Our Lady of the Javelin?

h/t Frank, asks whether or not it’s wrong to love a Javelin anti-tank missile that costs $175K (each)?


File it under Art Philosophy

Jules offers a soporific siren for the day and while I’m not sure what that means, I don’t think that Code 3 is implied.

Tell us Jules. Art Philosophy is needed.


The List Vanished

I wonder why?

This is the. list of Ukraine Biolabs documents removed by the US Embassy from its website.

Up until recently, the existence and details of these bioweapons labs were public knowledge. The US embassy had previously disclosed the locations and details of these laboratories in a series of PDF files online. On February 26, 2022, the official embassy website shut down the links to all 15 bioweapon laboratories.

All the documents associated with these labs have been removed from the internet. If you click on any of the links, the PDF files are no longer available. Thankfully, these files have been archived and can still be accessed.

Copy and paste any link below:
















You should ask yourself why the US taxpayers poured money into these labs, located in the poorest and most corrupt nation in Europe. There was a time when USGOV proudly boasted the labs, but no longer.

We also provided financial assistance, equipment, and expertise at the Chinese bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan. It’s not a secret or a conspiracy theory no matter how USGOV would like the inconvenient truth to vanish.


The Old Plague Scam

Sharyl Atkisson, a personal favorite of mine, lays out interesting information on the plague that wrecked the world and the vaccine that Big Pharma wanted you to take.


The Romanian Internet


Colorado Strikes a Blow for more Blow (and Fentanyl)

In 2019, Democrats in the Colorado state legislature decriminalized possession of deadly drugs like fentanyl — making possession of four milligrams of fentanyl a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) notes that two milligrams of fentanyl can be deadly while one kilogram of fentanyl can kill half a million people. About a million milligrams are in one kilogram.

Democrat state Rep. Yadira Caraveo, now running for Congress in Colorado’s 8th congressional district, helped decriminalize fentanyl across the state. Denver, Colorado, Police Chief Paul Pazen has said that “the effect is people are dying” as a result of the law.

The Democrats didn’t announce that they were engaged in slum clearance (replacing Americans in the slums with illegal aliens) when they invited the cartels to jump in and supply cheap Fentanyl (precursors delivered by Red China). They need to take a lap and boast their success! Let’s go Brandon!!


Spring has not yet Sprung…

…in the High Country in Arizona, it’s not yet warm enough for a road trip. But soon, very soon. Some believe that the best Sunday sermonettes are composed on two wheels.


  1. The List – I added up the total cost of the bio labs… unless I hit the wrong button this morning on my petroleum based, cheap, made in china calculator it comes to $68,707,732.23. Black and Veatch was the contractor for all of the labs. And, all were done in 2012 and 2013. Wasn’t that when the Clinton Foundation was running he Dept of State? I wonder how much of that amount made it back to the US? And, #8 and #9 are duplicates

    • Sorry about the duplicates, I’ve been on the road and sometimes I’m not banging on all 8. cyl.

      For what it’s worth, Black & Veatch has a PACS (Pathogen Asset Control System) division, located in Moscow.

  2. To me, the question is not whether natural immunity beats “Vax” immunity.
    It’s which is more likely to kill/damage you, the Chi-Vi or the injection?
    Especially if you had a decent protocol available and if the need for hospitalization arose, the hospitals actually had your health as a priority.

    • The hospitals during this plague were focused on grabbing their piece of $6 trillion. That’s why somebody who died of cancer or a heart attack was listed as a plague victim.

  3. I see the head of Moderna is leaving the soon to sink ship with almost a $billion in personal bailout funds, solely due to the taxpayer funded $18 billion of vax related revenue. I’m sure that ‘vax immunity. will protect him.

    • I’m sure that he’s leaving Moderna (stock sold) to “spend more time with his family”.

  4. the talking heads tried to deny the bio labs yesterday after admitting them the day before. now they say they were defunct russian bio labs that the u.s. is cleaning up. they are little kids caught with their hand in the cookie jar making up different lies, trying to make one stick. can we be so low that we allow ourselves to be ruled by imbeciles? i guess we are.
    snoopy is the man. glad i didn’t sell my harley last year. time to put it back on the road, gas being just one of the reasons.

    • The biolabs in Ukraine were managed by US Black & Veatch executives living and working in Moscow. I’ll get you the address of HQ if you want it. That’s perfectly normal…I hate conspiracy theories…They just want to live and work in Moscow, rubbing shoulders with their Russian counterparts, drinking vodka while floating down the Volga on Epstein-style pleasure. barges, eating caviar, and doing what expats do.

  5. Everything we knew about viral loading, herd/natural immunity, and IGA vs IGG vaccines for respiratory viruses was intentionally obfuscated or vilified by those pushing a false narrative. It doesn’t require any more investigation as to why that was or is. Anyone who went along was a sheep; anyone trusting it now is an idiot and deserves what’s coming. The rest of us are preparing accordingly.

    Note: “We” the American taxpayer, DID NOT authorize any spending in nefarious oversees labs, those overseeing their off-shore bank accounts did…the very same ones in at least two branches of our government who are committing treason by laundering their retirement fund largess.

    Gov. Polis and the first husband (gag..cough..bleh) are wrecking Colorado from the top down, which means every lowlife (sorry Lord, calling it as I see it) has come here for the freebies. New owners of the adjoining property drove up…in their little EV…in the snow. Had an F-150 blow by yesterday on the way to Laramie, snow blow-over in the usual spots required slower speeds, especially the lefthand lane. He starts swerving all over! Drops his speed by half, cuts in front of us, then stops on the shoulder. Scared the heck out of himself because p, gee, the roads to the south were just fine. The invasion of our rural area has begun…Wyoming is starting to look better every day.

    • Our tax dollars are not only non-voluntary, they are extracted from us at gunpoint. Allegedly the governed provide their consent for this robbery. That would be a big, fat no on the nope train to no-freakin’ way town.

    • PaulM: Today Colorado, tomorrow Wyoming.

      WWW the whole “consent of the governed” thing went out the window when they rigged the election.

      • I somehow deleted the line about Attkisson, a rockstar journalist, and her report, [real] facts can not be ignore entirely, sooner or later the truth prevails. Will it matter? Remains to be seen.

        As for Wyoming, the legislature defunded the woman’s study BS at UW in Laramie. A step in right direction.

        • Wyoming has the right stuff (outside of the Jackson metroplex) but can it survive the influx of semi-woke from California escaping the woke? It will be a battle.

      • Which one? Brandon’s, Kennedy’s or LBJ’s? I can’t keep track of all of them anymore.

  6. Was Ukraine really the poorest and most corrupt nation in Europe? I mean, they were certainly poor and corrupt, but what about Serbia? Maybe the FYROM ? Hell, Greece is pretty damn poor and corrupt.

    Anyways. Poor and corrupt nations are the Swamp Things’ favorite places. They probably all have fortified villas in Haiti, for when they want to do stuff too abhorrent to be available anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.

    I would definitely love a Javelin, not that I can afford one.


    • Ukraine was impoverished by the USSR. To survive in the communist system, you’re required to be corrupt. Serbia is a lot better off than Ukraine. Albania is a lot poorer than Greece (neighbors) – again, because of the USSR angle.

      • I liked the Javalin car. I threw the Javalin in track and field because I wasn’t fast enough for track or coordinated enough for hurdles. I’m sure that I’d be able to shoot the missile. I remember the old (heavy) AT-4’s. Not as smart or accurate.

  7. “Democrat state Rep. Yadira Caraveo, now running for Congress in Colorado’s 8th congressional district, helped decriminalize fentanyl across the state”.

    The 8th is a new district created as a result of the last census and I’ve been gerrymandered into it. There are over a dozen official candidates registered for the primary from both parties. One is Lori Saine (Sister Kink).

    The new district has miles of new ticky tacky housing developments inhabited by emigrants from Blue States and a big chunk of solid Red Weld County.

    COEXIT now has a higher place on my personal agenda.

    • While Covid and the Big Pharma backroom vax deal may have been a Psy-Op for the masses, causing more deaths than the virus itself (more to come as adverse reactions continue to rise), Colorado’s fentanyl decriminalization is another rung in the natural selection playbook ladder (pot is the rung below).

      Just read that some moron is desiring to do a wolverine reintroduction (predator reintroduction’s must the new enviro thing). I say let that person catch the first one, see how well that goes.

      • In 1960 I saw a wolverine near Crystal Peak (now Rocky Peak) North of Steamboat. The local game warden told me I was mistaken. Yeah, ugliest badger I’ve ever seen and my pack string was way spooky. Point is, wolverines, like wolfs, can reintroduce themselves without tree hugger help.

        • MrsPaulM saw one just off a ranch road halfway between Laramie and Cheyenne,
          lumbering along, even in the pickup it looked nasty. Anyone thinking this so-called reintroduction needs to have their head examined and get a hobby.

          • Say what you will, a wolverine skin coat is something remarkably warm in a cold climate, sheds water, doesn’t ice up when. you breathe on the fur around your mouth. I’m just saying that there is a bright side.

          • Paul M
            That wasn’t the only time I had horses act up around that spot but was the only time I saw why. My Dad guided hunters for a few years and had a fixed camp in a small park near there.

        • My father swears he saw a wolverine in Yellowstone NP in the early 1950s. He was traveling with two “overseas Chinese” (one from Malaysia and the other from the Philippines). Dad stepped out of the car, saw the wolverine, and immediately hopped back into the car. The other two asked why he did that.
          Dad: There’s a wolverine out there!
          Overseas Jackass#1: It’s not very big. You’re scared of a little thing like that?
          OJ#2: It doesn’t look so tough. Go give it a kick!
          Dad: I’m staying in the car. You do the same. I don’t want you tracking blood into my car. You don’t have any idea of how mean a wolverine is, do you?

          Those guys were idiots. Graduate students in engineering at Major Midwestern University, as Dad was at the time. But they were apparently typical representatives of Overseas Chinese from SE Asia. In places such as Malaysia the Chinese are regarded as an ultraethnocentric group that is greedy, arrogant, aggressively nepotistic, and treats the people of their host nation like subhumans, and openly refers to them as such. Overseas Chinese have disproportionate wealth and influence compared to their actual numbers, and are not shy about flexing their financial and political muscle. Even though actual Chinese from China look down on them (miscegenation is often involved), they have more loyalty to the China of their mind’s eye than to their host nation. While you can tell an OSC if you know the telltales, they sometimes change their names to sound more local. The true locals generally hate them and would love to see them strung up, or gassed, or otherwise exterminated, preferably in creative and entertaining ways. Admittedly the OSC have IQs that might be up to a full standard deviation above the native population, but, from my perspective, that is no excuse to be assholes.

          Anyway, Dad brought them along because they wanted to see The West, and to share the driving. Once they got on the road, OSC from the Philippines turned out to not be able to drive, despite his claims to the contrary. Malaysian OSC claimed PTSD. It seems that the family fled from the city (to hide from the Japanese during WW2) in their limousine. The car got a flat (“puncture” for Jules) in the woods at night. The chauffeur got out of the car to fix it. The family heard a scream, followed by weaker screams and then the sounds of something big eating. Of course no one got out of the limo to help the subhuman Malay driver. Next day mid-morning one of the family members finally got out of the limo. A tiger had killed and partially eaten the driver. Interestingly the head was intact. But the tiger had eaten the viscera, the paraspinal muscles, and parts of the legs. So OSC from Malaysia said he couldn’t drive at night because the horror of the memory was overwhelming. The practical upshot of this was that Dad drove 28h straight back to University.

          I heard this story when I was six years old. I asked Dad why he kept company with such losers. I did not get a satisfactory answer. (There is a Chinese saying that literally translates to “See 3, see 80.” The useful translation is “show me the child of three years, and I will show you the man of 80 years.” Meaning that personality is established early and rarely changes. I am a terrible Chinaman. Dad wasn’t so good at it either.)

    • They’re erasing the biolab information. Tomorrow they’ll get an arrest warrant for you spreading false information about Ukrainian biolabs that don’t exist and never did.

      You need to brush up on Newspeak. (Newspeak is a controlled language of simplified grammar and restricted vocabulary designed to limit the individual’s ability to think and articulate “subversive” concepts such as personal identity, self-expression, and free will. Such concepts are criminalized as thoughtcrime since they contradict the prevailing orthodoxy.)

      Repeat after me, “I love Big Guy!”

  8. Getting conflicting information on the Labs after-the-fact, harder to discern truth these days. Listening to Life, Liberty, & Levin on the stream…says these “bio labs” are old and Russian, not American, and that the story is not true. I like Levin, but color me skeptical of that view. I believe we are involved, otherwise why scrub the data? And of course, “we” were not involved in Wuhan, only to find out The Fowch and his ilk, plus Gates and a few other low self esteem maniacs were heavily involved.

    Thought I’d toss that out if anyone knows different for certain.

    • The biolabs were old and Russian. America spent $100 million modernizing them. Wait, look, a squirrel. Follow the squirrel!

      Nobody knows how deep the rabbit hole goes and with Russia occupying Ukraine, a lot of secrets will remain buried including dirt on the Clintons and the Big Guy.

      • But Trump was the Russian operative??…meaning his accusers actually were, the “tell” being the heavy duty theatrics. Curious this time around who in DC is getting the laundered kickbacks from the $13.6B Ukraine Aide bill? Wish there was a way to stop this crap.

        • As the Big Guy pointed out to Ukraine before – it was all pay to play – as the swamp used it as a pretext to attack President Trump. The Biden Crime Family was one with the swamp and the Clintons had their filthy rat claws in it at the time along with Romney, Pelosi, and the rest. The swamp takes care of their own and if they’re poised to rat, they die like Epstein as the surveillance cameras go down, the lights go off, and “he kills himself”.

          • +1 to you both…I have learned to listen more carefully, they speak in code but often project what they plan to do.

  9. Ah yews, the old bioloab shell game. There they are on the right habd og the website, then they’re not. So where are they?

    They’re NOT THERE. Were NEVER THERE and don’t you DARE suggest otherwise.

    And the AZOV brigade/regiment are standard beares of democracy. Should that be standartenfuhrers? Or just Dirlewanger wannabes?

    • I wonder what will happen to containment on anthrax, weaponized smallpox and bubonic plague when the labs are hit with artillery fire?

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