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Hummingbird Morning

A hummingbird’s morning, high in the agave, now in full flower. What can we say of this so-called century plant? It lives long, blossoms once in miraculous form, and dies. A Sunday meditation for us all.

Mortal life is transitory, beauty is life’s gift to the world, and hummingbirds have to eat…

Many metaphors can be drawn.




Sermonette Humor


The Press Never Reports This:

I had experience in Afghanistan before it was cool, back when Zahir Shah was king – yeah almost back when dinosaurs roamed the area, which kind of describes me. Things didn’t go that well up in the Vakan Pass, but that’s not the point.

I learned firsthand that somewhere approaching 100% of all Afghans had tuberculosis. I didn’t contract it (who knows why?), but all of the locals were sick.

Tuberculosis can be treated but once you have it, you always have it. Stand by for a TB problem in America.


We went from a dependable president to one who wears depends.


The Biden Regime 

We’re stuck with it whether we want it or not and sadly, America has a short memory when it comes to creeps in government.

Benghazi was one of those enduring legacies of the Obama term in office and this crisis we now face in Afghanistan, which will reverberate over the years is the same thing, managed by the return of the same people who functioned to bring you the ObamaNation – 8 miserable years.

I’ve had phone calls from people outraged who scream at me, “what can we do?” My answer is inevitably, we do what we are able to do. No no more and no less. That is the Sunday Sermonette for the day and it may ring hollow to some of you. Whether or not the election was rigged, and I think that it was, the Deep State won an amazing victory and the legislature is voting trillions of dollars in bullshit that will sustain them for a long time to come.

There are a lot of good people who do good things every day. There is a lot to be thankful for despite the trainwreck inside the Washington DC Beltway. I can’t imagine being in government during this woke era.

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, USMC posted a video to Facebook Thursday in which he asked senior civilian and military leadership to own up to mistakes they made in the course of the withdrawal in Afghanistan. The Facebook post came after it had been confirmed that a number of Marines were among those killed in the suicide bomb attack in Kabul. Scheller said one of the Marines killed was someone close to him.

“People are upset because their senior leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting responsibility and saying we messed this up,” Scheller said in the video.

There are not enough LTC Stuart Schellers. He was relieved of command and will be leaving the US Marine Corps, unfortunately when we need him most.


Biden Falls Asleep

President Trump once dubbed then-candidate Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe,” and it seems that Biden is working hard to live down to that well-earned nickname.

In fact, it appears that Biden is quite literally sleeping during an on-camera White House meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Or is he just resting his eyes?

You have to feel for Bennett. The poor man is so sincere and trying so hard to communicate . . . with a snoozing, twitching Biden.

As it dawns on him that Biden is asleep—and to his credit—Bennett turns to address his comments to the press. Perhaps he is trying to limit the embarrassment and humiliation of doddering and clearly unfit Sleepy Joe, hoping that the cameras will switch to focus to his comments rather than focus on the snoozing leader of the free world?

(More here)

Somebody needs to take charge and put Creepy/Sleepy Joe down for his nap. Maybe Susan Rice or Barack Obama because they’ve taken so much of the White House responsibilities. Give him his warm milk and his circus cookies.

The Obama legacy is fully in evidence in the economy:


See, you NEVER screwed up anything that badly — cheer up.


Wet and Dry Counties in Arkansas

You may ask yourself why this is included in a sermonette, but the dry county designation almost always relates to religion.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. From the Mountain Sprout song, dry counties in Arkansas;
    “Arkansas the natural state, we got rivers, we got lakes. it’s so beautiful to be here, come and visit and bring some beer!”

  2. We have tons of hummingbirds around here these days. When I was a kid, they were unicorn-rare…


    1. Their migration patterns change. I have no idea why, but they do. I love hummingbirds.

      1. MrsPaulM puts out four large feeders each year, our hummers all suddenly left a few days ago, like they know.

        1. When we see all those rat-bastards in the District of Criminals fleeing, like they know, then we’ll know too.

          Sorry, I am sorely vexed this morning RE: our so-called leadership.

      2. We’re at the end of the inter-glacial period, climates are in flux. I think the humming birds follow the climate.

        As a side not I’ve heard that if you send Al Gore a “C” note and stop driving a car the climate will fix itself…

        1. I think that it would work for Gore if it was a C note a month from everyone on the planet. Life would be a Disney Movie.

      3. Hummingbirds have a long migration route. That has been truncated by millions upon tens of millions of bird feeders put out. The end result is a large majority of birds stick around rather than migrate.

  3. I like circus cookies, except now they emulate the cheating thieving cretins running DC and cities and it’s impossible to tell the elephant from the donkey because they all resemble the clown…except it’s the “It” horror movie type.

    Stating the obvious for the umpteenth time, Mr. MAGU is a colossal embarrassment, which is why “they” picked him and his vacuous sidekick. There is no coming back from this Afghanistan cluster for. him or the Dems. He’s done. They are done. The Evil Ms. P has been eerily silent…how will “The Speaker” manage to gold plate the turd for the willfully ignorant in America?

    Prayers go out to the families of the 13…a travesty that will not be overlooked by God, He will hold them accountable. There is [some] comfort in that.

    Cool morning here in northern Colorado, Autumn in August. A good day to finish fixing fence far from the fray and insanity, clear the head and recharge the spirit. I will try to present myself to God as one worthy (2Tim2:15).

    1. BLM, Antifa and her minions are the only ones who have looted and burned cities…

      She is kind of a cryptkeeper. (shudder)

  4. LATE BREAKING: A white high school teacher was arrested today at Toronto’s Pearson Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a compass, a slide rule, and a calculator.

    At a press conference, Premier Kathleen Wynne said she believes the man is a member of the notorious extremist Al-Gebra movement.

    She did not identify the man, who has been charged by the OPP with carrying weapons of maths instruction.

    ‘Al-Gebra is a problem for us’, the Premier said. ‘They derive solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values.’ They use secret code names like “X” and “Y” and refer to themselves as “unknowns”; but we have determined that they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country. As the Greek philosopher Isosceles used to say, “There are three sides to every triangle.”

    When asked to comment on the arrest, Prime Minister Trudeau said, “If God had wanted us to have better weapons of maths instruction, He would have given us more fingers and toes.”

    Fellow Liberal colleagues told reporters they could not recall a more intelligent or profound statement by any Prime Minister

  5. Afghans and TB: I’ll see your incoming Afghans and raise you millions of Squatemalans in the US (and MENA mystery meat in the EU).

    So far as disease prevalence vs ethnic (or ethno-religious) groups goes, the press of course does not report on it unless there is a victimhood/racism spin they can put on it. I was surprised to find out what group has a very high prevalence of STDs in New York City and environs, for example.

  6. There’s a lot of takeaways in this powerful sermon, hummingbirds, an honest LTC, a sleeping dementia victim, the monumental victory of the DS. And on.

    What can we do? I’m with you, the good we can do, and all of us can, by the grace of God.

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