Creepy Joe Takes a Lap

CNN and MSNBC have been busy spinning the debacle in Afghanistan. It turns out if you listen to them that instead of a creepy,  senile old man, Joe is a virile 20-year-old with a 200 IQ. Who could have guessed?


Nice Pairing

My Constitutional Carry is usually a Ruger Super Alaskan Redhawk in .454. Cassul, but I also shoot .44 magnum. Who only owns one screwdriver?




How do you explain leftism?

(in two parts,  concluded tomorrow, September 7, 2021)

How do you explain the astonishing indifference, and hostility to facts, common sense, and evidence expressed by liberals and the American left; how do you explain their high self-esteem (or, to be blunt, their pathological narcissism) combined not merely with an utter lack of accomplishment, but with their utter devotion to destructiveness, a yearning to ruin everything they touch; how do you explain their sanctimoniousness combined with their applause, praise, support, and tireless efforts to spread all perversions (especially sexual), moral decay, vulgarity, and every form of desecration; how can you possibly explain their pretense of intellectual superiority combined with their notorious mental fecklessness;  how do you explain both their violence and their pacifism; you must explain why they hate the very things they should love most;  lastly, explain why they are incapable of comprehending an honest disagreement or any honorable foe.

Why are the Rich and the secular Jews, who are routinely vilified by the Left, its most ardent supporters?

The theory embraced by the left holds that all we know is irredeemably distorted by our racial make-up, history, class interests, and psychological shortcomings; hence all knowledge is merely bigotry in disguise. To make a judgment between virtue and vice is vile bigotry in disguise, and to make a judgment that one society is better than another is vile racism in disguise. And bigotry or racism is a hate crime. Discrimination is a hate crime.

They do not believe virtue leads to happiness or righteousness, nor that vice leads to unhappiness or condemnation.

If you say that chastity leads to a happy marriage as a cause leads to effect, the Modern Liberal will stare at you blankly. If you say paying unwed mothers to have bastards discourages wedlock, they will call you a racist. They think that to come to an unflattering judgment about any other man or race of men is not just rash and rude, they think it is evil, a type of bigotry, a hate crime.

They have taken a whole area of human thought, namely, everything embraced in ethics, politics, morals, economics, and history, and declared it all sacred, off-limits, and forbidden to be thought about.

They have defined reasoning as a hate crime.

By definition, you cannot indulge in self-deception without being at once a deceiver and a victim of deception. Both the humiliation of being a chump and the guilt of being a con-man boils in the back of the mind.

Only one emotion is potent enough to smother this humiliation and guilt: pride. Humiliation and guilt lower self-esteem. Only pride raises it. The only source of pride immune from facts in the world is spiritual pride, the arrogance of a Pharisee who sneers at all other men as smaller than himself, because and only because of his greater holiness, his lofty moral code, his spiritual greatness.

A man who claims to be a faster runner can be put to the race; a man who claims to be the greater poet can be asked to read his sonnet, but a man who claims only superiority in an invisible and imponderable spiritual realm can be put to no human test.

In short, because Leftism is the theory that truth is impossible, and reason is a hate crime, it requires self-deception. Because self-deception provokes guilt and humiliation, the self-esteem of the Leftist is continually uncertain. Because it is uncertain, it must be uplifted. The only emotion loud and broad enough to smother the powerful emotions of guilt and humiliation is the uplift of sanctimonious pride, pride in one’s own perfect righteousness.

If they were truly motivated by a true desire to help the poor, they would look at facts and evidence, see what actually helped the poor and what actually harmed them, and they would select the helpful and avoid the harmful.

But instead what happens is that, since they live in a world without cause and effect, they are unwilling and unable to make any judgment about what actually harms and actually helps. Making such a judgment, remember, in their minds is bigotry, the one sin to be avoided at all costs.

Hence, they can only judge by good intentions. Results do not matter.

At this point, you may be wondering why, if they only judge by intentions and not by results, the Liberals are not sometimes helpful to those they wish to help? Surely raising the minimum wage sometimes produces a rise in real wages instead of producing more unemployment? At least once? Surely sometimes putting honey and water in the gas tank instead of gasoline will create good gas mileage? At least once? Surely sometimes, by accident, they get it right? Even a stopped clock is right at least twice a day.

So the fact that they judge by intentions and not by results is not a satisfactory explanation. Why are they predictably, inevitably, and always wrong?

They are always wrong because their theory of morality springs out of their theory of epistemology. Their theory of epistemology is that there is no truth. Hence, their theory of morality is that there is no right and wrong.

If there is no right and wrong, there is no such thing as virtue and vice, no winning behaviors that lead to success, and no losing behaviors that lead to loss. There are no consequences to any act. At most, there are acceptable behaviors that gladden the hearts of your neighbors, and unacceptable behaviors, such as being judgmental (that is, using your evil reasoning powers to perform the evil hate crime known as stating the obvious).

Try to put yourself, fellow bloggers, into the shoes of these moral retards. In a world where there is no such thing as better and worse, wise and foolish, virtue and vice, efficient and inefficient, logically there can be no such thing as success and failure.

By your theory, all life is pure chance. Those men and races and nations who are successful are merely fortunate. The unsuccessful are merely unfortunate.

Life is a spinning roulette wheel. Now you watch the wheel spin: and the number for the White races of Europe comes up not once or twice, but over and over and over again. After the Europeans win the game the first time, that might be a random chance. After they win twenty-five centuries in a row, that seems crooked. If they win every game between the Peloponnesian War and the Cold War, that is clearly a plot.

Hence the Leftists must punish success.

This means not just monetary success but imponderable success. The Leftist must not only take money from the rich, he must take fame from the famous and glory from the glorious. Just as he must give money to the poor out of restitution for the crooked roulette wheel of life, so too he must give fame to the infamous and glory to the shameful. There you go, George Floyd.

All behaviors, no matter how obviously disgusting and wrongheaded and warped, no matter how unsuccessful by any measure, from the ancient Hindu practice of widow-burning to the modern Palestinian practice of suicide bombing, by this perverse Leftist logic must be granted honor and glory precisely because they are dishonorable.

Any behavior, from single motherhood to drunkenness to drug addiction, must be excused or even applauded, and can never be blamed for causing poverty. By definition, poverty is caused by the crookedness of life’s roulette wheel.

Not once or twice or some random percent of the time, but in every case and in one hundred percent of the time, driven by the inexorable logic of their theory, the Left must reward and laud the destructive and self-destructive behaviors of the vice-ridden and barbaric and backward men within the nation, and the vice-ridden and barbaric and backward nations in the world.

The Leftist adopts his theory of multicultural morally-relativistic agnosticism toward good and evil out of an overweening sense of compassion; he must indulge in self-deception to maintain this deliberate and perpetual blindness; his conscience must vex him. Such is the cost of believing life is random chance, without logic. Guilt is the emotion that judges oneself to be immoral or unworthy. Sanctimony is the emotion that judges oneself to be moral and worthy. The only emotion that hides and evades the guilt of the guilt-haunted is the sanctimony of the Pharisee. The sanctimony is neurotic because it is based on a rejection of reality. It is a deliberately false façade of a mind attempting to cheat itself.

His sense of compassion requires him, by this warped and twisted logic, to be perfectly and eternally merciless to the point of sadism toward the innocent, and his sense of justice requires him to be perfectly and eternally unjust. He is always wrong. Just like the iconic Joe Biden – nearly fifty years in the Senate and the White House, having never been right once.



  1. Bully! Thank you for the ammo, sir. I will be passing this on, with attribution of course.

    “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”
    –George Bernard Shaw

  2. you see warped logic. i see no logic at all. even warped logic would get it right once in a while as you put it. my daughter in law is a prime example. her and her husband, both college grads, work long hours at several menial jobs to live in a tiny apartment in vancouver. the husband has skills and training and has had several good paying jobs but they were “too stressful” so now he works at a deli and a gaming store. and they whine about how hard life is and how they want to get out of their tiny quarters, yet they keep doing the same thing that keeps them there. no logic. and at the mere mention of covid vax she goes into a screaming tirade that her mother must get it and is stupid, ignorant and blind to not get it, totally disrespectful. but with duel citizenship, she votes in our elections and sees no issue with that. no logic. just my 2 cents. happy sunday LL.

  3. They are their own ‘god’…James 1:22-25 comes to mind, zero reasoning with these types, or as MrsPaulM would say, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

    Thank you for this…truly exceptional LL, and a shouting Amen!

  4. Nowhere is the pride, conceit, and contempt for the little people more evident than at the Academy Awards. Yes, there are other obnoxious award shows (full disclosure, I haven’t watched them in years), but that has to take the cake.

  5. Well said. Pretty much reflects life in this century so far. Makes you wonder what the end point will be. Thanks for putting today’s sermonette together.

  6. Yes. The Left have become just like the nobility and royalty of the past, especially late medieval and renaissance ones.

    They each believe they are the only real person, and that their desires and words create reality.


  7. There’s a person who blogs under the name Anonymous Conservative who has developed the theory that our political split can be explained in good part by r/K selection in biology. Essentially that society natuarlly splits into rabbits (foragers, passive, high reproduction, little investment in offspring) and wolves (hunters, killers, small litters, high investment in offspring) and the split swings back and forth depending the resources available. In humans this has led to the left/right, progressive/conservative split we see today.

    You can read more about it here:

    There certainly seems to be something to look at how our culture operates today.

    He also is very big on surveillance in society, surveillance that goes far beyond anything the three letter agencies are involved with. Call them cabal for lack of any other term.

    It’s pretty out there but he does not come across as a nut. Something interesting to tuck away. Given your background, LL, if it’s true then you’ve probably rubbed up against it at some time. If it’s true.

    Anyway, his r/K explaination of why things are the way they are today certainly seems to have merit.

    • I’ll check out the blog. I’m not familiar with it but I should be.

      I can’t disagree with his theory. There is a military philosophy and I don’t know who first termed the phrase (maybe LTC Gross?) of killers, fillers, and fodder. Under this doctrine a percentage in the military are killers, then there are people there keeping their heads down, just filling in and fodder – the term speaks for itself. It’s not precisely what you referenced.

      I served with killers. MikeW who follows this blog is a killer. There were no fillers and no fodder. We did not serve in line units. In the population, there are people who will not hesitate.

      The present society promotes litters of rabbits and they fear wolves. An unlimited number of rabbits don’t do well against one wolf. (“One riot, one Ranger” – as they say in Texas) It may come down to the bun boys who aren’t sure which bathroom to use vs those who pee standing. I hope not, but it addresses your theory.

    • As to the surveillance state, I’ve brushed elbows with most of the alphabet agencies at one time or another. At one point I developed what was at its time the most sophisticated tactical surveillance systems in the country. Nobody ever saw us coming. Never. As entities track our digital footprints through THIS modern society, we’re open books. Meta data out there is impressive in its layering on most of us.

      I have a friend who is off the grid almost totally. He has to work at it. I won’t reveal his tradecraft, but you can guess at most of it. He’s clever, he works for cash, he and I met when he found me when I worked for the government and he sought me out, using the name of a dead man. That kind of guy. Most of us don’t want to be him, me included. I’m out there, more or less. I’m easy to find. I sort of don’t care. I have bank accounts and credit cards. My vehicles are registered to me. I’m an elected official in the State of Arizona (a minor official to be sure, but still elected). I don’t hide. You can beat the metadata monster if you want to. But frankly, it’s not much of a life. Best move to some place like Ecuador if you want to be that person.

  8. How to be a Leftist (a real leftist, not a supposed leftist elitist who is actually a modern feudalist (with them being on top of the feudal pyramid)) is easy. Pull everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Everyone wins, which means nobody loses nor wins, therefore why the copulation do whatever you are doing?

    Smarts? Nope, can’t have that, everyone graduates no matter what, with the same ‘GPA.’

    Exceptionalism? Nope, can’t have that, everyone must be a team player and contribute equally. Those that stand out as better than others get smashed down.

    Now, how to be an evil right winger. Expect that the person doing the job, no matter what race, creed, sex, mental issues or not, just does the damned job, and does it well, and is happy.

    Like all the people Mike Rowe dealt with on “Dirty Jobs.” Male, female, black, white, other whatever. All enjoyed their jobs and did even the crappiest job with a smile, and usually with a wicked sense of humor.

    Evil right wingers accept exceptionalism as the norm. Those that stand out above their fellows get praised.

    And evil right wingers? What do you call the 2nd place finisher? The first loser.

    Communists and Socialists and Leftists all want everyone to be equal, just with whomever you are talking to is wanting to be more equal.

  9. The problem as I see it is that the majority of people, both right and left, no longer recognize that Good and Evil are true Powers, sentient and purposeful. Even most who claim to be religious think of God and Devil as metaphorical and the tenants of their faith as mere parables.
    Therefore they are blind to the very real Spiritual battle that is taking place all around them. And even when they sense the discord within themselves that is caused by this conflict they are unable to determine its true source and instead project it onto others.
    Thus those virtues that are our armour and sword against wickedness and degradation: Honor, Sacrifice, Fortitude, Contrition, Mercy and Forgiveness are unknown to them or considered valueless or worse, as weakness.
    Believing that truth and morality is situational and subjective they are unable to discern Good from Evil and are rendered defenseless against nefarious influence.

    • 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  10. Oh, goodness……”multicultural morally-relativistic agnosticism”….that’s quite a summary in less than one sentance.

    I think we’re going over the edge, on purpose, with the express intentions of destroying the United States of America. Sad thing is, most sheeple can’t see it, can’t understand it, don’t care about it (well maybe now that it’s socking it to their wallets), and certainly don’t have a clue as to what to do about it.

    Unless this goes hot, it’s all over. Enjoy the slide down….we’ll end with a whimper, and not a bang…..

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