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Now, On with the Sermonette

Church of Our Savior of the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia


Obama’s Third Term

Who do you Trust?

The corrupt, lying, smug, sly, mainstream media have labeled Barack Hussein Obama to be the most trusted American politician. And he’s back.

This sermonette suggests that none of the globalists have YOUR best interests at heart. Obama, the fake everything who pop culture embraced – possibly the least trustworthy of the lot.

Jim Jones convinced over 900 people to commit mass suicide by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid.  Many of his followers forced their children to drink it, too. Never underestimate the herd mentality.

The Obama regime was best identified by their slogan,

In Dependence For All.”

Some of us ask ourselves whether or not we will ever rid ourselves of that arrogant politician and his crass, dirty, harpy wife. He’s back as “special advisor to senile old Joe Biden”. Isn’t that precious? Bless his heart.

And that’s the Sermonette.


The Coup

Never before in American history has the dichotomy of belief systems been more pronounced than it is today. We are witnessing the Matrix being played out in real life. Half of the population has taken the blue pill and believes Joe Biden, a demented, incompetent, corrupt old fool, actually received 80 million votes and has legitimately won the 2020 Presidential Election. The other half of the population, including 74 million Trump voters, have taken the red pill. We see things as they really are. Because we do, we know we are within inches of losing our democratic republic, perhaps forever.

Do you believe the media? Or you can call it the “Ministry of Truth” if it makes you feel more comfortable with it. …more here


If your state is in black, your vote is tabulated using Dominion Voting Systems. Demand your Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and your state representatives……REMOVE THEM IMMEDIATELY!


Create a Crisis

Then don’t let it go to waste.


This month in History

Yesterday, December 5, Frederick proved his greatness with the oblique attack at Leuthen in 1757.

Why is it that in the 18th and 19th century so many great generals’ signature victory was won against the Austrians and/or the Russians? Gustavas Adolpus at Breitenfield (Austrians); Charles XII at Narva (Russians); Von Moltke at Sadowa (Austrians); Von Hindenburg at Tannenburg (Russians); or Napoleon at Austerlitz (Austrians AND Russians, a twofer!): see what I mean??

Frederick the Great “made his bones” against (who else?) the Austrians at Leuthen. His signature move, the oblique attack, caught the greatly superior Austrian army completely flatfooted; leading to an Austrian rout and withdrawal from Silesia.

Frederick’s oblique approach was highly reminiscent of Epaminondas of Thebes’ victory over the Spartans at Leuctra. It firmly cemented Frederick among the ranks of history’s greatest generals. He showed once again that an inferior force (he was outnumbered more than 2-1), if concentrated against a single decisive point in the enemy line, could win local superiority and achieve a decisive victory.


  1. We don’t have Dominion here in Rhode Island, but it doesn’t matter – we’re a one party Dem State. I suppose the bright side is that our 4 Congressmen and electoral votes are bound to be three, soon enough.


  2. Now I – and presumably several others – am curious about exactly WHO would be dumb enough to attempt a hijack/hack of THIS blog?
    Might be safer to attempt to spay John Wick’s dog…
    Unless one supposes the attempted hijacker has a greater faith in LL’s humanity than their own, and trusted that our host possesses all the self-restraint they evidently lack themselves, which probably puts the lie to any claims they would make against him.
    One simply does not poke a tiger in an open cage unless one trusts that tiger implicitly.
    So much for intolerance.

    • I have a lot of humanity in me. There are situations where it all drains out, though.

      But when a Married, fifty-something, liberal blogger, !Christian!, wants to bugger little boys, decides to Fux with my blog – he just needs to a pick a different target. Or learn how to hack for real.

  3. I don’t know about that map showing states using Dominion. I’m pretty sure Florida doesn’t, but one of the constant refrains is that Texas rejected the company. Both of us show up in black.

    I see the Florida Dept. of State lists county by county which systems are used and they show 18 of 64 counties in Florida do use Dominion. If the map shows black if one county in the state uses Dominion that’s a rather different story. Besides, telling them to drop Dominion doesn’t matter if Dominion changes their name.

    The programming that was discovered by the MIT engineer
    went to the most heavily Red counties and skimmed votes from Trump to Biden. To a casual observer, they wouldn’t know the county voted something like 80% for Trump and dropping that to something lower wouldn’t seem bad. “There wasn’t enough fraud to affect the outcome” but only on a precinct by precinct basis. Piling those votes up for the state tally, there were enough.

    • The map was not original with me. I thought that it was accurate – or accurate enough. Maybe not. If so, apologies. Dominion, by any other name, is still the creature of the beasts.

  4. AOL Headline: “A troubling sign for future elections”…this after Trump’s “chat” last night in Georgia.

    To wit: “What this president is doing is poisoning democracy,” former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said. “And, yes, he is setting a precedent, suggesting that it is OK to violate these norms that have made our country great.”

    I see…and your corrupt seditious team that generate millions of fraudulent votes using Dominion etc. was fully righteous and in line with what our Founders wanted? These people are disgusting in their collective delusional power grab.

    A hacker huh…can’t fix stupid. Does he/she/it not realize as of now you have a full dossier on the him/her/it and that you could show up at his grandmother’s basement anytime you please to clarify the facts of life to him/her/it?

    The “Church” gives quite the impression, incredible architecture. Classic. Today they have industrial metal “hipster” buildings to welcome the skinny jeans-wearers, usually with a dotcom address emblazoned on the facade and a boutique coffee shop inside.

    • There was a time when architecture was designed to portray a reverence, “How great thou art.” You see very little of that anymore. Tilt up concrete walls, transient and impermanent, seem to be the preferred flavor of our era – reflecting the values of a society that has few values worth mentioning. Unless greed is a value.

    • There are a few people from the old Obama years who will be placed on “advisory boards” or committees where they pull down six figures per board for no-show jobs. Sort of like Biden Jr. in Ukraine. Nice work if you can get it.

  5. If anything warms my evil heart it is the proposed candidates for the Biden not yet President elect cabinet, etc. Solidly establishment deep state trough eaters, one and all. The anger and anguish of the radical leftist, their feelings of “betrayal”, remind me of the punch line of an old joke, “Hey lady, you knew I was a snake when you picked me up”.

  6. I got ten bucks says Biden’s first pick if there’s an opening on the Supreme Court will be BHO.

    And, I got another ten bucks says none of the regulars here would bet against it.

    • The Light-Bringer really wants that job so that he can lecture everyone all of the time.


      I don’t think that you’ll get any takers on the bets, WWW.

    • Thanks John. We’re struggling here in the US to keep the place together and out of the hands of the globalists. I don’t know what that looks like on the ground in Norway, afar. But the struggle hasn’t ended. The towel hasn’t been tossed in. The 75 or 80 or 90 million who voted for Trump (who knows how many) have not surrendered the place. The media lies.

  7. A powerful sermon. I like the way you started off with a threat. Good way to get the congregation’s attention.

    And what a great church!

  8. My friend who will be unnamed for his personal safety is an old boomer Nam Vet . He has terminal cancer [agent orange style] and he wants to kill some folk before he goes . I have my hands full keeping him from a mission . Doc gave him 6 months two months ago . I scrolled through the sermon with him and he laughed hard for ten full minutes ! It was so good to laugh with him again ! It was a healing !

    • I know how he feels. And if I was terminal, would I have courage to build “The Grave of the Hundred Head” (Kipling) for myself? Give him my very best, thank him for his service to this great nation, and assure that the Judge of us all will deal appropriately with the Beltway scum.

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