers.

Texas passed a similar law last year, but that law “allows the public to sue anyone who performs or facilitates an abortion.”


The Arizona House passed a law banning abortions after 15 weeks. Gov. Doug Ducey will likely sign it into law.

The law states: “Except in a medical emergency, a physician may not perform, induce or attempt to perform or induce an abortion unless the physician or the referring physician has first made a determination of the probable gestation age of the unborn human being…”

“Except in a medical emergency, a physician may not intentionally or knowingly perform, induce or attempt to perform or induce an abortion if the probable gestational age of the unborn human being has been determined to be greater than fifteen weeks.”

Why must lawmakers make everything so long-winded? The law does not exempt rape and incest cases.

Doctors can face felony charges and risk losing their medical licenses, and prosecutors cannot go after the women for receiving an abortion.


There are people who visit this blog who are on both sides of the issue.  Is a baby a human being? The law is all over on that. If you kill a pregnant woman, you’re tried for double-homicide so in. that case they are.  If a mother wants an abortion, they are not. A baby has unique DNA, unique fingerprints, etc.

These new laws don’t end the endless debate. Much matter falls down along religious lines. Pres. Bradon, a devout Catholic, favors on-demand abortion at any time. But then again, he usually can’t tell you what day it is. Offer him an ice cream cone and he’ll change his mind.


Dispatch from Ukraine

A Russian 122mm howitzer battery was located in the Kherson region. It consisted of eight howitzers. The drone facilitated artillery strikes that destroyed them all.

The Ukrainian military struck the Msta-S / B and Hyacinth-C howitzers of the Russian Federation in the same region a few days previously.

Putin projected an end to the war within a week and no Russian casualties. Oops.


  1. When it comes to accordions, I like the work of Clifton Chenier and Flaco Jimenez. Of course neither has played Lady of Spain that I know of.
    Psalms 109:8 seems appropriate. You can find a lot of wisdom in the good book.

  2. Papers- Pretty sure here they are electronic with the “Covid tracer” app crapola Google keeps wanting to install or turn on in my phone under the auspices “for my safety”. Nope. Not happening. Go away. Get the hay off my phone you bums.

    Abortion- 40 years later state “lawmakers” need to pass laws to keep what God created as sacred after a bad law decided it was just fine to kill the unborn. This defilement of the sacred has – ass they always do – crept so far beyond the pale to define convenience from responsibility at any gestation time period, further insulting God are those who scream the loudest when this legal abomination is threatened: “We want to kill our babies!” Yet “My body, My choice!” went out the window in the last two years with the Not-a-Vax, showing how mentally fickle the Left is with such things.

    Life begins at conception. Period. God creates the 10 Commandments; man works hard to ignore, shade, or out right violate them. What could go wrong?

    I’m in trouble, my sliver of Scots-Irish “MacDougal Clan” ancestry prefers the accordion…and a good reel.

  3. When the Democrats started writing Nullification laws in the States, and allowing them to stand,
    they should have seen these State abortion laws coming.

    They are morons, so they didn’t.

    Of course, the Republicans are morons, too – and traitors, and crooks, just like their colleagues across the aisle. Not a lot to choose from, these days.

    All of this crap damages the nation, and civilization in general. Rule of Law was cool, when we had it.

    I am in favor of legal abortion, largely because I highly value privacy and liberty, but also because I don’t think that unfit parents having unwanted children often has good results, and might be the greater cruelty. And other, lesser reasons.

    However, I can see the other side, and there are plenty of good reasons over there.

    I think the Supreme Court went about their decision in a fairly ridiculous and wrongheaded way, but I also don’t think that rapidly flip-flopping the Constitution is a good thing. Of course, we don’t really have a Constitution, any more.

    I must say as an aside, that I am continuously amused at the large percentage of the pro-legal-abortion populace that is also in favor of socialized medicine, even though it is everything they object to about restricting abortion, only to a several order of magnitude greater degree.


    • To me, making killing legal, and a baby is a human being, opens the door for every legal interpretation of – killing living children outside of the womb, which New York did. Oh, there are caveats, but the slippery slope is slippery. Secondly, the law must be consistent. You can say that if a mother doctor team kills a baby, it’s legal but if a felon kills the mother and baby, it’s a double homicide. Either it’s a human being and it’s cool to kill them or it’s not. The law needs to get it straight and make a decision.

  4. Accurate intelligence has always been critical to successful warfare. Drones seem to have become a major tool for intelligence gathering along with offense capabilities. Azebaijiani-Armenia is a recent example. Seems the Ukraine armed forces took heed of that and the Russians didn’t. Turkey most certainly did and their drones are being used to good effect. Way cheaper to acquire and less training needed to use effectively makes them a great Dollar Store purchase.

    • It’s intensely interesting that the Russian Air Force has been unable to establish air superiority over Ukraine a month down the line. If they did, the drones wouldn’t be effective. It’s just one more broken link for the Russians.

  5. i’m torn. killing babies is murder, but so is war in the strictest context, so is killing a crim raping your wife. so there must be exceptions, or conditions, when it is allowable. planned unparenthood brags about 60 million abortions performed. think about that a minute. sixty million unwanted babies, begetting millions more unwanted babies and on and on. and how much worse would life here be with them in the majority and voting themselves more money for having more. is it really better for mankind to bring that situation here? better for whom? until we can find a way, or rather man up and implement the way, to keep these people from creating unwanted babies abortion is a necessary evil in my book.

  6. Regarding abortion. Sigh. Sometimes it is needed. But not without weighty needs. “I don’t want it now” isn’t a valid reason unless the child is the product of real rape (not “Oh I just decided since he’s not answering my calls that I was raped.”)

    As to the whole Murder/Abortion thing. Blow up an abortion clinic and kill a woman getting an abortion and you’ll be tried for the murder of the aborted fetus. That’s how feckless the laws are.

    And Russian artillery? The whole reason to mound it on tracked chassis these days is to shoot-n-scoot. The US Army teaches 3 rounds and run, but they can do that with modern GPS.

    Artillery out in the open and not moving? As juvat would say, that there is a target.

    All things Russia learned in WWII. And seems to have forgotten. Idiots. Idiots with nukes.

  7. “Hey, Igor….let’s position our guns in an open field and line them up in a nice row.” As one Ukrainian fighter posed, “These Russians are goofs.” According to PP’s own records filed quarterly with the IRS, 86% of their abortions are for “Elective” reasons. Plenty of couples waiting patiently to adopt. Slippery slope indeed. Jeff Bezos’s ex just donated 250 million to PP….and it’s still tax exempt and funded by taxpayers. Where did we go so wrong? Satan smiles. SMOD where are you?

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