“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.



Sci-Fi Concepts

When one writes fiction, even somewhat plausible fiction, the author can come up with whatever harebrained scheme that they are moved toward and it can be interesting. It doesn’t make it true.  In part of the upcoming novel  Red Mist , there is something that points toward a multiverse. I don’t want to ruin the plot for you…

Red Mist? youtube – at the volcano… here

Nothing specifically points to the existence of a multiverse, so it doesn’t matter what you call the thing that makes it possible, because in the end it is something undefined to support something unproven. You could just as easily say, “The magic of Harry Potter is real but the details hinge on quantum gravity, cosmology, the theory of everything, and all that stuff” and be just a scientifically valid. Which means not at all.

“But! There is MATH behind it!”
That’s nice. You can put math behind any idea. It doesn’t make it real.

There is no evidence that points us specifically towards a multiverse. There is no physical motivation other than to resolve a paradox that we made for ourselves. The paradox does not come from the universe. It comes from how we think about the universe. We do not resolve a paradox that we made ourselves by insisting that the universe change to fit our ideas. Our ideas must change to fit reality.



Church of Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, built on site where Jesus was crucified and buried, and division of the building (by denomination).


And in Italy

(LINK) Just over a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, Venice remains a ghost town. Portofino, a colorful playground for the jet-set on the Ligurian coast, and Varenna on the shores of Lake Como are also deserted. The coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on tourism in Italy.

Italy is the world’s fifth-most visited destination – and with a third wave now under way, there is no obvious end in sight to the tourism crisis the country faces.

The collapse in the number of tourists to Italy was jaw-dropping last year, with only 25.5 million foreign visitors spending at least one night in the peninsula, versus 65 million in 2019 – a drop of more than 60 percent.

February 07, 2021 The Grand Canal is pictured from the Accademia bridge in Venice

This wasn’t done by the virus, but by feckless government policies and New World Order directives. The lock-downs in Italy were and remain far more draconian than they are in the US. The question there as here is whether they did any good? In the US the results show that states with very minimal restrictions did better against the plague and the economies are returning faster.

I understand that it was a bad flu year. But was the cure worse than the disease?

English speakers make up about 20% of the world’s population

In this context, a good level of English broadens horizons, breaks down barriers and facilitates the exchange of information, which is why it has become indispensable. The map above, should be in English…but it isn’t.


What scares you more?

Fire or falling?


The Mob

In the classic 1990 Movie Goodfellas, the character Tommy DeVito played by actor Joe Pesci, was based on the real life Lucchese Associate Tommy DeSimone, but Pesci’s own performance was itself based on childhood and lifelong friend The Gambino Crime Family’s New Jersey Faction Capo Robert Bisaccia, who was described by one Organized Crime investigator who had spent years trying to nail Bisaccia as”One of Organized Crime’s most feared and unpredictable figures, with a wit as quick as his temper, and a murderous streak to match, one minute he’d make you laugh, the next minute he’d have you crying, then he’d put a bullet in your head”.

Pesci had even been on a list of potential defense witnesses at Bisaccia’s 1993 trial for various crimes including murder, Racketeering and conspiring to set alight the offices of The New Jersey Organized Task Force to destroy evidence against himself and his Crew, a trial where Bisaccia had tongue in cheek, accused prosecutor Robert H Cody of wearing a suit that had been stolen from his home by state investigators. Bisaccia was also a favorite Hitman of Boss John Gotti, who admired his ‘nerve’, shooting one of his targets five times, including once “right between the eyes”. When Bisaccia was sentenced to 40 years, it is said even his Crew were relieved, such was his unpredictable behavior and Sociopathic personality.


  1. We lived 10 years in Italy and have longed to return. Unfortunately, the Italians are destroying their economy because they refuse to use common sense and cling to their One-World orthodoxy; the Great Reset will not be kind to them.

    • I had hoped to spend two or three weeks in Italy this coming year (plans made pre-plague), but I think it’s doubtful that will happen.

  2. I believe I’d prefer to fall over burning. I’m not so sure about that fire escape. It would likely be packed with panicking people if a fire broke out. And how well would it stand up to the weight of all those people?
    Parallel universes make for some fun fiction. H. Beam Piper and Harry Turtledove have proven that much.

  3. Bisaccia’s own people were relieved when he was convicted because of his temper? Haven’t we all had bosses such as that at one time in our life. On an unrelated note, I quit using my real name while posting, even though I post nowhere else, after somebody I encountered on my day job commented on seeing my thoughts. I’m not ashamed of what I write, unless it sounds foolish among the other sages who post regularly here, But a guy really can’t be too careful in today’s climate!

    • There is no requirement that you use your real name here. I don’t think that anyone cares. Content matters, though.

      The exception to that is posting as “Anonymous”. It becomes confusing if two or three people are posting under the same moniker. To those out there who were thinking of posting under that rubric, maybe use your first name (or a fake first name) in conjunction. So if your first name was Richard, you could post as “Anonymous Dick” – something like that.

  4. Yes, the cure was worse than the disease… as intended.

    I think I would be a lot less unhappy climbing that stair, than descending… Maybe the smoke would obscure the view down? That would be a help.


    • It’s a long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll – as the song goes) and it’s a long spiral down. I agree, better to be going down in the fog.

  5. Falling…it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop. Falling affords a little time on the way down to make a soulful request to God for mercy. Burning would be extended acute agony.

    Great bit on Pesci…beyond Goodfellas, his other performance’s make more sense now, My Cousin Vinny, Leo Getz…but waddya expect from a Joizee boy, not too much of a stretch.

    Italy et al- Those with any operating braincells know it’s the lockdowns that are the cause of destruction NOT “the Covid”, the Betters smokescreen slight-of-hand to take a wrecking ball to everything good and moral and sacred. Last year at this time, and along with a host of others such as yourself, when the freedom-robbing edicts and hyperventilating rhetoric started ramping up I said “They will burn down the country to get what they want.” Other countries followed suit in shooting themselves in the foot because it doesn’t affect THEM, just us peons. Yet, here we are, and it appears the destruction is either fully on purpose or government officials and experts (hah!) are so stupid as to believe that because gasoline is wet it will put out a fire.

    • Yes, the time in freefall would afford an opportunity for prayer. Just not a long winded prayer. And if you know how to skydive (arch**), you might stretch it out a few more seconds. Think of base jumping with a canopy deployment failure. Same thing.

      **The term ‘arch’ or ‘arching’ refers to the most stable body position made during a skydive. The shape of a banana resembles this desired body position whereby the skydiver pushes his/her pelvis forward while keeping their chin high. This ‘arch’ position allows for a stable free fall.

      • Arching, will have to plug that into the database in the event I find myself in freefall. It’s sorta like “drop and roll” when coming off a roof, it works…assuming you don’t have full bags on and screwgun, that tends to add insult to injury (ask me how I know, tried it twice just to make sure. Now I harness up or leave it to the younger guys, have nothing more to prove in that arena.)

      • Arching. Instead of tumbling through the air screaming in terror? Im pretty sure it would be the latter for me.

        • I think that’s the default mode. The old cartwheel of doom. Of course, dropping without a chute, maintaining a perfect arch will lead to the same end.

  6. English may be spoken far and wide but not necessarily understood. Think “call centers”. Think the entire black female staff at the Atlanta airport Burger King franchise. I didn’t understand them and they didn’t, or chose not, to understand Rocky Mountain cowboy drawl.

    • I went to a Taco Bell in an Atlanta suburb and it was also a KFC. They asked me if I wanted gravy on the tostada. I declined. They told me that I was missing out. They gave me a taco with chicken gravy on it gratis because I spoke with a Western Accent. I ate it to be kind, but no bueno.

      I understood them, but they were not Ebonic speakers.

  7. Interesting divisions on the church property… Re fire or falling, if I was up that high, I’d have a chute to base jump with. Re the mob, the crazy has always been strong with them, both in Italy and the US…

  8. I was listening to an interview with “The Return of the God Hypothesis” author Stephen C. Meyer, who said the multiverse is a result of unbelieving physicists having no other way of explaining the fine tuned universe. And they don’t buy it either..

    • The energy that would be required to run an infinite number of universes would be infinite. There is no indication that it exists.

      • Any time you mess with infinities, anything can happen. Infinite power for infinite universes, ad infinitum, so to speak. It’s simple, just divide by zero, no problem!

  9. What scares me most in the picture is the population density. It’s mind-numbing to me to live in such places. Hence our CALEXIT.

    “Goodfellas” was an interesting movie. I think Pesci is an underrated actor. Anybody who can knock the ball outta the park on such diverse movies as “Goodfellas” and “My Cousin Vinny” is a pretty good actor.

    • Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag.


      Re: the multiverse- seems unlikely. It’s hard enough coming to grips with a single universe. Meanwhile, I have plenty of other stuff to worry about.

      On the other hand- wouldn’t the Creator be located near the center of the universe?
      Unless *He* was outside the universe when it was created…

      • There are more solid questions than solid answers. But I will say this: You can only find truth if you’re not afraid of what you find.

        • Some speculation lingered. I stopped pondering more immediate concerns for a while. Reached no conclusions.
          But :
          “Unless *He* was outside the universe when it was created…”
          …which would posit at least two universes.
          What, if anything, is outside “our” universe?

          Ever had a lucid dream- one in which events, people and surroundings were super realistic but twisted slightly from *reality*?
          Might these be glimpses of another universe?

          Regarding life on other planets: Is there any? If so, do they have souls? If not, were there dry runs? Or experiments that failed?

          • Those are different questions. There is an age to the observable universe. There are arguments on that score as to how old it is, but we can all agree that “there is an age”. Some of it can be measured by the deterioration of black holes (Hawking radiation) some through the speed of light to distant objects, but however you posit an age, it has one. Then there is the question of what is beyond that. Scientists have thin theories.

            The question of the existence of a multiverse existing within the same spacetime framework is another matter entirely. Current theory says that there are 11 and they resolve themselves to some degree at Planck Length. Quantum mechanics is strange math, but strange doesn’t mean untrue.

          • This was fun, Larry. But tomorrow I have an AS9100 audit.
            It will be my last, as I am retiring soon.(Woo hoo!)

            After that I will have more time for speculation of this sort.

  10. That stairwell?

    Well, there’s a reason I try very hard to stay in ground-level buildings. Past the 2nd Floor there is no escape. Questionable on 2nd Floors.

    Don’t like things looming over me. Barely tolerate trees. Actively seek to stay away from big buildings.


    Even if I went in that building, just taking the stairs would wig out my really bad balance system.

    • Beans, you need to try skydiving, with a parachute. It is a liberating feeling. I haven’t done it for more than a few years now, but I liked it.

      • I would if I had to…BUT, jumping out the door of a perfectly good airplane for fun is, well, let’s leave it at that…doesn’t scan for the engineer brain between my ears. Maybe I’m getting old and intentionally forcing mortality risk isn’t the same.

        • There is a thrill to it, Paul M. Same with sport SCUBA, which is different than combat swimming. It’s another world.

          • Like a few things I’ve done, and a few I knew to stay away from, I’d probably love it and go bankrupt indulging in the rush. I’m more measured now.

      • No. Nope. No way.

        I believe in parachute as my father the fighter pilot did. They exist, but he was ever so happy to not have to use one.

        Considering my performance on Disney’s Tower of Terror, in which I stunned the workers and even people on the ground as to how loud my ‘outside’ voice is, when provoked by two complete wankers while attempting to ride that POS ride, well, if they could have stopped it and allowed me to walk off with no dignity, they would have. As it was, there were people all day long pointing at me and whispering “That’s the man” in not a nice way.

        Heights suck. The rolling hills and mountains of the Smokeys is way above my league. I like the valleys, have no interest ever again in going up.

        Flatlands. Flat. Flaaaaaat. Kansas flat. Coral Atoll flat.

        Heck, the rolling waves of the area around Gainesville, FL, where some sections of the rolls are 50′ or more high, or deep, or different, are sometimes too much for my messed-up internal horizon and gyroscope.

        A library stool is a machine of terror for me. Ladders are instruments of torture. No. Not kidding.

        I am fine on top of a horse, though. Or climbing on a van. But roofs or balconies? Nope.

        • So no plunge down the Matterhorn (the mountain in Switzerland, not the Disney ride)? No skiing the black diamond slope?

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