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Clergy have become largely indistinguishable from their secular counterparts

Article by Dennis Prager – For two years, Americans have been partially or entirely deprived of fundamental freedoms – of assembly, speech, religious liberty, making a living, a child’s right to an education, access to early treatment for a potentially deadly virus, and more – for the first time in American history. That half of America, especially its elites, has either made peace with or supported these deprivations of freedom is why many of us worry about America’s future as a free society.

Even more concerning has been the reactions of America’s great religions – specifically, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons (Latter-day Saints), and Jews. The government issued irrational (as well as anti-religious and unethical) edicts, and nearly every church and synagogue obeyed. (click the link above for the whole article)

The American clergy kneeled as the government banned you from saying goodbye to dying relatives,  banned funerals, destroyed. the mental health of children, wiped out our savings and salary with rampant inflation, protected criminals, cheered rioters, and laughed at your pain as unfounded.

I walk around as you do and marvel at all of the businesses that once were and are no longer.  The big corporate chains survived. but the small mom-and-pop businesses in America have been devastated by the government. Churches have an obligation to stand up for the little guy and by in large, they failed completely to do that. You can point to a rare example here and there but across the board, they felt they had a lot to lose and folded to government pressure.

Where were the Ghandis who would stand up for moral rights? There were not many.

There is one brave soul in Canada. Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski continually stands up for freedom and against tyranny. Naturally, the Crown Court has placed him in jail… more here

Maybe that is what the others are afraid of – losing their money and their freedom?


Scientism is a Cult

Scientism is not science. Scientism is even worse than pseudo-science. Scientism arrives with presuppositions and biases. Scientism makes philosophical, political, and social claims that cannot be tested or proven within the scientific method.

When Scientism is questioned, it resorts to fear, intimidation, and emotional rhetoric to silence any dissent. When you see  SCIENCE being used in this way, you should know that it is not real science and the people using SCIENCE in this way are trying to manipulate your emotions to get their way.

Obedience to the cult requires that you wear an unnecessary mask and take endless injections of vaccines that have not been fully tested with no negative side effects disclosed – you become a rat in an experiment, following somebody like Fauci, who would have you believe that he’s your messiah. Light your Fauci candle and get another booster.

It’s never been about science. It’s always been about fear and the sense of moral superiority compliance gives some people. As more information comes out that proves they were wrong and they scramble to defend their positions.


Paying Down the National Debt

Start by putting Hillary Clinton’s arrest and execution on pay-per-view.




The Cincinnati Bengals just found three mail-in-touchdowns a week later. They are now the Superbowl Champions!


One day before Castro’s bastard invoked emergency powers to crack down on anti-vaccine mandate protesters, state media outlet CBC published material claiming that ‘freedom’ is now a “far right” concept.



A CBC article argues that freedom is now a “malleable term” and is “open to interpretation,” citing its use by the Canadian trucker convoy, which the piece suggests is a far-right movement.


Two Weeks of unsanctioned protests were all it took for yet another western government to show its true face. Getting banks to freeze and suspend the bank accounts of individuals is a new level of repression.

Guess why almost every major country is working on state-issued, cashless digital currencies. Everyone will be at the mercy of the system, with the ability to unperson you at the press of a button.


300,000 polish hussar units are descending upon Kiev right now to counter a Russian invasion and reestablish the Polish-Lithuanian Empire in order to counter NATO, the EU, and Russia.


28 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Jesus was a rabbi, so he wasn’t supposed to carry weapons. Duh. But he did say to sell one’s cloak and buy a sword if one didn’t have a sword, so, well, Davy Hogg is wrong again, as usual.

    Seriously, Hogg is only wrong on a day ending in ‘Y’ so…

    As to American clergy, I just don’t know anymore. The last couple times I went to church i was overwhelmingly underwhelmed and uninspired and un-well, fill in blank.

    I have found my church in my relationship with my wife. The satanist sitting in the papal seat has no power over me and mine.

    1. I left the church I taught in for over twenty years because the pastor submitted to the lock-down.
      I found a church pastored by a guy that didn’t.
      He is stepping down now, and this is one of the questions we are asking prospects.
      We need a black-robed brigade again.

  2. As you know, I’ve talked to Pastor Artur a number of times on-air.
    I wanted to get his impression of what’s going on in Canada only to find he’s back in jail.
    I wish more of our pastors had his guts. Him and Archbishop Vigano.

    1. Two of the few speaking the true Gospel from the pulpit as the Christian church folded like a cheap umbrella in a light breeze. No surprise Pastor Artur is in prison, but then Matthew 5:10.

      1. Well, I was slapped upside the head this morning.
        The church I started attending 2 years ago is changing pastors.
        When I called the pastor prior to attending, I asked about masks and carrying.
        No problem either way.
        Head of the board informed me today that the new pastor will insist anyone carrying on the premises will have trained with the church security team. Which does not currently exist.
        We run about 50 people. I can go in a grocery store without training with their security.
        Sad to say goodbye, but I did.

        1. Good for you, standing on principle. Anymore that makes us the weirdo’s. So be it. Jesus is my example, what more does one need?

        2. a)
          I was a vigorous member of my church for over two decades.
          A couple-three years ago, the female preacher started in on Caucasian Nationals, although she used the phrase ‘White Nationalists’ with a snear.
          I immediately stood during that portion of her sermon, donned my coat, walked out.
          The kicker was the reaction of my long-term friends and neighbors.
          The vast majority of the congregation — two hundred individuals — instantly trans-formed into an irrational frenzied blood-thirsty lynch-mob… while remaining politely seated like good White people.
          I see no way to ‘co-exist’.
          A few weeks earlier, prior to her sermon, the female preacher announced she invited ‘representatives’ from the local branch outlet of the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People.
          During the midst of her sermon, stomping their left feet in unison, that mob marched in.
          These ‘representatives’ stood at the rear of the sanctuary, furious glares daring any of us to so much as look their way.
          Without a word, they occupied our sanctuary until the flustered female preacher stumbled through to the conclusion of her talk, then the ‘representatives’ turned in unison, and marched out in formation… stomping their left feet in unison.
          I see no way to ‘co-exist’.
          Yes, I understand the female preacher always was a stark raving socialist.
          And yet, for some strange reason, I expected her to see the paradox of belittling her Northern European Heritage while attempting to raise the Blacks® to anything more than a hateful destructive entitled rabble.

  3. i am a believer, but not in the church. still, i was …..horrified….by the complete capitulation of the church and clergy to the covid cops. somehow i harbored the naive notion that when all else failed the church would defend us. how wrong i was….no one will defend us. it is up to us now, and that is a terribly lonely feeling. it almost makes me question my faith, since i originally got it from the church that failed us so. but as with covid, i go by what i see not what i hear. i see miracles all around me…..are the hussars really going to kiev? seems like those wings would be a hindrance in combat…..hogg, bless his little heart. that’s all i should say about that….freedom. just another word for nothing left to lose. good news though, saw a poll that 59 percent of americans support the canadian truckers. now if they would support freedom here…speaking of which, the us truckers convoy has already been hijacked. the feds, i suspect, are putting one on for march 1st arrival in dc, calling it “the people’s convoy”. i never trust anything called “the people’s”. the legit convoy leaves kalifornia march 5th last i heard. we face ruthless adversaries indeed. i hope the hussars will help us too.

  4. Hogg is as much an authority of religion as he is of weaponry. Like Beans said, he encouraged his disciples to arm themselves. Turning the other cheek did not apply in every situation.
    I do believe that if I lived in the right part of Texas that I would cheerfully attend LSP’s church.

  5. Jesus didn’t need AR-15s. He was there willingly.
    He said “Or do you think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will provide Me with more than twelve legions of angels?”
    I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that.

  6. The littlest Hogg appears! I’d forgotten he was even alive. “Oh, Davy, I apologize. Ah forgot you were they-ah. You may go now.”

    He’s such a soup sandwich that he has the flag behind him reversed. Blue field upper left, nitwit.

  7. The church(s) have failed miserably, weakness (aka no backbone) from the pulpit IS NOT emulating Christ. When a church trashes their founding pastor then embraces BLM and George Floyd (I’m talking to you Willow Creek, Barrington, IL), it’s time to rethink “church”. A collective mindset from a church bending to every societal whim is not the one and tue Gospel. Moons ago Bill Hybels said “that The hope of the world lies in the local church.” I’d change that slightly, “The hope of the world lies in the local church who fully embraces Christ and is not swayed by secular winds.”

    Pay-Per-View: Thinking it could be a multi-season series. (Yeah, not very Christian, but at this point the gloves are off!…now, where can I get one of those swords?)

  8. Forget about defending the little guy, by-and-large, the US churches weren’t even willing to try and defend their own rights.


    Dennis Prager seems like a good egg, but I’m not worried about America’s future as a free society, I’m worried about America’s present as an illegal tyranny.


  9. In a way, I feel sorry for David Hogg. Here he is, what? 20 years old?, and his “use by date” has expired. His life going forward is empty and useless. He got admitted to a school that he’s too stupid to belong in, inflating his ego, and after his two weeks of fame ended four years ago, nobody gives two schists what he has to say about anything. If he had any sense, he’d realize if he gets treated as anything other than a D student they’re lying.

    It’s probably a good thing that he’s too stupid to realize the life he thinks he has is over. Otherwise, he might off himself.

  10. All for a pay per view in regards to gin hag Hillary. There are many more that could be part of that show.

  11. Not a church goer and not a joiner. I know a few pastors I respect and admire as true to their convictions. I know far more that are money oriented and are more Sunday entertainers than spiritual leaders.

  12. Mumbly mumbly Year’s ago I was in a place of business that sold imported weaponry, some of it surplus.
    There was a new item available on this visit:
    They had a rack of Mongolian cavalry heavy sabers.
    The asking price was about $30.
    I was tempted, but logic prevailed and I spent my shekels on other “useful” items.
    Another decision I have regretted.
    Logic is highly overrated as a decision making tool.

    I am guessing once the photo of that well armed cavalryman gets out visa applications to Poland from women in SFO, Portland, Seattle, DC, and NYC are going to swamp the State Department…that and I predict a surge in the sales of “C” size batteries on both coasts.

      1. Due to my Heinz 57 ancestry I have had to pushback against my potential for the East Coast emerging once my normally long fuse has been ignited. The Polish, Hungarian, German, Czech, English, and Scots-Irish – some days being much more Polish than others – makes for a volatile mixture. But usually I’m a nice guy.

        1. I’m half Polish and half Irish. Potatoes were a religious artifact in our family, and we could drink anybody under the table, and drive home.

          I also have a long fuse, but Lordy, it burns quick!

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